Tesla Buying Guide – All You Need To Know

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The future is (electric vehicles) EVs, and those still questioning the worth of buying an EV might regret not adapting to electric vehicles later. The perks of owning an electric vehicle are numerous, from increased road safety to stress-free highway driving and parking. Plus, when your car parks itself, it’s a different level of flex (a few will understand)!

Do you dream of owning a TESLA? Are you planning to buy a Tesla model shortly? Your decision to bring an electric vehicle home is worthwhile. Owning a Tesla is an exciting and rewarding experience in 2023, but first-time buyers might be blank about where to begin their research and how to buy a Tesla, which model to buy, and what they should consider while getting a Tesla.

Keep reading this exclusive first-time Tesla buying guide that will help you choose the best model, determine how much you should spend on a Tesla, mistakes to avoid while buying a Tesla, its price, and answer all the related questions.

1. Why Buy a Tesla Car?

Tesla Car

If you are still not confident in your Tesla buying decision, let’s dive deep into this section to recall the enormous benefits of buying an electric vehicle. Following are some of the benefits that can boost your confidence and influence many other people into buying EVs, too:

Greener Future

The first and foremost reason for buying a Tesla is that it provides environmental benefits. Being one of the most prominent electric vehicle manufacturers, this brand aims to reduce carbon footprints and reliance on fossil fuels and help combat climate change.

Excellent Performance

Smooth handling, a comfortable driving experience and impressive acceleration are what make Tesla stand out from other EV manufacturers in Australia. And if you want a great driving experience, bring a Tesla to your home today!

Pro Tip:

A financial advisor can help you make an informed decision about purchasing a Tesla car, considering your budget and financial goals.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Pioneers in electric vehicle manufacturing, Tesla is unlocking the potential of electricity and offering a whole new experience to drivers with innovative and advanced features like Autopilot and many more.

Comprehensive Charging Network

With an extensive charging network all across Australia, Tesla makes long-distance travel possible for all EV drivers out there. It means you can sit in your Tesla and embark on a journey without worrying about anything, anytime.

2. How Much You Should Spend?

How Much You Should Spend?

The above section might have boosted some confidence in your decision to buy a Tesla in 2023, but have you decided on how much to spend on an electric vehicle? Should you buy the cheapest model, a moderate-priced electric vehicle, or a high-end one? Let’s determine the options you have right now to obtain Tesla ownership to decide quickly.

  • You can buy the Model 3 to become an owner of Tesla most cheaply.
  • Model X and Model S are premium cars that are considered to be expensive.
  • Buy a five-year-old Tesla to gain ownership of Tesla without breaking the bank.

If you are tight on budget, consider buying the Model 3 or a second-hand one that lets you enjoy the perks of EVs without spending too much. On the other hand, consider the Model X and Model S if you have enough funds to buy a new Tesla in Australia and enjoy the latest features.

3. How to Buy a Tesla?

How to Buy a Tesla

Just like you buy accessories from Amazon, you can buy your Tesla from the comfort of your home. If you assume we are joking, we are not! Tesla is changing the whole concept of buying vehicles in 2023. You can visit the official website of Tesla, configure and order through the website directly; you don’t have to contact the dealership like you used to before for other vehicles.

If you are unsure which Tesla model is best for you, book a test drive on the website. Buying second-hand is also made easy; you can get the list of approved used vehicles on the website and choose between them. However, if you don’t understand the concept of buying online, you can also visit the Tesla store; they have around 15 stores in different parts of Australia, namely Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and more.

4. Things to Consider While Buying a Tesla

Things to Consider While Buying a Tesla

With the most basic model priced at $57,400, Tesla is a premium brand and has priced its vehicles accordingly. Since you are making a big investment, you might want to do it the right way the first time. We’ve mentioned here some of the most important considerations for first-time Tesla buyers; read all the considerations carefully!

