Brisbane’s Best Playgrounds: Where Fun Knows No Bounds

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Welcome to Brisbane, a fun-loving city with plenty of sunshine. You’ll be happy to know that this city is bursting with some of the best playgrounds around if you’re a parent or just a kid at heart. Brisbane has everything, whether you’re searching for a peaceful location for a family picnic or an exciting activity for the kids.

We’re going to embark on a lovely tour of Brisbane’s best playgrounds in this blog. We’ll investigate slides that twist and swirl, swings that fly to the sky, and places where the possibilities are endless. So gather your hats and sunscreen, and let’s enter the world of Brisbane’s top playgrounds, where grins and laughter are the norm!

1. Frew Park

Frew Park

The first place is captured by Frew Park. It is a unique location with a captivating past. It is located on the same plot of land as the renowned Milton Tennis Centre. This tennis facility included more than just tennis; it hosted world-renowned Australian tennis players, worldwide music stars, and even boxers. 

Frew Park honours the heritage of the Tennis Centre despite its removal. The 3.5-hectare park is named for Robert Dickson Allen Frew, a key player in Queensland tennis. The primary playing field is dedicated to Brisbane-born tennis player Wendy Turnbull, and it is flanked by excellent picnic areas and barbecue pavilions. The new tennis courts are also named after Queensland-born Australian tennis star Roy Emerson.

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You will come across sculptures that describe the park’s tale as you wander around it. Children holding tennis rackets, fans chowing down on ice cream, and even bowling balls can all be seen. But the fantastic playground close to the tennis courts really steals the show. Kids of all ages may enjoy it because it is split into two halves. Grown-up children may climb towers, slide down poles, and explore tunnels and bridges, while younger children can play on swings, interactive toys, and slides that are specifically designed for their size. For family get-togethers and birthday celebrations, there are barbecue and picnic areas arranged in a circle around the playground. There is an upstairs café and store where you can buy tennis memorabilia and equipment or have a coffee and sweet treat while taking in the ambience of the park.

Name Frew Park
Contact Number +61 7 3403 8888
Address Frew St, Milton QLD 4064, Australia
Opening Hours Monday: Open 24 Hours
Tuesday: Open 24 Hours
Wednesday: Open 24 Hours
Thursday: Open 24 Hours
Friday: Open 24 Hours
Saturday: Open 24 Hours
Sunday: Open 24 Hours
Entry Fee Free
Public Facilities Shaded Picnic Areas and Barbecue, Car Parking, Exercise Equipment, and Artwork Showcasing The Site's History.
Distance From CBD 4.3 km
How to Reach By Car: You can reach this place via the M3 in 8 minutes from the CBD.
By Bus: 445, 470, 471, 475 bus routes will take you to this place.
By Train: Train lines CABO, IPSW, REDC stop near this park.
Google Review: “Great playground. My children love it😍 BBQ facilities very nice place. Good for birthday party” – Zohre Lotfi

2. Riverside Green Playground

Riverside Green Playground

Kids seem to be drawn to Brisbane’s South Bank and Riverside Green Playground. You’ll realise why it’s so well-liked after seeing it. To start with, it’s in a prime location next to the Brisbane River, close to Streets Beach, and close to the Boat Pool. You get to play and take in the amazing views of the city and river, in addition to enjoying the game.

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Kids will be happy to find an excellent play area here. Kids of all ages and skill levels will enjoy its vibrant colours. The skywalk allows for a high-up view of the park. You can play on a charming boat that is wheelchair accessible. You can spend hours playing on the swings, slides, climbing nets, and enormous hamster wheels. And if you’re a little one, you’ll like the Calypso, which is a fort in the form of a boat in the designated toddler play area. Slide down, peer through portholes, or even take a break on the miniature swing while you pretend to be the captain in charge of the ship. Riverside Green Playground is the perfect spot to let your imagination run wild and have a tonne of fun, whether you’re exploring, playing princesses in need of rescue, or dressing up as a covert spy on the run.

