9 Things To Do In Sydney With Kids

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Welcome to Sydney, a lovely city filled with family-friendly experiences! Sydney is a playground of limitless possibilities for families travelling with children, with its stunning harbour, recognisable monuments, and lively environment. You may discover the ideal balance of natural beauty, cultural diversity, and family-friendly activities in this bustling metropolis, which caters to the many interests and energies of young adventurers. Join us as we set out on a quest to discover nine amazing and unforgettable activities for families to do in Sydney, with the promise of a trip full of joy, curiosity, and treasured memories.

This thorough guide will outline a variety of fascinating activities and must-see locations that make Sydney a popular destination for family trips. There is something for every age group and interest, from the sun-kissed beaches and verdant parks to world-class zoos and fascinating cultural organisations. Join us as we explore Sydney’s “Harbour City” and learn what the best family-friendly activities are. Our mission is to assist you in making priceless memories, pique the interest of your kids, and make sure your family’s trip is jam-packed with excitement, learning, and fun.

1. Explore Taronga Zoo Sydney

Taronga Zoo Sydney

This is one of the best places to make your kid familiar with animals and learn about them in an exciting manner. Young explorers have an unmatched opportunity to interact with wildlife at this renowned zoo in a fun and instructive way. Kids may get up close and personal with Australia’s famed koalas and kangaroos, feed amiable giraffes with their hands, and learn about a variety of intriguing creatures from across the world. In addition to the pure excitement of seeing these animals, Taronga Zoo is committed to teaching and conservation.

It offers the perfect environment for youngsters to learn the value of protecting animals and develop a greater understanding of the many ecosystems on our planet. This zoo provides youngsters with more than just a fun day out because of its breathtaking setting overlooking Sydney Harbour; it also gives them an opportunity to interact with nature and be motivated to preserve our environment for future generations.

There are several activities and programs that your kids can enjoy, such as Harbour View Cinema, Nura Diya Australia, Bring Your Pride to Meet Ours, Meet Lemba Taronga’s new Chimpanzee Baby, Wild Ropes Treetops Adventure and many more. Also, you can experience a genuinely unique trip by indulging in an amazing overnight stay at Taronga Zoo in Sydney. With two different types of lodging available, you can easily customise your trip to meet your needs, guaranteeing a peaceful and immersing respite amidst the fascinating animals.

Name Taronga Zoo Sydney
Website https://taronga.org.au/sydney-zoo
Address Bradleys Head Rd, Mosman NSW 2088
Opening Hours Open Everyday
Winter: 9.30 am - 4.30 pm (May to August)
Summer: 9:30 am - 5 pm (September to April)
Contact Number (02) 9969 2777
Entry Fee https://ticketsales.taronga.org.au/Tickets/sydney
How to Reach By Car: From the CBD, it will take 21 min (9.6 km) via A8 to reach this place.
By Bus: Bus routes 100 and 238 can take you to this destination.
By train: The closest train station to Taronga Zoo Ferry in Sydney is Circular Quay Station. It's just an 11-minute walk from there.
By Ferry: It takes about 12 minutes to get from Circular Quay to Taronga Zoo in Sydney by ferry. The ferries from Circular Quay to the zoo operate every 30 minutes.
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Direction https://goo.gl/maps/TT9ncM3NoL4qiWXY7
Google Review: “Wonderful weekend visit for all ages. Lord of interactive and educational activities as well (lots of presentations, some engagement stands in the holidays for kids, etc.). Little sad the gorillas aren’t currently here, but plenty of other animals to see. If preparing to see the seal show line up at least 10-15mins early as there are limited seats. Just great.” – Lucy

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2. Dive into SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

Dive into SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

Next, we have Aquatic Wonder which is a must-see location for families with children. The SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, an aquatic wonderland tucked away in the centre of Sydney, is a very popular aquarium in Sydney. Without ever leaving the city, this fascinating attraction gives a wonderful chance to explore the wonders of deep water. Children may have an exciting underwater adventure at the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, where they will meet a stunning variety of aquatic creatures. The walk-through tunnels that are encircled by mesmerising tanks brimming with vibrant fish, elegant rays, and sometimes even fearsome sharks are frequently the highlight of the excursion.

