Best Beaches Near Brisbane For Kids

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Brisbane is a vibrant city on Australia’s east coast, noted for its ideal combination of urban elegance and natural beauty. In addition to its vibrant downtown, Brisbane is home to a number of magnificent beaches that cater exclusively to families with children. These beaches are safe, and they offer a pleasant environment for parents and their little ones to soak up the sunshine, build sandcastles, play in the gentle waves, and make unforgettable memories. From the tranquil shores of Cylinder Beach to the enchanting Tangalooma Beach on North Stradbroke Island, Brisbane’s kid-friendly beaches are waiting to be explored by families looking for an ideal seaside vacation. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top beaches near Brisbane that are kid-friendly and offer various activities for you to enjoy together.

1. Streets Beach


In the middle of the city, Streets Beach at South Bank is like a child’s paradise. It may not be a natural beach, but it has the feel of one thanks to the fine sand that is ideal for sandcastle building and the shallow lagoon that allows children to safely splash around. Cool rocks along the edge offer exciting climbing adventures. Plus, the backdrop of the city skyline adds a unique charm to the experience, and families can enjoy ice cream and snacks from nearby cafes. South Bank has a lot to offer, from gardens to museums, making it a fantastic all-day destination for families.

In the bustling atmosphere of Streets Beach, families gather to have fun, kids make new friends, and sandcastle-building secrets are shared. It’s a place where children can enjoy the best of both worlds – beachy adventures and cityscape views. So, for families seeking an urban beach escape in Brisbane, Streets Beach at South Bank is the perfect spot to make lasting memories with their little ones.

Name Streets Beach
Address Stanley St Plaza, South Brisbane, QLD 4101, Australia
Distance from CBD 4km
How To Reach By Car: It will take 11min. to reach Streets Beach via M3 from Brisbane CBD.
By Bus: You can take one of the following buses to get to Streets Beach: 111, 130, 210, 185, or 222.
By Train: These Train lines stop near Streets Beach: AIRP, GOLD, SHOR
Nearby Eateries Zeus Street Greek South Bank, Southbeach, Ole, Brooklyn Depot, Southbank, Brisbane
Ideal For Swimming, Kayaking, Sunbathing, Cycling, and Picnic.
Facilities Bathroom & Shower Facilities, Cafes & Restaurants, Locker Hire, Parking Area, Wheelchair Access And Hire.
Google Review: “Artificial inner city small beach. Located In the heart of south Brisbane. It’s also connected with the park. I went to this place with my family. Had a great fun time and plenty of relief. Actually this beach is more suitable for kids. They gonna definitely love this place🏖️. But most importantly this place was always Pretty packed at any time. In weekend you can notice. Must recommend place for *families* I hope this will be helpful ♥️cheers😊” – Foodie Shah

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2. Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach, which is located along Brisbane’s northern coastline, is a haven for families looking for the ideal balance of outdoor activity and seaside leisure. It’s the perfect place for kids to enjoy carefree swimming and water play while parents can observe with ease thanks to its calm, safe waters. The soft sands become a canvas for endless sandcastle creations, sparking young imaginations, while the dedicated beachside playground ensures that little ones are entertained both in the sand and on the swings, slides, and climbing structures. Families can savour picnic meals by the sea, complete with shaded seating and barbecues, creating cherished moments amid the coastal ambiance.

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Scarborough Beach’s warm and welcoming atmosphere invites families to create lasting memories by the bay. It’s a place where the joy of building sandcastles, the thrill of safe water adventures, and the laughter on beachside swings all come together. This coastal wonderland is where families find not just a beach but a haven, where the sun, sand, and sea conspire to make each visit an unforgettable slice of paradise.
Name Scarborough Beach
Address Landsborough Ave, Scarborough QLD 4020, Australia
Distance from CBD 41 km
How To Reach By Car: From Brisbane CBD, Scarborough Beach is approx. 1 hour drive via M1.
By Bus: To reach Scarborough Beach, you can take bus lines 690 and 699.
Nearby Eateries Sea Salt and Vine, Cafe 3 Eight Nine, The Oasis On The Esplanade, The Boat Shed Scarborough.
Ideal For Swimming, Picnic, Fishing, Cycling, Sand Play, Scenic Sunset, and Playground Area.
Facilities Beach Park Accessibility, Wheelchairs, And Prams Accessibility, Toilet And Parking Facilities, Picnic Tables, And Electric Barbecues.
Google Review: “Really enjoyed our first visit to Scarborough Beach. Plenty of amenities available for families and restrooms were quite clean and accessible. Playground was enough to keep my young boy amused and interested. Shops close and handy nearby. Parking is a bit challenging as the area is quite popular, but to be expected. Will be visiting again.” – Aaron Blyton