Ownership Cost

The cost of owning a Tesla electric vehicle is significantly lower than that of combustion-driven cars for a whole variety of reasons, including the absence of dreaded fossil fuels. Travelling in an EV will cost you much less than an average petrol engine and Tesla requires less servicing too. Since you are buying a Tesla, you don’t even have to think about replacing the tyres and other smaller items, thanks to the generous maintenance plans of Tesla.

Though Tesla beats all combustion-driven vehicles in every aspect, you should not forget that Tesla is not immune to depreciation, and the car loses its value just like other vehicles do. If you are tired of your old vehicle, there is good news for you, you can trade in your existing car and get the latest model of Tesla and enjoy driving the latest EV you’ve dreamt of.


Before you jump into any Tesla store to buy an EV for yourself, you must be aware of the models available currently. There are four models available for customers to buy and here is information about them all:

Model Name Range (Miles) Top Speed (mph) 0 to 60 mph Price
Model S 285 155 4 Seconds NA
Model 3 240 140 5.3 Seconds $61,900
Model X 250 155 4.6 Seconds NA
Model Y 300 130 5.5 Seconds $65,400

Pro Tip:

For a showroom-quality shine and meticulous care for your vehicle, check out top-rated car detailing service providers.


Before you hit the store to buy any Tesla model, you must be aware of your purpose in buying an electric vehicle. The range of the vehicle must suit your daily requirements; for instance, if you want to do road trips in your Tesla, you should go for the performance Model Y with a 330-mile range.

However, for usual city driving, you don’t need to purchase a performance model; you can buy a mid-range model like the Model S. If it’s your first time buying a Tesla and you don’t want to invest a major chunk of money, you can also consider the cheapest Model 3, which gives you enough range of 240 miles.

Charging Plan

If it’s your first time buying an electric vehicle, you must not have a charging facility at home, and you have to arrange for your Tesla vehicle. So, before you bring a Tesla home, consider how you will charge your vehicle—whether you will install a facility at your home or use the supercharging stations. Here are some of the most common ways you can charge your Tesla:

  • Wiring: Giving you a charging range of around 44 miles per hour, it is one of the fastest charging options that you could have in your home. For this charging facility in your home, you have to buy a wall connector and the technician will connect it to the breaker box. However, installation of this type of charging facility could be expensive since you don’t get the charger with your vehicle, just like your iPhone.
  • The technician might charge you more after realising that you are a Tesla owner now (pun intended). There’s another type of charging facility that you can install in your property for charging your electric vehicle, which is a 240V Nema 1450 outlet; however, that will only give you 30 miles per hour. So, if you need fast charging, choose the first charging facility; however, if you can wait for some time, the latter is best for you.
  • Mobile Connectors: If you are not in the mood for installing a much more expensive setup for charging your Tesla, you can also use mobile connectors to charge your vehicle. You have to connect your mobile connectors to the 110V wall outlet that will charge your vehicle for 3 miles per hour. We know that it’s too slow; however, it is one of the most affordable options for all those who don’t have to travel much distance daily and idle for too long during their commute.
  • Supercharging Stations: Do you live close to a supercharging station? If you do, instead of installing a charging facility at your property, you can also rely on the supercharging stations. However, you have to decide on it before you buy your Tesla. Otherwise, you will end up stalling on the highways just because the supercharging station is too far from your home (that’s why you have to decide before buying). Also, you have to make sure before every trip that your vehicle will make it to the charging station after running your errands.

Insurance and Maintenance

Insuring an electric vehicle is indeed pricey nowadays. However, you can offset this outlay against cheap running costs. When it comes to the maintenance of your Tesla, you don’t have to worry about anything, but only during the initial stage of your ownership since the four-year maintenance programme covers almost everything. You won’t be surprised by bills during your initial stages of ownership, which concludes that maintaining Tesla is not that expensive.

5. Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Tesla

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Tesla

Since you are buying a Tesla or even an electric vehicle for the first time, there are chances that you might make rookie mistakes. But we won’t let that happen. To help you avoid those pricey mistakes, here is a list of common mistakes that people make while buying a Tesla and how to avoid them:

Getting Too Much or Little Range

Some people buy the maximum range models of Tesla unnecessarily. No doubt, higher-range models are too costly and buying them when you don’t have to travel long distances regularly is a silly mistake. Just opposite the first case, some people will buy a Tesla with a minimum range and live in an apartment with no access to a supercharging station nearby. The rule of thumb to select the perfect range electric vehicle is to calculate how much you have to travel daily and whether or not you do far trips frequently.

Paying Thousands for FSD

Paying thousands of dollars for FSD (Full Self-Driving) doesn’t make the most sense. Autopilot should suffice for most first-time Tesla buyers. And since this technology is yet to reach its full potential, it makes your FSD buying more senseless, especially if you are tight on budget. When the FSD reaches its full potential, you will likely have sold the car. However, if you are keen on trying the FSD, you must go for it since seeing your vehicle figure out everything for you is another level of experience you will only get in Tesla.

Pro Tip:

Discover the financing options available for Tesla Cars and get on the road to owning your dream car.

Not Planning for Charging

Before you bring a Tesla home, make sure you have adequate home charging or have supercharging stations nearby if you live in an apartment and plan to rely on them. However, relying on charging stations is not a good choice when you can get a charging facility at home. Also, you should be aware of how far charging stations are from your home. The car can also help you plan your route along the charging stations.

Buying a Performance Model

The waiting times on performance models are shorter, and some people buy performance models just because of this single reason. Avoid buying a performance model if you have a vehicle to commute daily, can wait for a longer time for your Tesla, and don’t care about the power and range that much. You can save good money while obtaining the ownership of a Tesla if you choose the right model for yourself.

Wheels and Accessories

Larger wheels don’t come with much benefit. It only gives reduced range and harsher ride quality. While entry-level wheels give you more range and improved ride quality, the decision is yours. In addition, some people avoid buying accessories, but since you have already invested money in a Tesla, why don’t you buy some accessories for the longevity of your vehicle, for example, a screen protector, all-weather car mats, etc.?

6. Tips for Buying a Used Tesla

Tips for Buying a Used Tesla

If you plan to buy a used Tesla instead of a new one, it’s a great decision. Used electric vehicles offer more value for the price you will pay. However, this is not the case every time; you might get duped or don’t get a worthy deal if you don’t follow our tips for buying a used Tesla in Australia.

  • Find a Tesla that is not too old and whose demanding price is not that high. You might get a better deal in a private sale than you get from a Tesla store. However, a private sale won’t give you any certification or extended warranty.
  • Before you decide on going further with a vehicle, be sure to check the paperwork on the vehicle. The details you are required to check include whether the seller is the owner of the vehicle and if there is any outstanding finance.
  • Check whether the Tesla you plan to buy has autopilot hardware and if it doesn’t, consider moving to your next option as the future Tesla models will work on the FSD, and you will see your cars running automatically without human intervention.
  • You should buy a Tesla with warranty coverage if possible, as it will help you save a significant amount of money on maintenance costs. However, you can also opt for a used car warranty if the standard warranty of four years is over.
  • It doesn’t apply to those buying a Tesla in a private sale; however, if you are buying from an authorised dealer, you should ask them about the car return policy; with this, you can make decisions confidently.

Final Verdict

Buying a Tesla in Australia is a dream of many; the perks of owning an electric vehicle are numerous, from cheap running costs to low maintenance and better ride quality. However, people are still hesitant to buy electric vehicles and those willing to buy have no clue where to begin the research and journey of buying a Tesla.

You can start by selecting the Tesla model that suits your requirements the best in terms of range, price, space, looks and everything else. Then, you can book a test drive and order it through the official Tesla website. The other things you must consider while buying a Tesla are mentioned above in this guide.

Hopefully, this comprehensive guide has provided you with the information you were seeking and you will be able to buy a Tesla hassle-free. Stay tuned!

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