Both interactive displays and instructional lectures let young minds learn about the amazing world beneath the waters on this exciting and instructive trip. This aquarium is a starting point for aquatic exploration that is sure to have an effect on your kids, whether they are enthralled with Nemo and Dory or wish to be in awe of gorgeous marine animals. Your kids may have an amazing and up-close encounter with these majestic predators by walking through a glass tunnel with sharks, rays, and other marine animals swimming all around and above them in this immersive tunnel.

The list of things to do and see at the Sydney Aquarium does not end here. It has many more things, such as the Penguin Expedition, Dugong Island, the Great Barrier Reef, and Interactive Educational Programs to keep your kids entertained and excited throughout the visit. It attracts tourists and residents who are interested in marine life and underwater ecosystems since it offers an enjoyable and educational experience for visitors of all ages.

Name SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium
Website https://www.visitsealife.com/sydney/
Address 1-5 Wheat Rd, Sydney, NSW 2000
Opening Hours Open Everyday: 10 am - 5 pm (Last entry 4 pm)
Contact Number (02) 9333 9200
Entry Fee https://www.visitsealife.com/sydney/tickets-passes
How to Reach By Car: Driving from the CBD, it will take 7 min (1.7 km) via Sussex St to reach here.
By Bus: The following bus lines stop close to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium: 252, 288, 320, 324, 396, 412, 437, and 500X.
By Ferry: Ferries go to Darling Harbour from Circular Quay and leave from Wharf 5 approximately every 30 minutes.
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Direction https://goo.gl/maps/8Xdr3dDyw19cMi956
Google Review: “We came here as a school group(Yr 1 and Yr 2), the kids had such a wonderful time, there was plenty of room to move around, everyone could see. There was a lot of different vantage points for the children to experience everything the aquarium had to offer.” – Michelle Fernley

3. Discover the Australian Museum

Discover the Australian Museum

With a vast variety of exhibitions and activities ideal for visitors of all ages, Sydney’s Australian Museum is a veritable gold mine of information and amazement. It’s a great place for families with children to have fun while also learning. Young explorers may travel across time and space while exploring the natural history and cultural legacy of Australia and other countries at the Australian Museum. The dinosaur and fossil exhibitions at the Australian Museum are among the highlights for children.

Through interactive and immersive experiences, these exhibits immerse kids in the prehistoric world, where they can interact with life-sized dinosaur bones and learn about Earth’s early past. It’s an engrossing method to pique their interest in science and historical marvels.

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Kids will also like the “Search and Discover” section. Here, kids can explore a variety of natural history specimens and channel their inner scientists. This hands-on activity area allows youngsters to connect with the exhibits in an interactive and instructive way, making learning pleasurable and memorable. Youngsters may touch fossils, solve puzzles, and play interactive games. “Become a Scientist For A Day,” like many other programmes, is available at this place. At the Australian Museum, there are cafés and stores where guests may unwind with a beverage and buy mementos, books, and instructional supplies that are relevant to the museum’s exhibitions.
Name Australian Museum
Website https://australian.museum/
Address 1 William St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Opening Hours Mon-Sun: 10 am-5 pm
Wed: 10 am-9 pm
Closed Christmas Day
Contact Number +61 2 9320 6000
Entry Fee General Entry is Free.
How to Reach By Car: You will reach this pot from CBD in 8 min (1.7 km) via King St and Elizabeth St.
By Bus: The Australian Museum can be reached by several bus lines, including 100, 120, 333, 373, 396, 430, and 438X.
By train: The closest train station to Taronga Zoo Ferry in Sydney is Circular Quay Station. It's just an 11-minute walk from there.
By Train: The closest train stations are St James, Museum, and Town Hall. It's just a 7-minute walk from these stations to the destination.
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Direction https://goo.gl/maps/idaYcL2QKPn2B66e9
Google Review: “We had a great time at the Australian Museum during the science week. So many kids friendly events ongoing. Highly recommend for family with young kids.” – Jeannie Yu

4. Reach New Heights at Sydney Tower Eye

Reach New Heights at Sydney Tower Eye

This is another exciting spot that you can enjoy with your kids. Located in the centre of the city, Sydney Tower Eye is a notable architectural masterpiece that attracts tourists of all ages, especially families with young children. In addition to providing breathtaking panoramic views of Sydney, this famous tower also acts as a centre for exciting and instructive activities. It is a definite must-see for families. It is among Sydney’s highest buildings; the skyscraper rises to a stunning height of 309 metres (1,014 ft) above ground, making it a noticeable part of the city’s skyline.

The Observation Deck of the Sydney Tower Eye, which is perched an incredible 250 metres above the city, is one of its attractions. The breathtaking 360-degree views of Sydney’s skyline, its immaculate harbour, and the expansive metropolitan environment below will captivate children here. A profound appreciation for the design of the city and its surrounding landscape is fostered by this practical geography lesson.

The “Skywalk” is an additional exhilarating experience offered by the Sydney Tower Eye. This is a guided tour that offers a special vantage point of the city below as guests stroll along a glass-floor platform outside the tower. Participants are further secured by wearing safety harnesses. Additionally, the Sydney Tower Eye includes a rotating restaurant named “360 Bar and Dining,” which provides a superb dining experience with breathtaking city views. The eatery rotates through its whole menu in around 70 minutes.

Interactive touchscreens are thoughtfully positioned all across the Observation Deck, enhancing the educational component. These touch screens provide kids with a fun and engaging way to learn about Sydney’s famous landmarks and dynamic neighbourhoods while delving deeper into Sydney’s history and culture. It’s an engaging experience that skillfully combines fun and knowledge.

Name Sydney Tower Eye
Website https://www.sydneytowereye.com.au/
Address Westfield Sydney, Level 5/108 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000
Opening Hours Open Everyday: 10 am - 7 pm (Last Entry at 6 pm)
Contact Number 02 9333 9200
Entry Fee https://www.sydneytowereye.com.au/tickets-passes/
How to Reach By Car: From CBD, you can reach this spot in 5 min (1.0 km) via King St.
By Bus: You can catch from the following bus lines as they stop near Sydney Tower Eye: 100, 120, 333, 396, and 438X.
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Direction https://goo.gl/maps/wWjVmPDj7RwqM4XK6
Google Review: “Love it took my daughter for her first time and even though it was raining a little there was a virtual reality machine to partake in while it rained a bit then able to have a snack and enjoy the view” – Trent Chapman

5. Meet Native Animals at Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park

Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park

You can take your kids to this popular animal park, Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park, situated in Doonside, a Sydney suburb in Australia. It is renowned for its dedication to wildlife protection and for providing visitors with an uncommon opportunity to interact closely with native Australian creatures in an educational and fun way. The cages at the park are made to let visitors get incredibly close to some of Australia’s most recognisable fauna. Kids may interact directly with koalas, kangaroos, and wallabies, giving them a hands-on experience that helps them develop a love for these lovely animals.

A wide variety of native species, including emus, cockatoos, and colourful parrots, may be seen in Featherdale. Children can be inspired by the colourful feathers and distinctive behaviours of these feathery friends while learning about the variety of birds that call Australia home. Children may learn about the lives and behaviours of many animals during the park’s regular educational sessions and presentations. These lectures offer a greater understanding of protecting animals and maintaining natural ecosystems.

Pro Tip:

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The Wallaby Walkthrough, where visitors may ramble around an enclosure filled with amiable wallabies, is one of the park’s distinctive attractions. Children may feed and pet these marsupials during this engaging experience while learning about their habits and surroundings. Families will find a plethora of chances at Featherdale to take unforgettable pictures with some of Australia’s most recognisable animals. Kids who interact with koalas, kangaroos, and other animals might leave with lifelong memories.
Name Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park
Website https://www.featherdale.com.au/
Address 217 Kildare Rd, Doonside NSW 2767
Opening Hours Daily: 8 am – 5 pm (excluding Christmas Day)
Contact Number (02) 9622 1644
Entry Fee https://fareharbor.com/embeds/book/featherdale/items/
How to Reach By Car: It will take near about 38 min (38.0 km) via M4 to reach this spot.
By Bus: To get to Featherdale Wildlife Park, you can take the number 729 bus for a 10-minute ride, and it will take you directly to the entrance of Featherdale's gates.
By Train: Take a train from Sydney Central Station to Blacktown Station. Then you can catch the 729 number bus to reach this place.
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Direction https://goo.gl/maps/TgM48t41XVGgLchC6
Google Review: “Its allow children to explore without getting lost in the zoo. The close encounter with kangorooa ans wallabies are probably one of the most memorable experience . A visit for family activities with children.” – Lorac (Loracmissy)

