Best Kids-Friendly Beaches in Melbourne

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As summer approaches, the vibrant city of Melbourne gears up for one of its most cherished traditions: beach outings! Melbourne’s beaches for kids offer a blend of classic beach pleasures and exciting adventures. The sun-kissed shores and golden sands beckon locals and visitors alike to embrace the quintessential Aussie beach culture. If you’re a parent seeking the perfect family-friendly beach destination, you’re in for a treat. Whether you’re building sandcastles, spotting penguins, or simply enjoying a leisurely picnic by the sea, Melbourne’s beaches promise unforgettable memories for the whole family. So, as the sun warms the sands and the waves beckon, grab your beach essentials and embark on a journey to discover the magic of Melbourne’s coastal gems with your little ones by your side.

When planning a family beach outing in Melbourne, the safety of your children is a top priority. Opting for lifeguard-patrolled beaches ensures that your kids can enjoy the sun, sand, and waves under the watchful eyes of trained professionals. Get ready to dive into the coastal wonders that await your family’s unforgettable summer escapade. If you’re visiting Melbourne with your family, there’s no need to leave the little ones behind when you hit the shore. Here’s a closer look at some of the best family-friendly beaches in and around Melbourne.

Melbourne's Top Kid-Friendly Beaches

Melbourne boasts a range of stunning beaches that are perfect for families with kids. From the calm waters of Brighton Beach to the adventurous shores of St. Kilda, you’ll find plenty of options for a fun-filled day by the sea with your little ones.

1. St Kilda Beach

St Kilda Beach

St Kilda Beach, which is nestled far on the shores of Port Phillip Bay, is a beloved hideaway for families looking for a beautiful blend of sun-soaked adventures and family-friendly attractions. This well-known Melbourne beach offers much more than simply sand and water, making it a wonderful vacation spot for families with young children. The experiences St. Kilda Beach offers are woven into an array of experiences that appeal to both young and old. Kids may explore, play, and create lasting interactions against the picturesque background of the bay, enjoying anything from making sandcastles to riding on roller coasters. St. Kilda Beach is not only a place to go; it’s a fascinating journey where the spirit of life flourishes.

Name St Kilda Beach
Address St Kilda Foreshore, St Kilda, Victoria, 3182
Distance From CBD (7.3 km)
How to Reach By Car: It takes 23 min via State Route 33 from the CBD.
By Tram: St Kilda can be reached in around 25 minutes by taking the No. 16 tram from Swanston Street, No. 96 from Bourke Street, or No. 12 from Collins Street.
By Bus: Bus routes 246, 600, 606, and 922 pass near St Kilda Beach.
Famous Eateries Fitzrovia, Donovans, Jackson Cafe, The Espy, Captain Baxter, 29th Apartment and Riva St Kilda
Ideal For Kite Flying, Sand Play and Collecting Seashells, Swimming, Wading, Paddling and Other Water Sports, Walking, Jogging, Cycling, and Rollerblading
Facilities Picnic Areas, Barbecue, Bike Paths, Scooter-Friendly Areas, Playgrounds, Parking, Cafes, Bars and Restaurants, Toilets and Changing Rooms, Drinking Water Stations, Lifesaving and Safety
Google Review: “Beautiful, clean, smooth sand beach. There’s also a beach for dogs, separated with the main beach, so you can bring your 4 legs friends there without hesitating. Free shower stands are available everywhere. The kids playground is also a plus there.” – Minh Nguyen

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More Things to Do In St Kilda

St Kilda Pier: To make your beach experience more memorable, you can also visit St Kilda Pier. By watching penguins in their natural environment, kids can join in on an exciting oceanic experience that is both instructive and entertaining.

Luna Park, St Kilda: Luna Park is a fantastic wonderland that attracts families with its vintage rides, funfair activities, and cheerful ambience and is only a short distance from the beach. Children embrace the magical rides, and their laughter fills the air completely. 

The Esplanade Market St Kilda: On Sundays, the Esplanade Market comes alive with a variety of handcrafted products, original works of art, and unique finds. Children can browse the displays, seek homemade items, and maybe take home memories from their beach vacation.

St Kilda Adventure Playground: With its climbing walls, sandboxes, and water play features, this playground is a haven for children. Children can interact, meet friends, and get some exercise at this place. 

Pony Rides: Pony rides can be a source of fun and excitement for kids, giving them an extra chance to engage with animals and take in the beautiful outdoor scenery of Catani Gardens. The ponies are gentle and well-suited for young riders. Each pony ride is priced at $10. There’s an option to purchase a 10-ride card for $80, providing a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy multiple rides.

