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Do you want to add your valuable words to the Aussie Places blog? We’re thrilled to have you on board if you’re bursting with Australia-related places, the best things to do, and experiences that can engage our readers.

We’ll say it right up front: We care deeply about quality. Not everyone who visits our site has their work published by us. We’re dedicated to providing our readers with the excellence they’ve come to expect. From our guest bloggers, we want nothing less.

In light of this, we have created a thorough tutorial to introduce you to our guest post requirements. This will offer you a look inside Aussie Places and help you understand what we’re all about as well as the kinds of articles we welcome and reject.

If you think you have valuable knowledge and skills to share with our readers, we invite you to join us as a guest post writer today!

Few Words About Aussie Places

Aussie Places is a multifunctional blogging platform that covers a wide range of topics and industries. We take pleasure in providing informative and interesting information on a wide range of subjects. We are committed to giving readers articles covering a wide range of interests, including technology and health, in addition to entertainment, education, and business. You’ll discover a lot of information inside our digital pages, whether you’re looking for the most recent developments in the world of technology, educational insights, health and wellness tips, or suggestions for things to do.

Our mission is to serve as a complete resource for our audience by providing a stimulating and enjoyable reading experience that meets the needs and interests of people of all ages. You’ll get the chance to dig into an abundance of knowledge and uncover fascinating insights in a variety of fields by exploring Aussie Places.

Benefits Of Contribution To Our Blog

  • Exposure: Reach a diverse and engaged audience of readers interested in various topics. You can increase your business exposure with us. 
  • Establish Authority: Showcase your expertise and build credibility in your field.
  • Backlinks: Gain high-quality backlinks to your own website or blog, boosting your SEO.
  • Networking: Connect with like-minded bloggers and professionals in various domains.
  • Promotion: Get your guest post promoted on our social media channels.
  • Enhance Writing Skills: Hone your writing skills through collaboration and feedback.
  • Contribution: Share your knowledge and insights to benefit a broad readership.
  • Portfolio: Build a portfolio of published work and expand your online presence.
  • Recognition: Earn recognition as a valuable contributor to the Aussie Places community.
  • SEO Boost: Guest posting with us will increase your SEO positioning.

Respect the Aussie Places Content Guidelines

Here at Aussie Places, we aim to publish content that meets high standards. Quality and authenticity are at the core of everything we publish, ensuring our readers receive valuable and engaging content. To help you understand what we expect from our guest posts and other content, here are our content guidelines:

1. Originality Matters

All content submitted to Aussie Places must be 100% original. We do not accept duplicate content or articles copied from other sources. Our focus is not solely on rankings but also on providing real value to our readers, making quality and authenticity paramount.

Avoid fluff and generic ideas. We thrive on actionable tips, contextual examples, statistics, and models. Feel free to include relevant screenshots to support your ideas, share interesting information to make your narrative more engaging, and keep our readers captivated. 

2. Keyword Optimisation

To maximise your content’s visibility to the right audience, keyword optimisation is crucial. Before you begin writing, conduct thorough keyword research using tools like Ahrefs. Categorise your keywords into:

  • Focus keywords (the most important ones, mentioned frequently).
  • Long Tail keywords (mentioned sparingly).
  • Question keywords and “People also ask” phrases enhance the relevance of your post.

3. Know Your Audience

Always keep your target audience in mind when crafting your guest post. You need to write in such a manner that our readers get useful information from your post.

4. Readability is Key

You need to structure your article with concise sentences and paragraphs (around 45 words each). Maintain a conversational tone to keep readers engaged. Your entire content should be easy to read so that readers can finish reading in an easy and exciting manner.

5. Grammar and Spelling

Before submitting your content, carefully proofread it to eliminate any spelling or grammar mistakes. We expect content with a native English writing level and a focus on producing high-quality, easily readable material. Consider using grammar-checking tools like Grammarly to enhance the quality of your writing.

6. Relevant Links

Links are crucial for creating SEO-optimised content. External links should be used to give credit to images, statistics, examples, or case studies that you incorporate into your article to avoid any plagiarism issues.

Internal links help connect your guest post with other relevant articles on Aussie Places, encouraging readers to explore our website further. Please select at least two articles from our blog to link to in your guest post, ensuring that you use appropriate and relevant anchor text for a seamless user experience.

7. Logical Structure

Organise your content logically, following the structure of an introduction, body, and conclusion.

The total word count of your blog should not be less than 1500 words. Here’s a recommended outline:

  • Keep it concise (2-3 paragraphs).
  • Summarise the main points.
  • Include the focus keyword in the opening sentence.
  • Reference “Aussie Places” with a relevant hyperlink.
  • Divide the main topic into sections with appropriate headings (H2, H3, and H4).
  • Incorporate at least two branded CTAs per 1000 words.
  • Keep paragraph lengths to a maximum of 45 words.
  • Include mentions of focus and secondary keywords throughout.
  • Summarise your overall content.

What Topic We Feature

At Aussie Places, our focus revolves around Australia’s diverse landscapes, culture, travel, and experiences. Therefore, our content predominantly delves into these engaging realms. We’re interested in guest posts that not only share valuable insights but also offer fresh perspectives, answer common questions, and provide authentic narratives.

Topics we’re passionate about include travel guides, local experiences, hidden gems, food and dining, outdoor adventures, wildlife and nature, cultural insights, historical explorations, and practical tips for exploring Australia. We also enjoy captivating stories, enlightening advice, intriguing case studies, success tales, and engaging interviews.

What We Avoid

To maintain the quality and uniqueness of our content, we steer clear of certain topics and content types. We do not entertain articles on subjects that are irrelevant to Australia or have been exhaustively covered in previous posts. Promotional content is not aligned with our guest posting philosophy, as we prioritise showcasing your expertise and knowledge.

Additionally, we have a strict policy against the inclusion of misleading information, fabricated data, or content that lacks proper credit for original sources. Plagiarised text or content generated by AI tools is strictly prohibited and will not be considered for publication on Aussie Places.

How Did You Hear About Us?

Our platform serves as an effective marketing tool for businesses. We emphasise the use of organic search engine optimisation techniques and welcome individuals who recognise the benefits of guest posting on reputable websites. Whether you aim to promote your own business or that of your clients, you’re invited to contribute articles to our platform.

To connect with us and discover guest posting opportunities, please refer to the contact details provided below.

Submission Guidelines

  • You can submit your draft using the provided submission form on our website or email it to us at aussieeplaces@gmail.com.
  • Please ensure to include SEO-friendly titles and subheadings within your content for better clarity and organization.
  • We kindly request that you adhere to our content guidelines when submitting your articles. Our editors reserve the right to make necessary modifications in cases of inaccurate information.
  • You are permitted to include one do-follow link within your article. To enhance user trust, you may consider adding relevant links from Aussie Places’ existing blogs. However, refrain from overloading your article with excessive links.
  • If any modifications are required, our team will provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.
  • Upon acceptance of your blog, we will schedule its publication within 1 to 2 working days.

We appreciate your interest in contributing to our website through guest posting. We’re eagerly anticipating your submission! If you have any questions or would like to pitch an article idea, please contact us at aussieeplaces@gmail.com.

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