6. Experience the Magic of Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour

Plan your trip to Darling Harbour to experience several amazing things in one place. Darling Harbour is a vibrant waterfront district in the centre of Sydney that caters to families with children by providing a wide range of events and attractions. Due to its wide variety of entertainment, eating, and cultural events, this dynamic centre is a favourite with both residents and visitors. Children of all ages will love the excellent playground at Darling Harbour. The playground’s climbing structures, swings, slides, and water play sections provide young children with countless hours of entertainment and adventure.

Throughout the year, Darling Harbour is renowned for holding a number of festivals and events, including breathtaking fireworks displays. Every visit is made more exciting by these activities, which provide priceless memories for both parents and children. Darling Harbour frequently has street entertainment, including musicians and magicians. The colourful atmosphere and spontaneous performances that take place along the shoreline may be enjoyed by children.

Pro Tip:

Witness breathtaking sunsets in Sydney from some of the city's best sunset points, where nature's artistry meets the skyline.

Madame Tussaud’s is another site of interest nearby. This wax museum displays lifelike wax replicas of world-famous people, historical figures, and celebrities. The public may snap pictures with their favourite celebrities. SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, Wildlife Sydney Zoo, Australian National Maritime Museum, Darling Quarter, Tumbalong Park, Cockle Bay Wharf, Pyrmont Bridge, and a variety of harbour cruises and water sports are just a few of the attractions in Darling Harbour.

Ferry services, water taxis, and harbour cruises all converge in Darling Harbour. Visitors may board a dinner cruise for a special dining experience or take gorgeous boat cruises around the harbour. There are several cafés and restaurants in Darling Harbour that may accommodate different tastes and price ranges. Families may have a leisurely supper while admiring the charming harbour views.

Name Darling Harbour
Website https://www.darlingharbour.com/
Address Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW 2000
Opening Hours 24 Hours Open
Contact Number (02) 9240 8500
Entry Fee NA
How to Reach By Car: From the CBD, it will take 6 min (1.8 km) via Market St to reach this place.
By Bus: There are several bus lines that stop near Darling Harbour:252, 288, 320, 333, 423, 500X, and 501.
By Light Rail: You can take the L1 Dulwich Hill Line from various stations in the CBD, such as Central Station, and get off at Darling Harbour station. By Ferry: You can take a ferry from Circular Quay to Darling Harbour
Social Media Links Facebook
Direction https://goo.gl/maps/baMPaPkaHQDhyZvg6
Google Review: “Darling harbour is a great place to visit, its beautiful during the day and night! I went last during ‘Vivid Sydney’. It looked amazing , it had so many lights with many sound effects and a fountain show. Must visit!! It can be packed but it’s well worth it. Kids will have the best time!!” – Phill &Jasminee

7. Ignite Creativity at the Powerhouse Museum

Powerhouse Museum

To offer some educational fun to your kids, you can plan a day trip to the Powerhouse Museum. One of Australia’s most well-known and varied museums, the Powerhouse Museum is situated in Ultimo, Sydney, and focuses on science, technology, design, and decorative arts. The Technological Museum was first established in 1880, marking the beginning of the museum.

Over 500,000 different items, including a wide and diverse collection of antiques and artefacts, are kept at the museum. These cover a variety of fields and eras and include innovations, machines, textiles, clothing, pottery, and more. The interactive and hands-on exhibitions at the museum are one of its distinguishing qualities. Children may interact with, play with, and experiment with a variety of exhibits, encouraging a love of learning through discovery and exploration. Children may use telescopes, observe the stars in the planetarium, and view interesting exhibits about our solar system.

Pro Tip:

Enjoy a day of sun and sand with your little ones at Sydney's family-friendly beaches, where shallow waters and playgrounds ensure a fun and safe outing for kids of all ages.

The museum’s exhibits on robotics and technology will captivate kids who are interested in these topics. They may see robots in action, experiment with coding, and discover how technology has shaped our world. The Powerhouse Museum’s art and design displays inspire children to express their creativity. Young artists may test their skills with various design, painting, and sketching exercises while getting ideas from the museum’s extensive collection. The museum has designated play spaces that are created especially for smaller children. To keep toddlers and preschoolers entertained, these areas feature age-appropriate games, activities, and play equipment.
Name Powerhouse Museum
Website https://powerhouse.com.au/
Address 500 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2007
Opening Hours Monday: 10 am–5 pm
Tuesday: 10 am–5 pm
Wednesday: 10 am–5 pm
Thursday: 10 am–9 pm
Friday: 10 am–5 pm
Saturday: 10 am–5 pm
Sunday: 10 am–5 pm
Contact Number (02) 9217 0111
Entry Fee Free Entry.
Events and exhibitions are chargeable https://ecom.roller.app/powerhouse/powerhousemuseumultimoprograms/en/products
How to Reach By Car: In just 5 min (1.7 km) via Harris St, you will reach your destination.
By Bus: The following bus lines stop near Powerhouse Museum on Harris St: 320, 373, 422, 423, 461X, 501.
By Light Rail: You can catch the L2 light rail, which connects Ultimo to the Powerhouse Museum on Harris Street.
Social Media Links Facebook
Direction https://goo.gl/maps/2XH9CntjEUrsY8wC9
Google Review: “Interesting stuff to see. Recommend to take kids to this place, they’ll have fun and learn about how the technology evolved in the last century. There is a lego room which can keep kids entertained for sometime and take a break, also the experimental items are engaging and amusing. Could be a good plan for a weekend.” – Reza Rafiee

8. Thrills Await at Luna Park Sydney

Luna Park Sydney

For many years, families and visitors have enjoyed Luna Park Sydney, an adored and recognisable amusement park. Luna Park, which is situated on the scenic beaches of Sydney Harbour, provides youngsters and their families with an exhilarating mix of vintage amusement rides, funfair activities, and a magical ambience that guarantees an amazing experience.

Luna Park Sydney is a child’s paradise, featuring a variety of fun activities and attractions. It offers a variety of rides that are appropriate for people of all ages. There is a ride for everyone, from kid-friendly carousels and spinning teacups to heart-pounding roller coasters and thrilling attractions for older kids and teens. Face painters, clowns, and other performers may be seen all throughout the park, adding to the joyful ambience. Kids may enjoy spontaneous concerts and performances or get their faces painted as their favourite characters.

Classic carnival games like ring toss, shooting ranges, and whack-a-mole are quite popular at Luna Park. Children may compete with one another and have fun by putting their abilities to the test and winning rewards. This iconic area of Luna Park is a multi-level funhouse featuring interactive games, slides, and mazes. Both children and adults may enjoy the quirky and nostalgic experience. The Ferris wheel in Luna Park provides sweeping views of Sydney Harbour and the skyline. Children may enjoy the peaceful trip to the summit and the beautiful views.

The famous park entrance, with its gigantic smiling face, is the ideal location for priceless family portraits. Kids may get their photos taken against the iconic Luna Park face. The food options available at the park’s restaurants range from cotton candy and ice cream to hot dogs and popcorn, offering youngsters a wide selection of carnival-style foods and delicacies to satiate their demands.