3. Woorim Beach

Nestled along the picturesque coast of Bribie Island, Woorim Beach is a haven for young adventurers from Brisbane. The beach is a paradise for kids with its gentle waves and soft, powdery sands that invite them to explore its shores. They can find seashell treasures to create their own collections of nature’s gems. Beyond the shoreline, kids can indulge in endless beachside adventures, building intricate sandcastles and playing spirited beach games like frisbee and beach volleyball. The beach is also an ideal spot for a family picnic, where you can enjoy delicious meals while listening to the soothing sounds of the waves.

Additionally, Woorim Beach is not just a beach, it’s a realm where Brisbane’s young explorers craft cherished memories with their loved ones, connecting with the natural world and unleashing their imaginations. For Brisbane’s families seeking seaside adventures, Woorim Beach on Bribie Island is a cherished coastal playground where every visit becomes an unforgettable chapter in the book of childhood memories.

Name Woorim Beach
Address Woorim QLD 4507, Australia
Distance from CBD 82.3 km
How To Reach By Car: Drive via M1 from Brisbane CBD and you will reach Woorim Beach in approx. 1 hour 23 min.
By Bus: You can take bus line 640 to reach Woorim Beach.
Nearby Eateries Mokha Cafe Woorim, Pigface Seafood, The Crab Pot Woorim, Beachway Cafe.
Ideal For Swimming, Picnic, Sandplay, Surfing, Scenic Sunset, Fishing.
Facilities Accessible Restroom, Free Beach Wheelchair Rental, Shower And Changing Areas, Cafes And Restaurants, Parking, Shaded Picnic Tables, And Barbecues
Google Review: “A perfect getaway. Soft sand, good swimming, waves, a mixed crowd from kids to teens and olderies. Groups sort themselves out so no hassles. Patrolled area best for families with children. Build a sand castle. Far south is dog beach so make your choice; further north have vehicles on the beach. Lots of grass and bush areas backing onto the beach, with facilities including outdoor showers, tables and benches, toilets, and car parks. Bus 640 from Caboolture railway station on the hour takes you right to the beach.” – Alan Walmsley

4. Suttons Beach

Suttons Beach, one of the city’s most beloved family-friendly beaches, is tucked away along the Redcliffe Peninsula, just north of Brisbane. It is a genuine children’s paradise. It’s a great place for kids to take their first sea dip because of the quiet, welcoming waves. Parents may feel safe and at ease thanks to the shoreline’s increasing depth, while children can play and splash around without inhibition. Young children’s imaginations are stimulated by the broad canvas that the smooth golden sands offer for building elaborate beach sculptures and sandcastles.

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What truly sets Suttons Beach apart is the dedicated playground right at the water’s edge. This playground is a treasure trove of adventure, equipped with swings, slides, climbing structures, and interactive water features. Kids can seamlessly transition between sandy playtime and refreshing water play, making it a dream come true for families. Picnic areas equipped with barbecues and shaded seating make it convenient for parents to supervise and relax while their little ones have a blast. Suttons Beach offers the perfect combination of relaxation and play, making it a quintessential destination for Brisbane’s families seeking seaside fun.
Name Suttons Beach
Address Redcliffe QLD 4020, Australia
Distance from CBD 38.8km
How To Reach By Car: Suttons Beach is just 40 min. away via M1 from Brisbane CBD.
By Bus: You can take bus lines 680, 690, and 696 to reach Suttons Beach.
By Train To reach Suttons Beach by train, take the train line REDC.
Nearby Eateries Preece's, Cafe Diversity, Cafe 63 - Redcliffe, Nerosso Cafe
Ideal For Swimming And Water Play, Sunbathing And Relaxation, Beach Volleyball, Picnicking, and Playground Fun for Kids
Facilities Toilet Facility, Wheelchair And Pram Accessibility, Shelter And BBQs, Car Parking Area, Fenced Playground, Bike And Walking Paths.
Google Review: “A great beach close to Brisbane. Very light waves early morning makes it a perfect place for toddlers and kids to get into the water. Great for a swim. The nearby trees provide abundant shade to relax during the day. If you are hungry, check out the veggie and fruit stall next to the cafe.” – Prabhat Dash

5. Margate Beach

Margate Beach is a beautiful coastal destination located along the shores of Moreton Bay in Brisbane. It is especially popular among families with young children due to its calm and shallow waters, which make it a safe haven for kids to play and explore. Parents can relax and enjoy the beachside fun as their little ones splash in the gentle waves, build their first sandcastles, and experience the joys of the beach. Even the smallest adventurers can enjoy the water without worry, thanks to the gradual depth of the bay. It’s a complete family-friendly package, with picnic areas and grassy spaces inviting families to share delightful seaside meals and moments.

The adjacent playground, equipped with swings, slides, and climbing structures, adds an extra layer of entertainment, allowing kids to seamlessly transition between sandy adventures and land-based play. Margate Beach embodies the essence of seaside simplicity and family togetherness, where the sun, sand, and sea create a treasure trove of childhood memories. Margate Beach, with its safe waters, family-focused amenities, and an atmosphere filled with laughter and exploration, offers Brisbane’s youngest beachgoers a timeless seaside experience.

Name Margate Beach
Address Margate Beach, Queensland, 4019, Australia
Distance from CBD 39.7km
How To Reach By Car: It will take you approx 36 min. to reach Margate Beach via M1 from Brisbane CBD.
By Bus: You can take bus lines 690 and 696 to reach Margate Beach
Nearby Eateries Red Dolphin Seafoods, An Cafe Vietnamese Street Food, Seafood Lovers Cafe, Sunny's Margate Beach.
Ideal For Swimming, Sunbathing, Picnicking, Fishing, Water sports, and Playground for Kids.
Facilities Car Parking, Toilets, Picnic Shelters, Water Fountains, Electric BBQs, And Fitness Equipment.
Google Review: “Great beach, good to spend Australia day with the family including your dogs. Very calm water some mornings it looks like a mirror” – Troy Kahler

6. Pandanus Beach

Pandanus Beach is a popular choice for families looking for a family-friendly beach experience. It is tucked away along Brisbane’s gorgeous coastline. This hidden gem provides the right fusion of natural beauty and family-friendly amenities, making it the perfect location for both parents and kids. The soft, golden sands stretch for miles, providing ample space for kids to build sandcastles, play beach games, or simply run around freely. Moreover, the gentle waves of Moreton Bay make Pandanus Beach a safe and welcoming environment for young swimmers, allowing parents to relax and enjoy the serene surroundings.

What sets Pandanus Beach apart as one of Brisbane’s premier family-friendly beaches is its well-maintained picnic and barbecue facilities. Families can easily spend an entire day here, enjoying a leisurely picnic amidst the shady pandanus trees while savouring a delicious meal cooked on the provided barbecues. Additionally, the beach boasts clean restroom facilities and convenient access points, making it accessible for strollers and prams. Lifeguards are also on duty during peak seasons, ensuring a high level of safety for families. Overall, it is a wonderful place for families to make special memories with their kids.

Name Pandanus Beach
Address Pandanus Beach, Queensland, Australia
Distance from CBD 20.1km
How To Reach By Car: From Brisbane CBD, it takes 34 min. to reach Pandanus Beach via State Route 23
By Bus: Take bus line 220, 225, and 240 to reach Pandanus Beach
By Train To reach Pandanus Beach, you can take the train line CLEV, SHOR.
Nearby Eateries Mecca Bah Brisbane, Pelican's Nest Cafe, The Rabbit Hole Cafe - Wynnum, Finn's Fish House.
Ideal For Swimming, Picnic, Playgrounds, Little Kids.
Facilities Toilets, Picnic Tables, Barbeques, Parking Facilities, Park Area.
Google Review: “My favourite area is the sea water wadding pool especially on a hot sunny day. The fish and chips is also the best I have had so far. It has kids play area, a beautiful water park and lots of well maintained picnic areas. It has some public outdoor gym facilities and toilet and shower facilities. It is suitable for doing walks and I saw people walking dogs as well.” – dasola shakira

7. Cylinder Beach


Cylinder Beach on North Stradbroke Island, just a quick ferry ride from Brisbane, is surely one of the best family-friendly beaches around. With its beautiful white sand and clear blue waters, it’s the perfect place for families to enjoy a sunny day, play in the waves, and create lasting memories. What makes Cylinder Beach particularly appealing to families is its gentle surf and gradual slope into the ocean, making it a safe and inviting environment for children to play in the shallows. Beyond its natural beauty and calm waters, Cylinder Beach offers an array of amenities geared towards families. Picnic areas with barbecue facilities are available, making it convenient for parents to prepare meals while enjoying the beach.

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A well-kept park with covered areas is also close by and is ideal for a relaxing family picnic or a respite from the heat. Families with young children can visit the beach without any problem because it has plenty of parking and clean bathroom facilities. Cylinder Beach promotes safety and has lifeguards on duty during the high season, making it a great choice for families wishing to have lifelong experiences along Brisbane’s stunning coastline. Cylinder Beach is a wonderful, kid-friendly getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, whether you choose to build sandcastles, explore the tidal pools, or just take in the spectacular vistas.

Name Cylinder Beach
Address Cylinder Beach, Point Lookout QLD 4183, Australia
Distance from CBD 62.7 km
How To Reach By Car: To reach Cylinder Beach from Brisbane CBD, it will take you approx. 2 hours via Route 22.
By Bus+Ferry: Cylinder Beach and Brisbane are not connected directly. To get to Cylinder Beach from Brisbane, take the bus line 880 to One Mile Ferry Terminal, then a ferry to Toondah Harbour.
Nearby Eateries The Blue Room Cafe, Rufus King Seafoods Amity Point, Fishes at the Point, Point Lookout Bowls Club.
Ideal For Swimming, Surfing, Fishing, Camping, and Snorkelling
Facilities Car Parking, Toilets, Campsite, Restaurants, and Shops
Google Review: “This beach fulfills the need of tourists. Wonderful children playing area is provided. For surfing and the place is good. Life guards are always alert. Plenty of picnic tables,wood BBQ, toilets, showers are provided. Drinking water facilities available.” – Sudheendra BM

8. Tangalooma Beach

Tangalooma Beach, situated on Moreton Island, is undoubtedly one of Brisbane’s premier kid-friendly beach destinations. Accessible by a short ferry ride from the city, this stunning beach offers families a unique and unforgettable experience. With its powdery white sand and crystal-clear waters, Tangalooma Beach provides the perfect backdrop for a wide range of family-friendly activities. Adventurous kids can try their hand at sand tobogganing down the island’s massive sand dunes, while those seeking underwater adventures can explore the island’s colourful coral reefs through snorkelling and guided marine tours. 

The beach’s calm waters are also perfect for swimming and paddleboarding, ensuring hours of fun for water-loving children. With designated picnic areas, barbecue facilities, and shaded spots, Tangalooma Beach caters to families looking to relax and enjoy a meal amidst the natural beauty of Moreton Island. The Tangalooma Island Resort offers accommodations and dining options, making it convenient for families to extend their stay and fully immerse themselves in this idyllic beach paradise. Tangalooma Beach is a true gem among Brisbane’s kid-friendly beaches, offering a perfect blend of natural wonders and family-oriented activities for an unforgettable seaside adventure.

Name Tangalooma Beach
Address Tangalooma Beach, Moreton Island QLD 4025, Australia
Distance from CBD 47.2 km
How To Reach By Ferry: Ferry is run by Tangalooma from Brisbane Holt Street to Moreton Island
Nearby Eateries Beach Cafe, Fire & Stone, Tangalooma Coffee Shop
Ideal For Swimming, Snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboard
Facilities Accommodations with general facilities, Cafe, and restaurants
Google Review: “Sheltered between Moreton Island and Moreton Bay, the Tangalooma Beach is a beautiful white sandy beach with calm waters, making it inviting for a swim, snorkel, kayak, paddle board. Only a few meters walk from the resort centre providing food and drinks makes Tangalooma a perfect beach for all resort guests alike. Access from Brisbane on a daily basis using pre-booked tickets. Excellent location for a day trip.” – Joydip Sinha


In Brisbane, where the sun shines brightly, and the Pacific Ocean is nearby, families have plenty of great beaches to enjoy. Whether you prefer a tranquil spot, an adventurous beach, or a place to watch dolphins, Brisbane offers fantastic options for families. These beaches aren’t just for relaxing; they’re like playgrounds where kids can have fun and explore. With amenities, beautiful scenery, and safety in mind, Brisbane’s family-friendly beaches are ideal for families to spend quality time together, so enjoy the beach life, and create lasting memories.

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