Name Riverside Green Playground
Contact Number +61 7 3029 1798
Address South Brisbane QLD 4101, Australia
Opening Hours Monday: 5am–12am
Tuesday: 5am–12am
Wednesday: 5am–12am
Thursday: 5am–12am
Friday: 5am–12am
Saturday: 5am–12am
Sunday: 5am–12am
Entry Fee Free
Public Facilities Public Toilets, Disability access, Shade, Picnic tables, Electric BBQs, Water Bubblers/fountains
Distance From CBD 3.6 km
How to Reach By Car: You will reach this spot in 12 min via Roma St from CBD.
By Bus: 130, 222, 306, 345, 385, 444, 66, bus routes will take you to this spot.
Google Review: “Very well maintained. And many things for kids engagement and activities. Parents can relax a lot. Definitely worth spending quality time with kids. They surely love this place.” – Dhinesh

3. New Farm Park

New Farm Park

Imagine a location that combines the beauty of nature, leisure, and enjoyable activities into a single lovely location. The name of the location will be New Farm Park. It is one of Brisbane’s most beloved and recognisable green areas, enjoyed by both residents and guests.

This park is conveniently located in Brisbane’s hip New Farm neighbourhood. You’ll have no problem getting here whether you’re driving, utilising public transit, or just strolling along the river. Additionally, it is situated close to the Brisbane River, providing breathtaking views of the river and the city skyline. The best playground in Brisbane, New Farm Park, has been bringing smiles to people’s faces for a very, very long time. This park is enormous—it spans 37 acres, or almost 15 football fields combined! More than 18,000 people from all around the world come to visit each week. But local families also like it; it is not simply popular with visitors.

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You may enjoy a picnic with your family and bring your own food. Even places with grills, which are specialised ovens, are available if you wish to prepare some delicious meals. Additionally, you may run about, play games, or simply unwind beneath the trees. This enormous playground has a castle-like appearance. You get to play in the shade because it is under some large fig trees. There are climbable objects like slides and swings.

Name New Farm Park
Contact Number +61 7 3403 8888
Address 1042 Brunswick St, New Farm QLD 4005, Australia
Opening Hours Monday: 8:30am-11pm
Tuesday: 8:30am-11pm
Wednesday: 8:30am-11pm
Thursday: 8:30am-11pm
Friday: 8:30am-11pm
Saturday: 8:30am-11pm
Sunday: 8:30am-11pm
Entry Fee Free
Public Facilities Electric BBQs, Basketball/Netball, On and off-street car parking, Croquet lawns, Cafe Wheelchair (and pram) accessible paths, toilets and water fountains, Picnic shelters, Dog Park, Free WiFi
Distance From CBD 3.4 km
How to Reach By Car: Within 9 min via Brunswick St from CBD, you can reach this playground.
By Bus: Bus route 196 will take you to this spot.
By Train: SPRI, train route stops near this playground.
Google Review: “Amazing park for picnics, summer drinks and gatherings with friends. Parking is a bit chaotic and very difficult to find a space if you don’t get there early enough. There’s a few shaded areas under the trees and some very pleasant views of the surrounding gardens and city skyline. Markets are not too far away at the weekend and there’s several children’s playgrounds, toilet facilities and places to explore. Definitely one of the highlights near the CBD!” – Kerbray

4. Hercules Street Park

Hercules Street Park

The Hamilton neighbourhood of Brisbane, a beautiful area, is where Hercules Street Park is located. It is really simple to get there. You may drive here, board a bus, or, if you live nearby, go for a walk or a bike ride. Additionally, you enjoy stunning city and river views! This park is a lush haven in the middle of the metropolis. There are many trees and green spaces where you can relax or enjoy a picnic. It’s a fantastic location for some relaxation and fresh air. Additionally, the Brisbane River is nearby, so you may observe the water as it passes.

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Let’s get to the exciting stuff now! The playground in Hercules Street Park is excellent for children, with slides, swings, and a variety of fun structures to climb. A huge adventure is just waiting for you. But it’s not only for youngsters. Families adore this location since there are places to set up a barbeque and cook delicious cuisine. Additionally, there are picnic tables where the two of you can eat. So Hercules Street Park in Brisbane is the place to go if you’re looking for a wonderful setting to take in the scenery, have some fun, or just unwind by the river. Everyone is invited to visit this hidden treasure as a short getaway from the bustle of the city.

