DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Home

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Yay, it’s CHRISTMAS time, which means joy, adventure, delicious desserts and indulgence. While you love all the things mentioned in the beginning but not the latter (everyone hates spending), indeed, no one wants to be in debt because they spent too much in the festive season on decorations, gifts, and desserts. Do you??

Can you save money on gifts? Very little. Will you skip desserts this season? Nope. So, where is the room for saving? How can you save money this holiday season? By doing Christmas decorations on your own! Instead of buying everything from department stores, you can do a little hard work to save a lot of money!

Not only will a little legwork save you some dollars, but it will also make your whole house stand out from the crowd. How?? Everyone will buy the same boring and old Christmas decoration stuff, while you can make your own baubles and other decor items that will go with the theme and look different.

Keep reading this exclusive blog till the end, as we’ve got you some DIY Christmas decoration ideas to add sugar and spice to this Christmas and save a pot of money without spending much time and doing hard work.

1. Minimalist No-Mess Tree

Minimalist No-Mess Tree

Whenever anyone mentions Christmas, people think about the Tannenbaum or Christmas tree. So, why not start this topic with it? While there are various things you can do to make your tree look elegant, unique, and beautiful. It includes inverting it upside down, colouring the tree flowers, and keeping the tree mini this time. We are not going to do any of these experiments.

Let’s celebrate this Christmas with a minimalist no-mess tree, which is a perfect idea for those living in small and confined spaces. Decorating your tree this way won’t take you forever, which means you will not only save money but a lot of time as well. You just need a tree branch and spray paint. Here’s how you can decorate your minimalist No-Mess Tree:

  • Set the branch in a glass jar.
  • Spray paint the branch with the colour you like.
  • Decorate it with a few Christmas trinkets. You are done!

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Your simple, chic and vogue Christmas tree is ready in minutes. There is no need to spend hours decorating your tree when you are already short on time. Save time and money!

2. Tangerine Santa

Tangerine Santa

Do you have tangerines in your refrigerator? Why are we asking that? Because you can use those fruits to decorate your home this Christmas. You might be thinking of some kind of magic after this, but it is not. You have to take a couple of tangerines out of your fridge, some spices, a scarf, a hat, and some scraps of cloth. Isn’t it too much? Let’s make the recipe (we mean the craft) easier by breaking it down into the following points:

  • You have to take a few tangerines out of your fridge.
  • Place one tangerine above the other.
  • Use cloves to make the eyes and nose of Santa.
  • Get a small cap and place it on the uppermost tangerine.
  • Use sticks to give your Santa two hands.
  • Drape scarf between two tangerines.
  • Your tangerine Santa is ready to rock!

Place the tangerine Santa in the middle of your coffee table or at various places in your home to decorate your home differently this Christmas.

3. Cardboard Roll Decorations

Cardboard Roll Decorations

If you have kids in your home, handling them while doing Christmas decorations could be cumbersome. So, make your little ones work by doing a project of creating DIY crafts with your kids for decoration. To make this cute and perfect Christmas decoration item, you need cardboard rolls, paint and some imagination. Here’s a detailed list of items required to make a cardboard roll of Santa: –

  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Red Card
  • Cotton Balls
  • Googly Eyes
  • White Card
  • Black Card
  • Craft Jewel
  • Cardboard Roll

Grab all these items faster to make a cardboard Santa. Here’s how you can make a cardboard roll of Santa: –

  1. Paint the roll with red colour and let it dry.
  2. Take a red colour sheet and cut it into a circle.
  3. Cut the circle sheet in half and fold it to make a cone. It’s the hat of Santa.
  4. Cut a strip of black card and make Santa’s belt.
  5. You have to glue it near the base of the toilet roll.
  6. Glue a craft jewel onto the belt of the Santa.
  7. Take a piece of white paper and glue it to the top of the roll.
  8. Take two googly eyes and place them on the white paper.
  9. Glue cotton on the white paper and hat of the Santa.
  10. Place the hat on the top of the cardboard roll.
  11. Your cardboard Santa is ready!

You can place your cardboard roll Santa in different places in your home for Christmas Santa, it will look cute everywhere.

4. Scented Candles

Scented Candles

What people like their homes most decorated with are lights. So, why not take some scented candles to decorate your home this Christmas? Either you can buy scented candles or you can make DIY candles to double your savings. If you make DIY candles, you can use the colour of your choice and fragrance.

But what about the candlestick? No, you are not buying it either this Christmas. So, what you are going to use instead of a candlestick, you can use your own candlestick with cinnamon sticks. To make a DIY candlestick, you need to place the cinnamon sticks around the candle and wrap it with a little piece of beautiful ribbon.

Pro Tip:

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If you want to embellish this Christmas decoration item further, you can use pine cones and greenery to give your candles a unique and lovely look. These candles will fill your house with a sweet aroma this festive season, and you will feel good vibes all around your house on this occasion of Christmas.

5. Pine Cone Centerpiece

Pine Cone Centerpiece

When it comes to natural Christmas decor, how can you forget about pine cones? You can use bleached pine cones to decorate your home differently this festive season. If you have access to bleached pine cones, that is the icing on the cake. However, you can also bleach your pine cones on your cakes and believe us, it’s an exciting afternoon activity. 