Name Luna Park Sydney
Website https://www.lunaparksydney.com/
Address 1 Olympic Dr, Milsons Point, NSW 2061
Opening Hours Monday: 10 am - 3 pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 10 am - 8 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 8 pm
Sunday: 10 am - 6 pm
Contact Number (02) 9922 6644
Entry Fee https://www.lunaparksydney.com/tickets-passes
How to Reach By Car: You can reach this place in 9 min (4.1 km) via Bradfield Hwy
By Bus: The following bus lines stop near Luna Park Sydney: 115, 230, and 320, so you can catch the nearest one from your location.
By Train: You can catch a train on the T1 North Shore, Northern, and Western Line heading towards North Sydney or Hornsby.
Social Media Links Facebook
Direction https://goo.gl/maps/BuS9KWNMcrgDjMrYA
Google Review: “Nice little park for both adult and kids, but I think mainly kids cause of the rides available. When we went, another rollercoaster was under construction so 🤞 for that. The ferris 🎡 was also under maintenance so we didn’t do much there but walk around. Overall, a good family place to come to.” – Angsophea Eng

9. Unveil the Magic of the Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is a shining gem in the crown of Australia’s cultural heritage, nestled next to Sydney Harbour’s glistening seas. Its famous sails, which resemble billowing white sails in the wind, have long been seen as a representation of brilliant architectural design and creative achievement. The Sydney Opera House, though recognised across the globe for its stunning architecture, is more than simply a landmark to be viewed from a distance. It is a thriving centre of inspiration and creativity that offers a variety of experiences that invite families with children to enter a world where imagination knows no limitations. 

Although the Opera House is frequently praised for its exceptional design and designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it also provides a variety of experiences and activities that are equally compelling for families with children.

Pro Tip:

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Children may tour the inside of this architectural marvel, including the rehearsal and concert halls, to gain knowledge about the performing arts industry. Young people’s interest in the arts is piqued by the interactive exhibitions and displays at the Opera House. These displays make learning enjoyable and interesting by frequently focusing on the history of the Opera House, the performing arts, and the creative process.

The Junior Adventure Tour is a thrilling tour of the Opera House that is specifically created for families with children between the ages of 5 and 12. Children may learn about the building’s history and architecture through the interactive games and activities that are included.

Kids may run, climb, and play in the open space next to the Opera House while taking in views of the harbour. It’s the perfect place for a getaway and some outdoor recreation. Family-friendly dining choices are available at the Opera House, including cafés and restaurants with kid-friendly menus. You may eat while admiring the breathtaking harbour views. There are many chances for family portraits thanks to the Opera House’s distinctive architectural style. Take a photo of yourself and your kids in front of the harbour or the famous sails.

Name Sydney Opera House
Website https://www.sydneyoperahouse.com/
Address Bennelong Point, Sydney, NSW 2000
Opening Hours Open everyday: 8:45 am to 9 pm
Contact Number +61 2 9250 7111
Entry Fee https://www.sydneyoperahouse.com/tours-and-experiences/the-sydney-opera-house-tour
How to Reach By Car: Within 10 min (2.2 km) via Macquarie St from the CBD, you can reach this place.
By Bus: The following bus lines have stops near the Sydney Opera House: 288, 304, 333, 396, and B1.
By Train: You can catch a train from routes T2 and T8 to reach this place.
Social Media Links Facebook
Direction https://goo.gl/maps/EENMkcoh9nXQWt3j6
Google Review: “Very busy at most times, but plenty of space to spend time with family or friends. We spent a few hours here during our flight transit in Sydney. The view around the Opera House is exceptional. It was a warm sunny day, so kids enjoyed their time playing around. Didn’t spend our time inside the building, but the outside area is enough if just for taking pictures to prove that we’ve visited this landmark or Sydney. Will be back for a longer tour.” – Masrizal

Final Words

For families looking for a fun and rewarding experience with their kids, Sydney stands out as a particularly alluring location. The city’s numerous fascinating activities are well suited to pique children’s interests and maintain their level of energy. Sydney offers a broad variety of activities that provide a well-rounded and unforgettable trip for the whole family, from renowned sites to interactive museums, from lush gardens to thrilling wildlife encounters. The city is a top choice for making cherished memories that last for generations since it skillfully blends educational opportunities with unending enjoyment. Sydney makes sure that every minute spent with your children is not only pleasant but also profoundly important thanks to its natural beauties, fascinating fauna, educational institutions, and breathtaking landscapes. A lasting impression is left on the hearts and minds of both young and old via the strengthening of ties, expansion of horizons, and igniting of the love of adventure and discovery that are fostered through these shared experiences.
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