8 Things To Do In Adelaide With Kids

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Adelaide offers a wide range of attractions and renowned destinations, including museums, art galleries, botanic gardens, and wildlife sanctuaries, making it a popular, exciting, and easily accessible city. Whether your children enjoy beachside fun, aspire to reach new heights, or have a love for exploring, Adelaide has a diverse variety of activities to cater to every family member’s interests. When it comes to planning a family outing in Adelaide, we are fortunate to have an abundance of choices. There is no shortage of family-friendly activities in this beautiful city. If you’re in the midst of planning your next family adventure and searching for engaging activities to enjoy with your kids, we are here to provide you with a fantastic list of activities that your children are sure to adore.

1. Visit Adelaide Zoo

Visit Adelaide Zoo

If your little ones are animal lovers, they will surely love to visit the Adelaide Zoo. The zoo is located in the heart of the city and is an ideal destination for families looking to engage their children in an educational and entertaining activity. With over 3000 animals representing diverse species from around the world, it offers a unique opportunity for kids to encounter and explore the wildlife of Australia. Beyond mere animal viewing, Adelaide Zoo distinguishes itself through educational experiences. Children can attend informative talks and interactive demonstrations, deepening their understanding of animal behaviour and conservation.

From kangaroos and koalas to exotic pandas and lions, the zoo showcases a variety of animals to feed the curiosity of young minds. Be sure to see the zoo’s charming house, where the only couple of giant pandas in the Southern Hemisphere are kept. So, if you are planning a weekend trip to Adelaide with your family, Adelaide Zoo is the perfect destination for you. It offers a blend of fun and education while creating joyful memories for your kids.

Name Adelaide Zoo
Website https://www.adelaidezoo.com.au/
Address Frome Rd, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia
Phone Number +61 8 8267 3255
Distance From CBD 2.3 km
How to Reach By Bus: You can take bus routes 271, 273, and 288. These bus lines stop near Adelaide Zoo.
By Train: You can take the BEL, GLAN, or SEAFRD train lines to reach the Adelaide Zoo.
By Car: You will reach Adelaide Zoo in 6 minutes via Frome St from the CBD.
Opening Hours Monday : 9:30 am–5 pm
Tuesda : 9:30 am–5 pm
Wednesday : 9:30 am–5 pm
Thursday : 9:30 am–5 pm
Friday : 9:30 am–5 pm
Saturday : 9:30 am–5 pm
Sunday : 9:30 am–5 pm
Tickets https://www.adelaidezoo.com.au/tickets/
Directions https://goo.gl/maps/sHoKs8JhVp1TGNfv9
Google Review: “Wow! What an amazing zoo! I was so impressed. The variety of animals was amazing. There were the likes of tigers and pandas which seem to be so rare to find at zoos. We also saw the animals so up close which was incredible.The environment was beautiful and green and there were barely any people there on a weekday. Winner! There are also helpful and knowledgeable volunteers all around the zoo which was a nice touch. – Emily Moulds”

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2. Adventure At BOUNCEinc Marleston

Adventure At BOUNCEinc Marleston

This location is perfect for a weekend or vacation adventure if your children are energetic and you’re looking for a place where they can burn off their energy while having fun. BOUNCEinc Maeleston is a massive indoor trampoline park that promises boundless fun for people of all ages. It offers an exhilarating environment where kids can defy gravity and enjoy an array of activities, from mastering new tricks to engaging in dodgeball competitions and slam-dunking on basketball lanes. This high-energy adventure not only entertains but also promotes physical fitness and coordination, making it an excellent choice for active kids and their parents.

The park caters to various age groups, including a Kids Arena designed specifically for younger children. Additionally, BOUNCEinc offers fitness classes for kids, making exercise an exciting part of the adventure. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, joining a fitness class, or simply seeking a thrilling day out, BOUNCEinc Marleston offers an action-packed destination where families can bond, stay active, and create lasting memories.

Name BOUNCEinc Marleston
Website https://www.bounceinc.com.au/
Address 164-168 Richmond Rd, Marleston SA 5033, Australia
Phone Number (08) 6183 7645
Distance From CBD 4.3 km
How to Reach By Car:From CBD, it will take 8 minutes via Sir Donald Bradman Dr/A6 and R1 to reach BOUNCEinc Marleston.
By Bus: Take Bus Route 167C or 168 from Adelaide CBD to South Road, and BOUNCEinc will be within walking distance.
By Train: BEL, SEAFRD train lines stop near BOUNCEinc.
Opening Hours Monday : 9 am–8 pm
Tuesda : 9 am–8 pm
Wednesday : 9 am–8 pm
Thursday : 9 am–8 pm
Friday : 9 am–9 pm
Saturday : 9 am–8 pm
Sunday : 9 am–6 pm
Tickets https://www.bounceinc.com.au/book-now#/?venue=14
Directions https://goo.gl/maps/ufmRSKC6dWawaf8g8
Google Review: “Fantastic team of staff who are super encouraging of all children. They speak directly to the children building their confidence, whilst providing support and fun tips! Parents can easily supervise from upstairs having a drink or snack while the young staff guide the children. – Kim Rogister”

3. Picnic At Adelaide Botanic Garden

Picnic At Adelaide Botanic Garden

If you are searching for a relaxing getaway with your children, you can consider visiting the Adelaide Botanic Garden. Situated in the heart of the city, this is a natural playground for families seeking both educational and outdoor experiences with their children in Adelaide. This lush garden, brimming with an extensive collection of plants from across the globe, invites kids to explore the wonders of nature. Themed gardens, fragrant blooms, and serene pathways provide opportunities for families to connect with the beauty of the natural world.

The Children’s Garden, a highlight within the Adelaide Botanic Garden, offers an interactive space for kids to engage in hands-on activities, splash in water features, and learn about the life cycle of plants through play. Educational programmes and workshops tailored for children foster a deeper understanding of gardening, sustainability, and biodiversity. Families can also enjoy leisurely picnics amidst the garden’s idyllic landscapes, and during school holidays, the garden hosts special activities, enhancing the experience for young visitors. Adelaide Botanic Garden, with its blend of education, relaxation, and outdoor fun, stands as a green haven where families can create lasting memories and cultivate a love for nature in children of all ages.

Name Adelaide Botanic Garden
Website https://www.botanicgardens.sa.gov.au/
Address North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia
Phone Number (+61 8) 8222 9311
Distance From CBD 1.8 km
How to Reach By Car: You can reach the Adelaide Botanic Garden in five minutes via Wakefield St., Pulteney St., and North Terrace from the CBD.
By Bus: You can take bus routes 173, 178S, 271, 502X, and M44 to reach the Adelaide Botanic Garden.

Opening Hours

Closing Day
Every Day: 8:30 am

March: 6 pm
April - May: 5 pm
June - August: 4 pm
September: 5 pm
October - November: 6 pm
Tickets Free Entry
Directions https://goo.gl/maps/8aFpsrybkWUNMdxQ9
Google Review: “A sensational garden! Very well planned, lots of variety and we loved the little tracks through the trees! Well signed, lots of amusement and surprise and birds galore. We loved how many edible varieties there were too. Anyone visiting Adelaide with a few hours to kill will love this place. Also great for kids as there’s plenty of area to run about and also have a picnic. There was a special event on while we were there with big dinosaurs in the gardens and the kids seemed to be loving that!- Nicky Jurd”

4. Explore The South Australian Museum

Explore The South Australian Museum

The South Australian Museum is one of the best places to go sightseeing in the area because of its top-notch collection of natural history and cultural artefacts. With a wide variety of exhibits covering natural history, Aboriginal culture, historical civilizations, and more, it provides engaging experiences for children of all ages. This museum stands out for its dedication to interactive learning; visitors may touch and explore artefacts, fossils, and specimens, which turns learning into an exciting adventure.

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The museum’s family-friendly events and workshops further enrich the experience, fostering scientific curiosity, artistic creativity, and cultural appreciation. With lifelike dioramas, awe-inspiring ancient artefacts, and informative displays, children can delve into prehistoric worlds, witness animals in their natural habitats, and gain insights into the heritage of Australia’s Indigenous peoples. The South Australian Museum is not just a place to visit, it’s a space where kids can ignite their imaginations, satisfy their curiosity, and cultivate a lifelong love for learning. Children can discover the wonders of the past and present there, developing a profound understanding and respect for various civilizations.
Name South Australian Museum
Website https://www.samuseum.sa.gov.au/
Address North Terrace, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia
Phone Number +61 8 8207 7500
Distance From CBD 2.5 km
How to Reach By Car: Take an 8-minute drive via King William St from the CBD to reach the South Australian Museum.
By Bus: You can catch the bus 106, 163, 190, 254X, and 288 heading towards the South Australian Museum.
By Train: Take a train from Adelaide Railway Station, which is centrally located, and walk to the museum.
By Tram: Board the Glenelg Tram from the CBD, and get off at a stop near the museum.
Opening Hours Monday : 10 am–5 pm
Tuesday : 10 am–5 pm
Wednesday : 10 am–5 pm
Thursday : 10 am–5 pm
Friday : 10 am–5 pm
Saturday : 10 am–5 pm
Sunday : 10 am–5 pm
Tickets Free Entry
Directions https://goo.gl/maps/2zntaWaqHLN2qTEJ8
Google Review: “Such an interesting museum with a good variety of displays over four levels. The taxidermy displays are especially well presented and clearly labelled. Children and school going students can see the displays up close for educational purposes. Entry is free to the various displays, but there are special exhibitions held occasionally which are chargeable. Walking here from Rundle Mall is barely 5 minutes at normal pace. – Avril Atkeg”

5. Thrilling Outdoor Adventure At TreeClimb

Thrilling Outdoor Adventure At TreeClimb

TreeClimb is an ideal choice for families with kids looking for exciting and active experiences in the city. The park offers a unique and memorable adventure as it allows visitors to navigate through a series of tree-based obstacle courses suspended high up in the treetops. These courses cater to various age groups and skill levels, making them an excellent family activity. With features like zip lines and rope bridges, TreeClimb promises a day filled with fun challenges for everyone.

They provide participants with all the necessary safety gear, including harnesses and helmets. Trained staff members are readily available to guide and assist climbers throughout their adventure, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for your family. Overall, this place offers a fantastic way for kids to connect with nature and release their energy. Additionally, TreeClimb often features a larger adventure area, complete with additional family-friendly activities such as walking trails and picnic spots. This allows families to spend quality time together during a full day of outdoor enjoyment.

Name TreeClimb Adelaide
Website https://www.treeclimb.com.au/
Address Cnr Greenhill Road &, Unley Rd, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia
Phone Number +61 8 7089 4490
Distance From CBD 1.8 km
How to Reach By Car: It will take a 4 min. drive via King William St and Peacock Rd. from CBD to reach TreeClimb.
By Bus: You can take bus no. 190,190B, 200B, and 580, to reach TreeClimb
By Train: FLNDRS, GAW, and SEAFRD are the train lines that stop close to the TreeClimb.
Opening Hours Monday : 9 am–3 pm
Tuesday : 9 am–3 pm
Wednesday : 9 am–3 pm
Thursday : 9 am–3 pm
Friday : 9 am–3 pm
Saturday : 9 am–3 pm
Sunday : 9 am–3 pm
Tickets https://ecom.roller.app/treeclimbadelaide/adelaidecheckout/en/home
Directions https://goo.gl/maps/DR6EznVo1kme8vP37
Google Review: “A great experience and a must visit if you have kids over 4 years old. The support team are all very helpful and polite. Within the same park, there are multiple cycling tracks and some picnic seating arrangement. If the weather is good, you can easily spend 4 hours here. – Houssain Ghabra”

6. West Beach Adventure

West Beach Adventure

West Beach Adventure is a unique and family-friendly destination offering a range of activities. Its popular attraction, the Mega Climb Tower, rises an impressive 26 metres into the sky, offering a thrilling experience for visitors of all ages and fitness levels. This facility provides an exhilarating maze in the sky, where adventure knows no bounds. The well-trained staff here ensures that all participants are equipped with the necessary safety gear and receive comprehensive instructions, making sure that your family’s adventure is safe.

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The Mega Climb Tower at West Beach Adventure is designed to challenge and entertain. With over 70 distinct challenges, it guarantees an exciting day out for the whole family. These activities are ingeniously crafted to test your physical abilities and teamwork, making them an ideal opportunity for family bonding and adventure. West Beach Adventure offers an array of activities to cater to different preferences within the family. Experience the ultimate challenge by jumping from a height of 18 metres above the ground. So, if you’re seeking ideas or weekend things to do with your kids, this spot will not disappoint.
Name West Beach Adventure
Website https://westbeachadventure.com.au/
Address 4 Hamra Ave, West Beach SA 5024, Australia
Phone Number +61 8 8355 1480
Distance From CBD 11.1 km
How to Reach By Car: To reach West Beach Adventure, drive 17 minutes via A6 from the CBD.
By Bus: Stop 16B Military Rd - The East side is the nearest bus stop to the activity location, located 79 metres away.
Opening Hours Monday : 10 am–6 pm
Tuesday : Closed
Wednesday : Closed
Thursday : 10 am–6 pm
Friday : 10 am–6 pm
Saturday : 10 am–6 pm
Sunday : 10 am–6 pm
Tickets https://westbeachadventure.rezdy.com/
Directions https://goo.gl/maps/zquzJjeaVXGAzqTY8
Google Review: “My 10 year old son went with a small group to celebrate a birthday party and they had an absolute ball! He usually fears heights, but the staff were so patient and took the time to build his confidence. By the end of the climb he was on an absolute high, telling me he wasn’t scared anymore and couldn’t wait to get back up there. Needless to say, I’ve booked the family in for a climb soon and I’m so excited to join in myself. 10 out of 10 for both the experience and the passionate, friendly, caring staff.- Ness K”

7. Nurture Kids Creativity At MOD. MUSEUM

Nurture Kids Creativity At MOD. MUSEUM
The MOD. museum is a great choice if you’re searching for a location to take your kids that is interesting, entertaining, and informative. The museum is renowned for its interactive exhibits, inviting children to actively participate in learning. Kids can enjoy hands-on activities, explore virtual reality, and even take part in educational workshops covering various subjects.

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MOD. is a museum dedicated to promoting creative learning among children. The museum’s captivating themes, such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and climate change, ignite curiosity and enthusiasm in young minds. The museum’s approach combines imagination and hands-on engagement, offering immersive, interactive experiences that turn learning into an exciting adventure. So, if your child is passionate or curious about science, then visiting this museum is a must-do activity in Adelaide.
Name MOD.
Website https://mod.org.au/
Address North Terrace, adjacent, Morphett St, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia
Phone Number +61 8 8302 6663
Distance From CBD 1.5 km
How to Reach By Car: From the CBD, drive 6 minutes via Grote St and Morphett St to reach MOD.
By Tram: You can take the Botanic or Glenelg line trams, which stop at the City West stop.
Opening Hours Monday : Closed
Tuesday : 10 am–5 pm
Wednesday : 10 am–5 pm
Thursday : 10 am–5 pm
Friday : 10 am–5 pm
Saturday : 10 am–5 pm
Sunday : Closed
Tickets Free Entry
Directions https://goo.gl/maps/XHbc67Gk3YgtR5wY6
Google Review: “Free interactive exhibitions exploring current and topical themes suitable for both children and adults. Located close to public transport in Central Adelaide. Staff are welcoming and friendly. There’s an on-site cafe and bathroom facilities. – Kim Spooner”

8. Play Laser Tag at Kartmania

Play Laser Tag at Kartmania

Kartmania’s Laser Tag and karting arena in Adelaide offers a heart-pounding adventure for families looking for an action-packed escape. In this dynamic battleground, kids step into an immersive world armed with laser guns and sensor vests, engaging in strategic and adrenaline-fueled battles. Beyond the excitement, Laser Tag at Kartmania teaches valuable life skills, encouraging teamwork, communication, and strategic thinking as kids work together to outmanoeuvre opponents.

With the availability of protective gear and clear rules, you will be ensured of the safety of your kids. The arena’s immersive setting, complete with dynamic lighting and obstacles, heightens the thrill of the game. Laser Tag is not only entertaining but also promotes physical activity, making it a fantastic way for kids to stay active while having a blast. They also offer the option to book for private events. You can experience the excitement of go-karting, participate in laser tag missions, or do both. So, if you’re organising a fun and entertaining trip for your kids, think about taking them to Kartmania for endless entertainment.

Name Kartmania
Website https://www.kartmania.com.au/
Address 1 Port Wakefield Rd, Gepps Cross SA 5094, Australia
Phone Number +61 8 8262 8548
Distance From CBD 12.2 km
How to Reach By Car: Drive 22 min via Princes Hwy to reach Kartmania from the CBD.
By Bus: You can reach Kartmania by taking any of the respective bus lines: 222, 224F, 228F, and 361.
By Train: By train, you can reach Kartmania via the GAW and GAWC train lines.
Opening Hours Monday : 12–8 pm
Tuesday : 12–8 pm
Wednesday : 12–8 pm
Thursday : 12–8 pm
Friday : 12–8 pm
Saturday : 10 am–8 pm
Sunday : 10 am–8 pm
Tickets Laser tag Ticket prices vary depending on the game - 1 Mission = 1 Game, 1 Mission price starts at approx. $10 per person.
Directions https://goo.gl/maps/1VBhKkfcXfp8wSvL6
Google Review: “Had an amazing time here! Smooth moving Go karts and a really fun track to go around. I must say that the timing does not cover the price but it is what it is. The lazertag is really fun and this place is one of the few I have seen with a 2 storey lazertag course. – Atharwa Khandelwal”


Adelaide presents a wide range of enjoyable activities suitable for families with children. The city boasts attractions such as the Adelaide Zoo, which offers a close encounter with a variety of animals; The Adelaide Botanic Garden, which features an interactive Children’s Garden to engage young minds; and more. Those seeking educational experiences can explore the Museum of South Australia and the MOD. Whether you’re gearing up for a vacation or a quick weekend getaway, Adelaide promises a plethora of exciting options to ensure your trip is truly memorable. If you’re on the lookout for family-friendly activities in Adelaide, you’re in the right spot. This blog post aims to provide valuable insights for making the most of your time in Adelaide, where you can make joyful memories with your children.

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