Once you are done bleaching your pine cones, you can pile them in a lovely bowl and place them as a table centrepiece. Not only during Christmas, but you can also use pine cones as decorative items after this festive season. Indeed, bleached pine cones work wonders when you enhance the elegance of any modern room with natural Christmas decoration items.

6. Add a Natural Wreath

Add a Natural Wreath

We know that your artificial wreath is on its deathbed due to gradual wear and tear, so retire it without delay. Use a natural wreath to add a bit of nature to your main door this season. Some of the things that you can add to your natural wreath are as follows: 

  • Pine Cones
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Dried Orange Slices
  • Berry Sprigs
  • Seed Heads

Not only will a natural wreath enhance the looks of your home, but it will also infuse a sweet smell into your dwelling. So, what are you waiting for? Start preparing a wreath for this festive season and fill your home with a pleasant smell.

7. Mirror Decoration

Mirror Decoration

You must have a mirror in your home; did you clean it? Jokes apart, have you decorated your mirrors? Most people forget that they also have a mirror in their home while decorating their homes during the holiday season. But you don’t have to repeat this mistake! You can and will use berries, pine cones, and greens to decorate your mirror for Christmas.

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Apart from using the above options, you can also use a variety of other items to decorate your mirror this festive season. Things you can use for decoration will depend on the type of mirror you have and where it is in your house. Decorating greens will work everywhere in your house. However, for Christmas decoration items with smells, you have to consider some things.

8. Balloon Arch

Balloon Arch

Why not use a balloon arch to decorate your home this Christmas? But with no professional help! That’s the twist, you will make a balloon arch this festive season. You can use the balloon arch to welcome guests or just keep it in your house for weeks and make it a picture-perfect place for Christmas photos. Making a balloon arch is much easier than you might think, and here is how you can make a balloon arch easily:

  • Create a wire base using a sturdy wire, and the length of the wires depends on the height of the arch you want.
  • You have to stick the ends of the arch into a bucket filled with sand.
  • Use a balloon pump to blow up balloons of different colours you like.
  • Tie two balloons together using a string or you can tie them with their tails.
  • Now, tie the balloons to your wire and keep repeating the process until the archwire is fully filled with balloons.

It is one of the easiest ways to make a balloon arch. You can also try other types of arch, such as a floating arch or a mounted arch. However, making these types of arches could be a bit difficult and time-consuming.

9. DIY Christmas Cards

DIY Christmas Cards

You might have been buying Christmas cards from stores for years, and that’s good until you don’t have DIY Christmas cards. Those who have enough time and are ready to put in some effort to make their loved ones feel special can make personalised Christmas cards. Though the process of making cards yourself could be time-consuming, they are far better than store-bought cards.

We all know what happens to the Christmas cards after the festive season is over; they are all thrown away. But this is not the case with personalised and DIY Christmas cards. Your loved ones will keep the cards that you will treasure long after Christmas. By involving your kids in this activity, you can make them work, and they will love it. Here’s one of the easiest ways to make a personalised Christmas card:

  • Get a few green pipe cleaners and twist them into a tree shape.
  • Glue the tree-shaped pipe cleaners onto your card.
  • Write a personalised message on your card.
  • Your DIY Christmas card is ready!

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You can make these types of personalised cards in a few minutes, but the message you will write on the card will make all the difference. This method of making Christmas cards is so easy that your little ones can make a lot of cards in a couple of minutes.

10. Santa Mailbox

Santa Mailbox

Want to know what your kids want from Santa this Christmas? Make your little ones mail their letters to Santa with a mailbox. You need a table that looks like a mailbox or make one using cardboard, and you’re done! You can decorate the mailbox with the Christmas theme, and when all the letters are mailed to Mr. Santa, you can read them and store them as keepsakes.

There are many places in your house where you can place your Santa Mailbox, and here are some ideas for that purpose:

  • Place the Santa Mailbox in your entryway.
  • Use it to decorate the front porch of your house.
  • Santa Mailbox can be put on the hearth by your fireplace.
  • You can place the Santa Mailbox near the Christmas tree.

Kids are always too excited for Christmas, and when they see a Santa Mailbox, their excitement and happiness double. So, start working to make a Santa mailbox to decorate your house and surprise your kids!

On a Final Note

Home decoration during a festive season is a love for those who have enough time, while those short on time hate it. But one thing that we all do that is burdensome is incur expenses that occur during festivals like Christmas. Enjoying one month and then borrowing money the next month is not a great idea. There is nothing you can save for Christmas. However, by doing Christmas decorations yourself, you can save significantly.

Instead of buying all the decoration material from department stores, you can consider some of the best DIY Christmas decoration ideas mentioned in this comprehensive blog above. From making Christmas cards to balloon arches and scented candles, every DIY decoration idea is marvellous. So, what are you waiting for? Try these decoration ideas this Christmas, decorate your home uniquely, make your little ones work, and save a lot of money.


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