Sunset Views: Due to its location, the beach is a great place to see beautiful sunsets over Port Phillip Bay. Sunset vistas magically enhance the end of a relaxing day.

2. Williamstown Beach

For families with children, Williamstown Beach in Melbourne is a wonderful option. The shallow waves of the beach contribute to its image as a family-friendly destination by giving kids a fun and safe place to splash around and construct sandcastles close to the coast. A neighbouring playground further adds to the attraction by giving youngsters a chance for more playtime and excitement. Parents may unwind on the sandy beaches while watching over their young children as they play in the calm surf. With its blend of calm seas and recreational attractions, Williamstown Beach provides a great day out for the whole family.

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This beach is a paradise that is especially loved by families and is full of surprises just waiting to be explored. Family visitors seeking both relaxation and exciting activities can locate their place at Williamstown Beach. Building sandcastles and playing beach activities are made easy by the smooth sands. The calm that comes with the gentle waves and the overall family-friendly atmosphere is something that parents may enjoy.

Name Williamstown Beach
Address Between Bayview Street and Thompson Streets Williamstown, VIC
Distance From CBD (14.1 km)
How to Reach By Car: It takes 22 minutes via M1 and Melbourne Road/State Route 37 from the CBD.
By Train: Williamstown Beach can be reached by taking the train from Flinders Street to Williamstown Beach
By Bus: Bus routes 471, 472, pass Lonsdale St/Queen St to Williamstown Beach Station
Famous Eateries Sebastian, The Kiosk by d'Asporto, Fifi’s By The Beach, The Strand, Burger Culture, Mozzarella and Hanoi Pho Williamstown
Ideal For Kite Flying, Beachfront Dining, Swimming, Beach Volleyball and Sports, Photography, Sunset Watching, Fishing and Angling, Beachfront Events and Celebrations
Facilities Beach Wheelchairs, Sealed Paths, Car Parking, Toilets, Shower Facilities, Beach Walking Frames, Dog Friendly, Picnic Areas, Barbecue, Bike Paths, Playgrounds, Cafes, Bars And Restaurants, Changing Rooms and Drinking Water Stations
Google Review:“ Family friendly beach and feels relaxing when we visit around sunset time. One of the best beaches for watching the sunset.The esplanade is good for evening walks.There are benches along the walk path to be seated and experience the sunset. There are no shops/restaurants close to the beach, but a short walk will take you to the main road where you have some takeaway shops.” – Saranya Vivek

More Things To Do In Williamstown 

Williamstown Historical Museum: This museum is a fascinating introduction to the rich weave of history that has shaped this coastal treasure. It is hidden away in the centre of the beautiful town of Williamstown. When you enter, you start a trip through time where the stories of the past come to life and the spirit of the past is maintained for future generations.

Williamstown Farmers Markets: The Williamstown Farmers Market promotes itself as a culinary destination where local flavours, seasonal food, and handmade products combine. This market stands as a colourful patchwork of community, cuisine, and the celebration of all things local against the backdrop of a historic town.

Jawbone Marine Sanctuary: The Jawbone Marine Sanctuary presents evidence that this coastal sanctuary is home to an array of animals. Seagrass meadows, rocky reefs, and sandy coasts form the natural setting of the sanctuary, offering a safe haven for marine species to thrive. Every corner and crook holds a secret, from colourful fish to delicate corals, waiting to be discovered.

Williamstown Pier: Here, fishers can find comfort while they throw their hooks into the water in search of a successful catch. Families and friends enjoy leisurely walks while listening to the sound of the lapping waves and the salty breeze carrying the taste of exploration.

HMAS Castlemaine Museum Ship: The museum ship offers guided tours and educational materials for people who want to learn more about Australia’s naval history. Experienced tour guides tell tales of the ship’s journeys, its crew, and the crucial role it played in protecting Australia’s coastlines during the war.

Scienceworks and Planetarium: Visit Scienceworks and the Planetarium to spark kids’ interest. A combination of learning and entertainment is provided by interactive exhibitions, practical activities, and planetarium shows that are ideal for young minds.

3. Altona Beach

Certainly! Altona Beach is another popular beach destination located in Melbourne, Australia. Altona Beach is well-known for its peaceful atmosphere, making it a great option for tourists seeking to relax and take in the peace and quiet of the ocean without the noise and bustle of a busy beach. