Melbourne’s Top Playgrounds for Family Fun

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Are you looking for the best places in Melbourne to bring your kids for a day of giggles, discovery, and nonstop fun? Look nowhere else! Melbourne is home to an abundance of amazing playgrounds that promise thrilling family excursions. This guide will point you in the direction of some of Melbourne’s most kid-friendly playgrounds, whether you’re a native or just visiting. Prepare to find the ideal locations for your family’s next outdoor adventure!

We’ve picked together a range of alternatives to suit all tastes, from picturesque parks with expansive green areas to cutting-edge playgrounds with cutting-edge play structures. So grab your sunscreen, pack a picnic, and get ready to discover the city’s most family-friendly destinations!

1. Royal Park Nature Play Playground

Royal Park Nature Play Playground

Our list starts with the well-known playground of Melbourne, the Royal Park Nature Play playground, located in the centre of Melbourne. It is a treasure among the city’s playgrounds and provides families with an amazing outdoor experience. The natural surroundings are the main attraction of the Royal Park Nature Playground. The play area is designed to blend in with the natural surroundings, giving the impression that it is a secret sanctuary in the middle of the metropolis. Kids may engage with nature in a wonderful setting created by tall trees, grassy knolls, and local plants. Children of all ages and interests are catered to on this playground. There is something for every child here, whether they enjoy adventurous play, climbing, or imaginative play. To occupy and amuse kids, there are swings, slides, climbing walls, and even water play activities.

The Royal Park playground is a special place for kids to play. It’s built where the old Royal Children’s Hospital used to be, right next to the new hospital. You can find it at the corner of Flemington Road and Gatehouse Street. Families may assemble there to spend time together, interact with nature, and make enduring memories. Kids may play in two separate areas (the top playground and the lower playground) of this park. There are many enjoyable things to climb on in the basement playground. There are wooden constructions, swinging ropes, and even some metal climbing frames that can be found. Additionally, there is a sandy area where you can play and construct. Don’t forget to swing with your buddies on the nest swing as well!

Name Royal Park Nature Play Playground
Contact Number +61 3 9658 9658
Address 28 Gatehouse St, Parkville VIC 3052, Australia
Opening Hours Open 24 Hours
Entry Fee None
Public Facilities Picnic tables, BBQ areas, seating, drinking fountains, public toilets, and paid parking
Distance From CBD 2.9 km
How to Reach By Car: It will take 7 min via Peel St/State Route 55 to reach this spot.
By Bus: You can catch any of the bus routes 401, 402, 505, 546, 605 to reach this place.
By Train: SUNBURY, UPFIELD, WILLIAMSTOWN train routes have stops near this place.
Google Review: “Don’t the pictures speak for themselves, what an adventure, more parks like this please. This is the best park I’ve come across. It’s a hidden gem.” – Jason Platty

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2. Birrarung Marr Playground

Birrarung Marr Playground

Children enter Birrarung Marr Playground and are immediately taken to a whimsical realm. The layout of the playground is like something from a picture book; it includes enormous sculptures, vibrant play structures, and unique designs that spark kids’ creativity. There, imagination has no boundaries.

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The playground is filled with intriguing sculptures that serve as playthings and tourist destinations. Children may see these pieces of art, piquing their interest and fostering a respect for the arts and creativity. Its stunning setting along the Yarra River is what distinguishes Birrarung Marr Playground. A setting for the production that is genuinely unique is provided by the breathtaking views of the river and the city skyline. The neighbouring Birrarung Wilam (River Camp) art installation is a great place for families to go on picnics, take leisurely walks, or even take a ride. It’s not simply a playground; many of Melbourne’s greatest festivals and events take place there. You should put this excellent play area in your pocket for the perfect way to round off your city vacation.

Name Birrarung Marr Playground
Contact Number NA
Address Birrarung Marr, Melbourne VIC 3004, Australia
Opening Hours Open 24 Hours
Entry Fee None
Public Facilities ​Public toilets, Picnic facilities, Lawns, Seating places, cycling path, events space
Distance From CBD 1.3 km
How to Reach By Car: From the CBD, it will take 4 min via Elizabeth St and Collins St to reach this place.
By Bus: 246, 251, 302, 304, 350, 605 bus routes have stops near this playground.
By Train: Craigieburn, Glen Waverley, Lilydale, Mernda, Sandringham, Sunbury, Upfield, Williamstown, These Train Routes Will Take You To This Spot.
Google Review: “Wonderful expansive and open play spaces in a natural setting, and yet only a couple of hundred meters from Flinders St Station. The kids love it – especially rolling down the big grassy hill bordering the playground, and climbing on and among the huge boulders. The hammock swing and slides are some other highlights.” – Holly M

3. Markham Reserve

Markham Reserve

Children like Melbourne’s Markham Reserve Playground, and it’s not hard to understand why. Due to its massive play structures, children like Markham Reserve Playground. Towering slides, climbing walls, and thrilling swings offer countless chances for active play and unending enjoyment. This playground is filled with fun activities for kids of all ages. There is a bridge with slides and climbing structures, a kid-friendly slope in the sandbox, and even mock stores for children to play in. There are also large statues of kookaburras you may climb on!

There is a location where older children may ride BMX bikes, scooters, and skateboards. Additionally, there are trails for biking and walking. There is also a location where dogs are allowed to run about unrestrained. Everyone is welcome to enjoy themselves on our playground. Markham Reserve Playground features neighbouring sports courts where youngsters may play a game of basketball or kick a football with their buddies if they are sports aficionados.

Name Markham Reserve
Contact Number +61 3 9278 4444
Address 80 Victory Blvd, Ashburton VIC 3147, Australia
Opening Hours Open 24 Hours
Entry Fee Free
Public Facilities Covered barbecue area, Toilets, Seating space and tables, Playground, BMX and skate park, Off-lead dog area, Cycling path, Basketball facilities, Rebound wall Parking
Distance From CBD 15.0 km
How to Reach By Car: It will take 15 minutes from the CBD via M1 to reach this spot.
By Bus: You can catch a bus from Alamein Station, such as the 624 or 903 bus, heading towards Chadstone Shopping Centre.
Google Review: “Great place for kids of many ages. Huge playground with many facilities. If only it had more shaded areas. Completely fenced off so nice and safe and right next a bicycle park as well as plenty of parking” – Ivan Lim

4. Ron Barassi Senior Park

Ron Barassi Senior Park
Next we have a memorial to the famous Ronald Barassi Senior, whose influence led to the AFL’s well-known father-son rule, which can be seen in the thriving Docklands playground. A wonderful playground, a well-equipped sports field, a contemporary pavilion, and an attractive walking path can all be found in this magnificent park. Melbourne’s Ron Barassi Senior Park is particularly beloved by both residents and tourists. All who step foot inside its colourful walls have their imaginations caught by this enchanted playground. It is a haven of lush nature amidst the urban clamour of Melbourne. A breath of fresh air and a calming atmosphere welcome guests, making it a refuge for relaxation. Children may enjoy playgrounds with adventure features, including swings, slides, and climbing structures.

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It is advisable to bring a towel and perhaps even a change of clothing to this place because it has an amazing water play area and is located just beneath the magnificent Bolte Bridge. Additionally, there is a lot of sandy ground with fascinating “sand play” equipment, including chains and pulleys, spades, tubes, and a digger, for hours of entertainment and imagination.
Name Ron Barassi Senior Park
Contact Number NA
Address Ron Barassi Snr Park, Docklands Dr, Docklands VIC 3008, Australia
Opening Hours Open 24 Hours
Entry Fee Free
Public Facilities walking circuit, sports field, fun playground, community pavilion, BBQ facilities,
Distance From CBD 3.3 km
How to Reach By Car: You can reach CBD in 9 min via La Trobe St and Docklands Dr.
By Bus: 216, 220, 235 bus routes can take you to this place.
By Train: These Train lines stop near Ron Barassi Senior Park: CRAIGIEBURN, FRANKSTON, MERNDA, SUNBURY, WERRIBEE, WILLIAMSTOWN so you can take which is near your location.

Google Review: “One of the best parks around. Great water play space, tall slides, and nearby to toilets, drinking water, shade for carpark and snacks, sporting fields for more active activities. The view of city, river, shipping movements and under the Bolte.” – Vin Ch

5. Hays Paddock

Hays Paddock

One of Melbourne’s best playground locations, Hays Paddock, is tucked away in Kew East, not far from the metropolitan centre of Melbourne. It’s the ideal location for your little explorers to engage with nature because of the huge trees, wide open areas, and walking trails. Hays Paddock aspired to be a welcoming sanctuary for all kids, from those who had hearing, vision, or mobility impairments to those who were dealing with behavioural concerns.

The spider’s web trampoline at Hays Paddock is one of its most notable features. Here, kids of all ages may enjoy the pure delight of bouncing until they’re satisfied. Children leap and bond while making friends and creating lifelong memories, filling the air with laughter. You’ll discover a lovely climbing fort with a bit of shade at this playground, thanks to an elegant butterfly structure and the shadows created by old trees. It’s the ideal place for kids to have fun while remaining cool.

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Young adventurers love to hang out in the covered sandpit area when the weather becomes hot. With the help of little earthmovers and a variety of scoops and pulleys, youngsters can explore their imagination in this area as they turn it into an exciting little building site. This playground is enclosed with a secure fence. Parents may unwind in the knowledge that their children are playing in a safe atmosphere, enabling worry-free enjoyment for everybody.

Name Hays Paddock
Contact Number NA
Address Leason St, Kew East VIC 3102, Australia
Opening Hours Open 24 Hours
Entry Fee None
Public Facilities Off-lead dog area, Seating and tables, Toilets, Barbecue Basketball half-court, Exercise equipment, Parking
Distance From CBD 11.4 km
How to Reach By Car: It's 21 min (11.4 km) via M3 from the CBD to reach this place.
By Bus: Take bus 200 or 207 to Kilby Road, which is close to Hay's Paddock's southern edge.
Google Review: “I love Hays paddock. Every morning I do 2 laps of Hays very early as part of my daily walk. Improvements have been made to the walking path with more being done. Always very clean (most of the time) and if it isn’t the rubbish is picked up early. A well looked after facility and we are very fortunate to have it in our suburb.” – Leigh Street

6. Lincoln Square

Lincoln Square

One of the greatest playgrounds in the city is the Lincoln Square Playground, which stands out among the others as a brilliant gem. The prestigious University of Melbourne is close to this playground, so it is quite popular and ideal for outing locations. It offers a peaceful getaway from the city’s hustle and bustle and is surrounded by historical charm and beautiful nature, making it an oasis of peace for families. The playground’s many play areas, which cater to kids of different ages and interests, are one of its distinguishing qualities. Lincoln Square Playground provides everything your child could want, whether they enjoy swinging, sliding, climbing, or pretend play. Every visit is certain to be exciting and educational thanks to the varied equipment.

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It’s a location where families make priceless memories, where kids’ imaginations soar, and where Melbourne’s culture and natural beauty come together in perfect harmony. Make a visit to Lincoln Square Playground a priority and discover its allure for yourself.

Name Lincoln Square
Contact Number NA
Address Lincoln Square, Lincoln Square S, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia
Opening Hours Open 24 Hours
Entry Fee Free
Public Facilities rope bridges, play towers, swings and slides,standing chimes and speaker tubes, BBQ and picnic area
Distance From CBD 1.9 km
How to Reach By Car: It will take 8 min via Queen St to reach this place.
By Bus: 207, 250, 402 bus routes will take you to this spot.
By Train: Glen, Waverley, Mernda, Pakenham, Sunbury, These Train Routes Have Stops Near This Spot.
Google Review: “Love the inner city feel of this place. Lots of spaces to relax and lots of people watching. There is a children play park, big trees to provide shade, seating and a huge water feature, public toilets, water fountain and taps plus much more. Close to shops including a KFC, restaurants and convenience store. Paid parking surrounds the park during business hours.” – Luke Brady (Luka)

7. Fitzroy Gardens

Fitzroy Gardens

The list of the best playgrounds would not be complete without this playground. This playground, which is located in Melbourne’s renowned Fitzroy Gardens, offers more than just a place to have fun; it also gives visitors a chance to experience the city’s historical allure and quiet natural beauty. The gorgeous background provided by the gardens’ lush vegetation, elaborate fountains, and meandering pathways enhances the overall experience. It primarily provides an enjoyable and secure place for children to play in. The playground is kept up and created with the delight and safety of kids in mind. Parents can unwind knowing that their children are having fun while receiving care.

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The variety of playthings available in Fitzroy Gardens is one of its most notable aspects. The playground has swings, slides, climbers and many more. Families seeking a fun and entertaining day out frequently choose it because of its lovely natural settings and well-kept facilities.

Name Fitzroy Gardens
Contact Number +61 3 9658 9658
Address Wellington Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002, Australia
Opening Hours Open 24 Hours
Entry Fee Free
Public Facilities Seats, Drinking fountains, Public toilets, Bookable spaces for events and weddings
Distance From CBD 2.1 km
How to Reach By Car: From the CBD, it will take 8 min via State Route 30 to reach this spot.
By Bus: You can catch the following bus routes 246, 304, 350, 906, and 907.
By Train: Hurstbridge, Mernda Train Routes Will Take You To This Playground.
Google Review: “Discovered this park a few days ago while exploring the city with a friend. Compared to Flagstaff and Carlton gardens, this place seems not as busy and there are few interesting this to do such as the conservatory and cook’s cottage. Definitely worth a stroll or a walk with your dog!” – Rouven Grossmann

8. Norris Bank Reserve Playground

Norris Bank Reserve Playground

The perfect spot for a day out with kids is this Norris Bank Reserve playground. Melbourne, Australia’s Norris Bank Reserve Playground is a cherished and well-liked playground. The playground was created with kids in mind and offers a variety of fun playthings that promote both physical exercise and imaginative play. This playground includes activities for all children, whether they prefer the rush of a slide or scaling new heights.

The layout of the playground also supports accessibility and inclusion. In order to ensure that kids of all abilities can play with their friends, it frequently has amenities like wheelchair-accessible ramps and swings. It is a location where all families are welcome because of its dedication to diversity. Norris Bank Reserve Playground is renowned for being well-kept and tidy. It’s a favourite destination for families looking to relax and have fun outside.

Name Norris Bank Reserve Playground
Contact Number +61 3 9217 2170
Address McLeans Road &, Fifer Rise, Bundoora VIC 3083, Australia
Opening Hours Open 24 Hours
Entry Fee Free
Public Facilities Escape room, Public toilet, Slides, Swings, Wheelchair-accessible car park, Wheelchair-accessible entrance
Distance From CBD 18.0 km
How to Reach By Car: In under 31 min via State Route 45 from the CBD, you can reach this playground.
By Bus: 382, 902 bus routes will take you here.
By Train: You can catch the MERNDA train route to visit this spot.
Google Review: “Very nice recently redone playground. Plenty of shade and seating. A few BBQs and toilet on-site. Lots of equipment for kids to try. A skate/scooter track too.And plan for a day visit. Kids will not want to leave! Very good for picnic or bday celebration.” – Karmen Mezei

Final Words

Finding the greatest playgrounds in a city like Melbourne, where there are many family-friendly areas, is a fun journey in and of itself. Melbourne has a playground for every taste and inclination, from the expansive Royal Park Nature Playground, which immerses kids in the marvels of nature, to the busy St. Kilda Adventure Playground, where creativity knows no boundaries.

Therefore, be sure to check out these excellent playgrounds the next time you’re in Melbourne. They demonstrate the city’s dedication to providing family-friendly areas and are not merely entertaining. And keep in mind that while having joy with your kids, you’re also gathering a vault of priceless memories that will last a lifetime.

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