Name Hercules Street Park
Contact Number +61 7 3403 8888
Address 40 Remora Rd, Hamilton QLD 4007, Australia
Opening Hours Monday: Open 24 Hours
Tuesday: Open 24 Hours
Wednesday: Open 24 Hours
Thursday: Open 24 Hours
Friday: Open 24 Hours
Saturday: Open 24 Hours
Sunday: Open 24 Hours
Entry Fee Free
Public Facilities Large grassy field, Partially shaded sitting areas, Paths for scooters, Exercise equipment, Sheltered and unsheltered tables and chairs, BBQs, Public Toilets, Off-leash dog park, Limited off-street parking
Distance From CBD 11.2 km
How to Reach By Car: You will reach this place in 15 min via M3 from CBD.
By Bus: Bus routes 300, 303 stop near this playground.
By Train: CLEV, this train route stops near this spot.
Google Review: “Fantastic park. Plenty of shade and seating with tables. Nice range of play equipment and activities for kids. Love the nice wide footpaths surrounding the park which were great for a kid learning to ride their bike. Not a lot of parking nearby but worth a little walk if required.” – Nathan Holland

5. Robelle Domain

Robelle Domain

For families in Brisbane, Robelle Domain is a particularly large and enjoyable location. You may spend the entire day with your children there; it’s not simply a playground. You may discover activities here both in the summer and the winter. This area is huge, measuring 24 hectares. That seems like an enormous backyard! There are more than 11 km of boardwalks (similar to wooden roads), sports grounds, walking trails, and kid-friendly play spaces within.

For fun in the water on hot days, they have buckets that tip water and spray. There is a café as well, where parents may have coffee or food while monitoring their young children. The natural beauty of this place adds to its uniqueness. Beautiful waterfalls, a lake, and exquisite gardens are all around. Playing on the sports grounds or at the splash park are some enjoyable activities you may engage in. There are picnic areas with shade where you can eat a meal or some snacks when you’re ready to unwind.

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There are occasionally free events with lights and music in the early evening that are incredibly fascinating to see. At Robelle Domain, there is always something enjoyable to do, regardless of the time of year you come. Your kids might not want to go since it’s so much fun.

Name Robelle Domain
Contact Number +61 7 3281 0555
Address 155 Southern Cross Cct, Springfield Central QLD 4300, Australia
Opening Hours Monday: 5am–9pm
Tuesday: 5am–9pm
Wednesday: 5am–9pm
Thursday: 5am–9pm
Friday: 5am–9pm
Saturday: 5am–9pm
Sunday: 5am–9pm
Entry Fee Free
Public Facilities Performance Stage, Waterfalls, Public Art Displays, 10m Pedestrian Footbridges, Tree-top walkways, Shaded Barbeque, Picnic Spaces, Exhibition Gardens
Distance From CBD 34.3 km
How to Reach By Car: You can reach this place in 31 min via the M5 from the CBD.
By Bus: 34, the bus route will take you to this place.
By Train: CABO, SPRI, these train lines stop near this playground.
Google Review: “Great for nature walking, picnics etc. It has sheltered areas, and barbecue facilities. It also has a water park and play area for kids. It also has a beautiful lagoon area for swimming. There are also lots of parking spaces. Overall, it’s a beautiful and one ofmy favourite places especially on a hot sunny day.” – dasola shakirah

Final Words

Brisbane, a sunny city, is full of opportunities for fun and adventure. The playgrounds in this energetic city are centres of excitement and family pleasure, not just places to swing and slide. Whether you’re searching for a playground in the city, along the river, or in the suburbs, there’s a place for you. Every playground has a certain appeal of its own, from Frew Park’s thrilling flying fox to New Farm Park’s large sandpit and swings. Take a lunch and some sunscreen, then go to one of these wonderful locations for a day of outdoor recreation. Playgrounds in Brisbane are ready for your joy and exploration!

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