Top Family-Friendly Beaches in Adelaide

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Adelaide, located in South Australia, frequently referred to as the “City of Churches,” is a unique Australian city that offers a beautiful setting, nestled between rolling hills and the attraction of the seaside. The people of this place are lucky to live close to some of Australia’s best beaches. With over 70 kilometres of coastline encircling the city, it is an absolute gem of natural beauty, offering a variety of beach activities for both locals and tourists to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a tranquil day by the water, thrilling surf excursions, waterfront cuisine, or the chance to interact with animals, this place has all of it. It’s no surprise that locals and visitors who want to get away from the city and relax in the middle of nature frequently choose these breathtaking seaside locations.

The beaches in Adelaide offer something for everyone. Whether you’re an adventurous surfer seeking the thrill of challenging, rocky, and wind-blown waves or a family looking for a safe haven with lifeguards and calm, shallow waters perfect for children, Adelaide’s coastline has something for you. Adelaide’s beaches provide a variety of activities, including relaxing strolls along the sand, swimming in the ocean, and a variety of other beach-related activities. The changing character of Adelaide’s shoreline, though, is what makes it so fascinating. Sand moves naturally northward under the force of wind and waves along Adelaide’s continuous coastline. 

Adelaide is recognised for having beaches that are friendly to families, and these beaches are especially well-suited for families with young children for a variety of reasons. Here we are mentioning some of the top family-friendly beaches that will be an excellent option for a better day out.

1. Glenelg Beach

Glenelg Beach

In the history and tourism of the area, the lovely beachside community of Glenelg in South Australia has a unique place. Glenelg Beach is not only the busiest and most popular beach in Adelaide, but it’s also an exquisite metropolitan beach featuring plenty of attractions and activities for people of all ages. Glenelg is a lively and attractive destination due to its distinctive combination of historical significance, seaside beauty, and amenities. Glenelg offers something for everyone, from the breathtaking tram trip to the beach to the chance to see dolphins, from the fine sands and crystal-clear waters to the variety of dining and shopping options. You can also go fishing on a charter and see if you can capture any local fish. 

Glenelg is a well-liked location for fishing, and charters offer all the required equipment. It’s a spot where guests can create priceless memories while taking in Adelaide’s metropolitan shoreline at its best. Glenelg refuses to let down those seeking ocean adventures. Popular activities that let you explore the undersea surroundings and their marine life include snorkelling and scuba diving. The best place to watch a beautiful ocean sunset is at Glenelg Beach. It’s the ideal way to conclude the day because the sun setting below the horizon provides a beautiful backdrop for sundowner beverages and relaxation.

Name Glenelg Beach
Address Glenelg Beach, End of Jetty Road, Glenelg SA 5045, Adelaide, South Australia, 5045
Distance from CBD 11.1 km
How to Reach By Car: It takes 22 min via Anzac Hwy from the CBD to reach this place.
By Tram: The Glenelg Tram Line, often known as Route 12, is the tram that travels directly to Glenelg Beach. It takes around 15-20 minutes.
By Bus: Both bus routes 265 and 263 will take you from the Adelaide CBD and take around 35 minutes. The bus will drop you off at various stops in Glenelg, but for Glenelg Beach, the closest stop is the "Moseley Square" stop. Moseley Square is right next to Glenelg Beach.
Famous Eateries The Wharf, The Annex Cafe, Luciano's Italian Marina Pier, Glenelg Barbeque Inn, Boomers, Watermark Glenelg, Moseley Beach Club, Gelatissimo Glenelg and Mamma Carmela Cafe Pizzeria
Ideal For Stunning Sunsets, Rich Heritage, Sidewalk Cafes, Strolling the Jetty, Swimming, Kiosk, Sand Play, Other Water Sports
Facilities Picnic Areas, Barbecue, Car Parking, Coach Parking, Cafes, Bars and Restaurants, Restrooms and Public Telephone
Google Review: “Nice beach with a big long jetty great for photos. There is some nice scenery and it is near a park with a awesome little slide. There is a love heart for photos and shops/restaurants are a close walk.” – Blaze Pate

More Things to Do In Glenelg

Moseley Square: At Glenelg Beach, Moseley Square is a vibrant and welcoming destination that provides a variety of food, shopping, entertainment, and relaxation opportunities. It’s a location where you can fully experience coastal culture and take in the lively spirit of this Adelaide suburb’s seaside neighbourhood.

Wigley Reserve: Wigley Reserve offers a calm and welcoming setting where guests may enjoy the natural surroundings, take in the stunning vistas, and participate in a variety of outdoor activities. Whether you want a spot to relax in a peaceful environment, take your children to play, or have a picnic, it will offer you all. 

Glenelg Golf Course: It boasts an 18-hole championship golf course that provides a challenging and enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels. The course features well-manicured fairways, bunkers, and scenic views.

The Beachouse: Families, tourists, and anybody else looking for a day of fun and entertainment by the beach frequently visit The Beach House in Glenelg. Everyone may have fun there, thanks to the variety of its attractions.

Shopping and Live Entertainment: Discover Jetty Road, which is dotted with upscale boutiques, galleries, and businesses selling local wares and souvenirs. In Glenelg, especially in the evenings, check out the live music and entertainment options at various bars and venues.

Bay Discovery Centre: The Bay Discovery Centre is a museum with a wealth of historical and cultural knowledge that is located in Moseley Square. It is a great place for tourists to begin their exploration of Glenelg’s long history and its significance to the growth of South Australia.

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2. Henley Beach

Henley Beach

Henley Beach is a popular tourist attraction in Adelaide that attracts visitors with its stunning beachfront, mouthwatering seafood restaurants, and a range of fun things to do. Henley Beach provides chances for a variety of water sports, including paddleboarding, kitesurfing, and beach volleyball, in addition to swimming. Henley Beach’s serene atmosphere, especially in the evening, makes it the perfect place to relax, go for a walk, or have a picnic by the sea. A long, sandy beach that spans along the Gulf of St. Vincent can be found at Henley Beach, which is famous for its beautiful coastal location.

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Beachgoers often go to the beach due to its beautiful ocean views. The safety of swimmers and beachgoers is ensured by lifesavers who patrol Henley Beach’s beach during the summer. This beach offers a variety of experiences for all kinds of travellers, whether you’re an explorer, a foodie, or just looking to unwind by the water. It is a great place for families to spend quality time together because it is kid-friendly and has a playground.

Name Henley Beach
Address Henley Beach, Adelaide, South Australia
Distance from CBD 11.6 km
How to Reach By Car: It takes 26 minutes via Sir Donald Bradman Dr/A6 from the CBD.
By Bus: From the Adelaide Central Business District, buses run to Henley Beach. The 157, 115, 118, and other bus lines, among others, stop at Henley Beach. Your starting point in the CBD will determine the exact route and bus stop.
Famous Eateries Stella Restaurant, 82 Thai Eatery, Cinnamon Club, Estia Restaurant, Joe's Henley Beach, Melt Henley and Hypnothaized
Ideal For Jetty, Kite Flying, Sand Play and Collecting Seashells, Swimming, Walking and Cycling Paths, Surf Lifesaving Club, Wading, Paddling and Other Water Sports, Events and Festivals; and Rollerblading
Facilities Picnic Areas, BBQ Facilities, Shops and Boutiques, Playgrounds, Parking, Cafes, Bars and Restaurants, Toilets and Changing Rooms, Accommodation, Drinking Water Stations
Tripadvisor Review: “Nice beach , chilled atmosphere . Plenty of things to do . Toilet facilities nearby are clean . Plenty of food outlets.” – Anastaciahausen

More Things to Do In Henley

Kooyonga Golf Club: A championship 18-hole golf course built by famous golf course architect Cargie Rymill is available at the club. The course is situated in a picturesque parkland setting with well-kept fairways, difficult bunkers, and strategic water hazards. For golfers of all ability levels, it delivers a difficult but pleasant experience.

Henley Square: Henley Square combines the charm of the water with dining options, entertainment, and leisure by the water. Henley Square offers a wide variety of experiences for guests of all ages, whether they are seeking a relaxing meal, a location to watch the sunset, or a buzzing venue to take in the beach vibe.

Charles Cane Reserve: The quiet and warm Charles Cane Reserve provides an area for relaxed sports, picnics, and relaxation. It’s an ideal location to take in both the park’s greenery and the beach’s coastline beauty, as it’s close to Henley Beach. Charles Cane Reserve in the Henley Beach area offers a friendly atmosphere, whether you’re searching for a spot to relax, enjoy a picnic, or let your kids run around.

River Torrens Linear Park Trail: The River Torrens Linear Park Trail is a great spot to enjoy nature and get away from the bustle of the city, whether you want to take a leisurely stroll, ride a bike, or just relax. It’s a flexible outdoor activity for locals and guests alike, as you can pick your starting and finishing spots.

Henley Beach Jetty: The Henley Beach Jetty is a charming area for admiring the natural beauty of the shore in addition to being a well-liked fishing location. The jetty provides a serene and picturesque location for a variety of sporting events along the Adelaide coastline, whether you’re interested in fishing, photography, or simply taking in the sea breeze. 

Linear Park: Linear Park links many suburbs and acts as a calm and naturally rich corridor within the city, offering a variety of outdoor experiences and activities. Whether you’re looking for a calm place to have a picnic, a relaxing place to take a walk, or a place to ride a bike, Linear Park offers an enticing and green respite for both Adelaide locals and guests.

3. Port Noarlunga Beach

Port Noarlunga Beach

The South Australian coastal town of Port Noarlunga has grown from its beginnings as a seaport into an economic community with a major focus on tourism and sports. It is a popular vacation spot for locals and visitors alike due to its jetty, natural reef, long beach, and proximity to Adelaide. The amazing red sandstone beach rocks around Port Noarlunga’s coastline provide the surroundings with a unique and eye-catching quality. The activities undertaken along the shoreline are beautifully framed by these dunes.

In this area, scuba divers rush to explore the underwater world. It’s a great place to see unique marine species and underwater formations. The beach is fairly secure for swimming, and the jetty offers visitors access to some great fishing spots. The area’s unique appeal is made stronger by the influence of offshore reefs on wave conditions. The northern part of the oceanfront is paralleled by two calcarenite reefs that extend from 150 to 200 metres off the beach.

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The specific features of the beach are altered by these reefs’ impacts on wave conditions. Given the sheltered seas, sandy shoreline, natural beauty, and sporting events, Port Noarlunga Beach is the perfect spot for a family day at the beach. Kids may enjoy the beach and discover the beauties of the coastal environment, making for a memorable experience.

Name Port Noarlunga Beach
Address Port Noarlunga Beach, Esplanade, Port Noarlunga, SA 5167, Australia
Distance from CBD 32.1 km
How to Reach By Car: From the CBD, it takes 35 minutes via Goodwood Rd. and M2 to reach this beach.
By Train: From the Adelaide CBD, take the train to the Seaford Railway Line. At the Seaford Railway Station, you can take a local bus (Routes 747 or 748) to get to Port Noarlunga Beach. The bus ride lasts for about 10-15 minutes.
By Bus: Take any of the buses going to the Noarlunga Interchange, including routes 721, 722, 722X, 734, and 745. Depending on the route taken and the flow of traffic, the trip can take 45 minutes to an hour.
Famous Eateries Tequila N Tacos, Tin Shed, Beck's Bakehouse, The Flour Store, Fleet Street Social, Ripple & Swirl Cafe, The Currant Shed, and Agatha's
Ideal For Kiteboarding, Building Sandcastles, Snorkeling and Diving, Swimming, Historical Sites Watching, Walking, Jetting, Sunbathe, Fishing, Kayaking and Paddleboarding
Facilities Food and Refreshments, Picnic Areas, Barbecue, Bike Paths, Playgrounds, Parking, Toilets and Changing Rooms
Google Review: “Awesome beach, love the diversity of the people around. Has a long jetty where people fish. You can also see people scuba diving at night whilst on the jetty! Bunch bars restaurants around. If you want a quieter beach, Christies beach is nearby.” – conilyn

More Things to Do In Port Noarlunga

Witton Bluff: Witton Bluff at Port Noarlunga offers an attractive and enticing backdrop, making it ideal for taking beautiful pictures, having a gorgeous picnic, or just admiring the natural beauty of the South Australian coastline. It’s an idyllic spot for anyone looking to get closer to nature and a great place to take in the beauty of the Australian coastline.

The Port Noarlunga Heritage Centre: The Port Noarlunga Heritage Centre, also known as the Port Noarlunga Arts Centre, plays a significant role in preserving and celebrating the history and culture of this coastal region, making it a valuable resource for both residents and visitors to Adelaide.

Port Noarlunga Reef: This reef is home to a diverse range of marine life, including colourful fish, seahorses, cuttlefish, and various species of coral. It’s a great spot for underwater photography and marine observation.

Seaford Beach: Seaford Beach, located adjacent to Port Noarlunga, Visitors may unwind, enjoy the scenery, and make priceless memories at Seaford Beach, a tranquil seaside getaway. Seaford Beach’s appealing coastline offers activities for all tastes, whether you’re searching for a day of relaxation, water sports, or a gorgeous beach stroll.

Whale Watching: Whale watching in Port Noarlunga, South Australia, is a thrilling and memorable experience that allows you to witness the majesty of these magnificent marine mammals as they migrate along the coast.

4. Semaphore Beach

Semaphore Beach

Semaphore Beach stands out as a top option in Adelaide when looking for the ideal beach for your family. Families will find this magnificent beach to be quite accessible because it is only a 14-kilometre drive northwest of Adelaide’s city centre. Whether you’re planning a short-day trip or a longer stay, Semaphore Beach has a variety of entertainment options for the whole family. Wide stretches of fine, white sand that are ideal for sandcastle-building and other beach activities can be found at Semaphore Beach.

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For parents with young children, the shallow and tranquil water here is wonderful news. Knowing that the water is safe and soft, you can let your kids splash and paddle around without worrying. It’s the ideal place to make beautiful memories with your loved ones because of its tranquil seas, family-friendly attractions, close-by parks, and food alternatives. So prepare for a fun-filled day at Semaphore Beach with your family by packing lunch, sunscreen, and beach toys.

Name Semaphore Beach
Address Semaphore, SA 5019, Australia
Distance from CBD 17.3 km
How to Reach By Car: It takes 27 minutes via Port Rd to reach this beach.
By Tram: You can take a tram from the city centre to Semaphore Beach. The tram route is known as the "Glenelg Tram" or "The Bay Tram.
By Train: The Grange Line, which is part of the Tonsley Line, will take you to Ethelton Railway Station, and you can then proceed to Semaphore Beach by taking bus routes 150 or 157.
By Bus: After arriving at Ethelton Railway Station, take bus routes 150 or 157, which also go to Semaphore Beach.
Famous Eateries The Palais Hotel, The Semaphore Workers Club, The Odeon Star, The Mallee Pirate, Beach Café Semaphore and Semaphore Spices
Ideal For Kite Flying, Sand Play and Collecting Seashells, Swimming, Annual Events, Historic Jetty, Walking, Jogging, Cycling, Stand-Up Paddleboarding, Other Water Sports and Sunset Views
Facilities Picnic Areas, Barbecue, Recreational Activities, Playgrounds, Parking, Cafes, Bars and Restaurants, Restrooms and Changing Rooms, Lifeguard Patrols, Walking and Cycling Paths, Shade Shelters and Car Parking
Google Review: “Annual International kite festival you must visit at the beach event. Good for family catchup picnic OR kids entertainment and heaps of food and drinks offers” – Win Doyle

More Things to Do In Semaphore

Semaphore Waterslide Complex: The Semaphore Waterslide Complex is a must-visit if you’re searching for some thrilling water fun. Fantastic water slides, splash pools, and water play features may be found there. It will be adored by children of all ages (and youngsters at heart).

Semaphore Fun Fair: This vintage amusement park featuring rides, games, and funfair fare is situated close to the seashore. Your beach day might become even more exciting thanks to this vintage experience.

Semaphore Historical Museum: The Semaphore Historical Museum is a good place to learn about the past and culture. It provides information about the local heritage and the region’s marine history. For both children and adults, it is interesting and educational.

Semaphore Cinema: Visit the Semaphore Cinema for a movie if you need to escape the heat. It is a welcoming, kid-friendly theatre that shows a wide range of films.

Mini Golf at Semaphore Park Mini Golf: Play a round of mini golf with your family at Semaphore Park Mini Golf, which is close by. It’s a playful, enjoyable game that may liven up your day with a little friendly rivalry.

5. Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach

The list of the best family-friendly beaches in Adelaide is not complete without mentioning Brighton Beach. It frequently ranks at the top of lists of the best beaches in Adelaide, and it’s easy to see why. A short drive from Adelaide’s city centre, this lovely beachfront location provides a special combination of natural beauty and family-friendly services that make it a favourite for both residents and visitors.

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Explore Adelaide's top playgrounds, which provide endless fun and adventure for kids, and create cherished family moments in these vibrant outdoor spaces.

Brighton Beach’s smooth, sandy beachfront is one of its most notable characteristics. There is plenty of room for sunbathing, picnics, and making sandcastles with the family on the beach, which spans for kilometres. It’s the ideal place for leisure since the golden beaches are kept clean and welcoming. The Adelaide Sailing Club is nearby if you’re interested in sailing or just want to see sailboats in action. It adds to the dynamic atmosphere of the beach.

Name Brighton Beach
Address Beach Rd, Brighton SA 5048, Australia
Distance from CBD 15.4 km
How to Reach By Car: It takes 25 min via Anzac Hwy and Brighton Rd/A15 from the CBD to reach this place.
By Bus: Bus route 265 gives direct service to Brighton Beach and can be taken to travel there from Adelaide's CBD. Depending on traffic and the exact spot, the trip may take 30 to 45 minutes.
Famous Eateries Esplanade Hotel Brighton, Jetty Food Store, Sunset Bar and Grill, Café Lune, Beach Pit, Charlie's Diner, The Good Tiger Brighton and Big Shots Cafe
Ideal For Kite Flying, Family Events, Swimming, Wading, Historical Beach Huts, Family-Friendly Atmosphere, Paddling and Other Water Sports, Walking, Jogging, Cycling, and Brighton Jetty
Facilities Picnic Areas, BBQ Facilities, Bike Paths, Dining and Refreshments, Playgrounds, Parking, Disabled Access, Toilets and Changing Rooms, Drinking Water Stations, Lifesaving and Safety
Google Review: “Great sandy beach, plenty of parking and nearby shops for eating at Jetty Road. Wasn’t that busy although the weather was 29c most likely due to the wind induced waves making it difficult to swim. The Esplanade is lined with stunning beach view mansions to admire.” – James Portz

More Things to Do In Brighton

Brighton Central Shopping Precinct: Both locals and tourists looking for a casual shopping and dining experience in a coastal setting visit Brighton Central Shopping Precinct. It has a variety of dining options, delicious cuisine, and community activities, making it a diverse destination for people touring the Adelaide region.

Brighton Dunes: There is no entrance fee and the public can normally visit the walking trails and sand dunes. It’s an excellent spot for exploring or just taking in the peaceful coastal atmosphere while having a leisurely stroll.

Kingston House and Gardens: Kingston House and Gardens in Adelaide’s southern suburbs provide a charming relief for anybody with an interest in history, architecture, or just relaxing in a tranquil garden environment.

Marion Coastal Walking Trail: The Marion Coastal Walking Trail offers an ideal chance to get near nature, enjoy the beauty of South Australia’s coastline, and take in some of Adelaide’s best vistas. This coastal walk is an essential stop in Adelaide, no matter whether you’re an experienced hiker or just seeking a picturesque stroll by the water.

Marino Conservation Park: Marino Conservation Park is situated in the suburb of Marino. Park offers a variety of experiences for visitors of all ages, whether they are interested in hiking, birdwatching, photography, or simply seeking a peaceful natural setting.

Hallett Cove Conservation Park: Hallett Cove Conservation Park provides visitors with a variety of experiences, whether they are interested in geology, hiking, ecosystems, or simply taking in the picturesque splendour of the South Australian coastline. It’s a location where you can explore the outdoors while being surrounded by both natural and geological wonders.

6. Aldinga Beach

Aldinga Beach

One of the most family-friendly beaches in the area is Aldinga Beach, which is situated on the gorgeous Fleurieu Peninsula just south of Adelaide. Aldinga Beach is a must-visit location for families hoping to make enduring memories by the sea because of its breathtaking natural beauty, safe swimming areas, and variety of activities for all ages.

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Witness breathtaking sunsets at Adelaide's best sunset spots, where you can enjoy stunning views and create unforgettable memories as the sun dips below the horizon.

Aldinga Beach is one of the few drive-on beaches in South Australia that lets families drive up to the sand. When hauling beach equipment, picnics, and young children in particular, this convenience is quite useful. It is simpler to build up a nice beach area for families when parking is permitted directly on the sand. Additionally, the area is well-known for its abundant birds, and occasionally dolphin and seal sightings, so your beach day might include some animal exploration.

Name Aldinga Beach
Address Aldinga Beach, South Australia, 5173, Australia
Distance from CBD 46.7 km
How to Reach By Car: It takes 46 minutes via M2 and Main S Rd
By Train: Take the Seaford Line train (Tonsley Line) in the Noarlunga Centre direction. Take the Bus 750 or 751 after leaving Noarlunga Centre Railway Station until you arrive at Aldinga Beach.
By Bus: Take Bus 750 or 751 to Noarlunga Centre from the Adelaide Central Bus Station. To go to Aldinga Beach from Noarlunga Centre Interchange, you'll have to switch buses. With transfers, the expected total journey time is 1.5 to 2 hours.
Famous Eateries Aldinga Hotel, Sicily Mare Pizzeria, Silver Sands Beach Club, Pitstop Italian food, Taste Banh Mi - Aldinga, The Little Rickshaw and Aldinga Bay Surf Life Saving Club
Ideal For Kite Flying, Scenic Drives, Relaxed Lifestyle, Nature and Wildlife, Swimming, Wading, Paddling and Other Water Sports, Walking, Jogging, Cycling, and Sunset Views
Facilities Picnic Areas, Visitor Information, Accommodation, Barbecue, Bike Paths, Surf Life Saving Clubs, Playgrounds, Parking, Cafes, Bars and Restaurants, Toilets and Changing Rooms, and Retail Outlets
Tripadvisor Review: “Lovely well kept beach. We didn’t get to enjoy it at its best due to the weather cutting our trip short, but a really clean stretch of coastline. Good food locations nearby as well. For us it was a great lunch stop on our journey.” – KHillery

More Things to Do In Aldinga

Aldinga Scrub Conservation Park: This park is home to a wide range of native plant and animal life, as well as several bird species. Discover the park’s walking trails to take in the tranquillity and beauty of nature.

Aldinga Aero Club: Visitors interested in aviation can stop by the Aldinga Airfield, which is home to light aircraft and provides the chance to observe takeoffs and landings.

Aldinga Arts Eco Village: Eco-friendly homes and studios are a highlight of this unique community concept. Visit the village to learn about eco-friendly living and see local artists’ art projects.

The Onkaparinga River National Park: The Onkaparinga River National Park is a peaceful natural haven where visitors may connect with nature, play outdoor sports, and take in the variety of South Australia’s landscapes. This park offers plenty of interest in hiking, birdwatching, picnicking, or simply seeking a peaceful break from the city.

Aldinga Central Shopping Complex: The Aldinga Central Shopping Complex has a variety of retailers, including grocery stores and retail outlets, for your convenience if you need to pick up supplies or do some shopping.

The Aldinga Reef Aquatic Reserve: Explore and take in the underwater beauty of South Australia’s coastline by going to the Aldinga Reef Aquatic Reserve. This aquatic reserve offers a fascinating and instructive experience, no matter whether you are an expert diver, snorkeler, or simply interested in exploring the underwater environment.

7. Grange Beach

Grange Beach

Grange Beach, which is located near Adelaide and is ideal for families, is tucked away along the Gulf St. Vincent shoreline. It is a favourite choice for families wishing to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea because of its natural beauty, safe swimming conditions, and selection of activities for all ages. Families have plenty of room to spread out and unwind on the beach’s kilometres of smooth, golden sand. Children may play beach games, create sandcastles, or just relax and enjoy the sensation of sand beneath their toes. Picnics and sunbathing are both attractive activities in the tidy and well-kept beach area.

You may take advantage of the chance to savour the cool sea breeze and see Gulf St Vincent’s magnificence. Families with small children can use the walkway because it is suitable for strollers and bicycles. Grange Beach is conveniently positioned for day vacations or quick getaways. Due to its close proximity to the city, families may visit the beach without making a long trip.

Name Grange Beach
Address Grange Beach, Grange SA 5022, Australia
Distance from CBD 13.1 km
How to Reach By Car: It takes 22 minutes via Grange Rd from the CBD to reach this place.
By Train: Take the Seaford Line train from Adelaide Railway Station. Along the Seaford Line is Grange Beach. Go to the Grange Railway Station via train. The station that is nearest to Grange Beach is Grange Railway Station.
By Bus: Bus Route 300 is a convenient and popular route that travels between the Adelaide CBD and several beachside destinations, including Grange Beach.
Famous Eateries Grange Jetty Cafe, Grange Pizza Bar, The Cooks Pantry, Oasis Cafe, Military Fish and Chips, Grange Surf Life Saving Club and Seafaring Fools
Ideal For Sandy Shoreline, Kite Flying, Sand Play and Collecting Seashells, Swimming and Water Activities, Beachfront Promenade, Wading, Paddling, Grange Jetty, Walking, Jogging, Cycling, and Rollerblading
Facilities Picnic Areas, Barbecue, Bike Paths, Public Transport, Playgrounds, Parking, Cafes, Bars and Restaurants, Toilets and Changing Rooms, Retail and Dining, Lifesaving and Safety
Google Review: “White sandy beach, very quiet, amazing sunsets. Dog friendly in early and late hours. Perfect for kids and family. There’s a pub and toilets nearby. The jetty is 300m long.” – Guilherme M Costa

More Things to Do In Grange

Charles Sturt Museum: A deeper understanding of Charles Sturt’s life and the history of the area can be gained from the educational programs, guided tours, and special events frequently offered by the Charles Sturt Museum.

Grange Recreation Reserve: The Grange Recreation Reserve acts as an event place where visitors and locals can engage in sports, relax, and engage in outdoor activities. It is a vital asset for the Grange area and surrounding groups since it is a versatile place that can accommodate a wide range of leisure interests.

Grange Golf Club: The 18-hole championship golf course at The Grange Golf Club is well-known for its difficult design and breathtaking coastline vistas. The golf course has a long history and has played host to many notable tournaments.

8. Moana Beach

Moana Beach

Another popular family-friendly beach in the area is Moana Beach, which is located on the beautiful Adelaide coastline. The foundation of this reputation is made up of a number of elements that make it the best option for families looking for a pleasurable and memorable beach trip. Clean toilets, picnic spots, and BBQ facilities are just a few of the well-kept amenities that the beach is furnished with. Families may spend the day in comfort thanks to these amenities, whether they’re barbecuing, picnicking, or simply seeking shade.

Pro Tip:

Witness breathtaking sunsets at Adelaide's best sunset spots, where you can enjoy stunning views and create unforgettable memories as the sun dips below the horizon.

You can also bring your pet with you to this beach. Families may venture a little farther inland to visit the nearby coastal dunes, where youngsters can discover the native flora and wildlife. As a result of the abundance of different bird species in the region, birdwatching is another well-liked hobby. The magnificent sunset at Moana Beach is well known. Families may cap off a day at the beach by watching the sun disappear below the horizon, which will make their trip beautiful and unforgettable.

Name Moana Beach
Address 404 Esplanade, Moana SA 5169, Australia
Distance from CBD 38.6 km
How to Reach By Car: It takes 37 minutes via South Rd/A2 and M2
By Train: At Adelaide Railway Station, start your journey The nearest train line to Moana Beach is the Seaford Line, so board one of those. You must change to a bus in order to get to Moana Beach from Seaford Railway Station.
By Bus: The main bus line that runs between the Adelaide CBD and Moana Beach Bus route number is 734. It travels across several suburbs from the Adelaide central business district to Moana Beach.
Famous Eateries Deep Blue Cafe, Bradley's Bakery, The Currant Shed, Maxwell Restaurant, d'Arry's Verandah, Pizzateca
Ideal For Kite Flying, Sand Play and Collecting Seashells, Swimming, Wading, Paddling and Other Water Sports, Walking, Jogging, Cycling, and Rollerblading
Facilities Picnic Areas, Barbecue, Bike Paths, Scooter-Friendly Areas, Playgrounds, Parking, Cafes, Bars and Restaurants, Toilets and Changing Rooms, Drinking Water Stations, Lifesaving and Safety
Google Review: “Moana Beach is a wide and flat beach. Best of all, you can drive your car into the beach as long as you follow the rules. It’s a wonderful and special experience to sit in the car and look out through the window to watch the waves rolling on the beach and seagulls flying in the sky. In some specified time, you can also ride horse on the beach.” – Lu Liu

More Things to Do In Moana

McLaren Vale Wine Region: Wine lovers must travel to the nearby McLaren Vale wine area, which is only a short distance from Moana. You may partake in cellar door experiences, go wine tasting at well-known vineyards, and eat delectable regional cuisine at nearby restaurants.

Willunga Farmers Market: Located in the South Australian town of Willunga, the Willunga Farmers Market is a thriving community market. It is open every Saturday morning and is renowned for its emphasis on food and products that are locally produced, in-season, and of the highest quality. This market offers a chance to interact with nearby farmers and producers.

Seaford Recreation Centre: This building is intended for sporting, exercise and leisure activities in the Seaford neighbourhood, which lies south of Adelaide, South Australia. This facility often provides a variety of amenities such as gyms, swimming pools, indoor and outdoor sports courts, fitness programmes, and community gathering areas.

Seaford Library: The Seaford Library is a public library that is situated in the Seaford neighbourhood of Adelaide, South Australia. The community may make use of a variety of services from public libraries like Seaford. For people of all ages, they offer access to books, magazines, digital resources, and instructional tools. For kids, teenagers, and adults, libraries frequently provide activities, workshops, and reading programmes.

How To Get Around the Adelaide Beaches From Adelaide CBD

Trains The network of trains in Adelaide makes it easy to get to places of interest outside of the city. You can take the Outer Harbour Line train to locations from Adelaide Railway Station.
Buses The free City Connector bus service in Adelaide is an excellent and useful way to visit the city's centre without spending any money. Locals and visitors may easily access a number of important sights and locations within the city centre due to this free bus service, which travels both clockwise and anticlockwise.
Trams One of the most popular ways to reach the beach from the CBD is by taking the tram. Depending on the beach you are planning on visiting, tram lines may connect you to the adjacent areas. Consult the tram network map to determine your route.
Car Rentals and Taxis You can rent a car in the city centre if you'd prefer the comfort of one. The roads leading to Adelaide's beaches are well-connected, and most coastal spots have plenty of parking. Just be aware of parking rules and costs, particularly during busy times.
Both traditional taxis and rideshare services like Uber are easily available in Adelaide. These services can help you get to your favourite beach location swiftly and comfortably.
Biking and Walking Adelaide is a bike-friendly city with well-maintained bike lanes and paths. You can rent a bike from various bike-sharing programmes or rental shops in the CBD and then cycle to nearby beaches.
Depending on your location within the CBD, some of the beaches may be within walking distance. It's a pleasant way to explore the city and reach the nearby coastline on foot.
Adelaide MetroCARD Consider obtaining an Adelaide MetroCard if you want to use public transport frequently while visiting Adelaide. This smart card gives lower rates on trams, buses, and trains and lets you load credit.

Final Words

Adelaide is home to some of the top family-friendly beaches in the world. Every family may choose a beach to enjoy, from the calm waters of Semaphore Beach to the beautiful charm of Brighton Beach. These beaches provide an opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones while enjoying enjoyable activities and safe seas. So grab your sunscreen, grab the family, and travel to these stunning Adelaide beaches for a memorable day at the beach. While you and your family explore these magnificent coastal beauties, take pleasure in the sun, sand, and the grins on their faces.
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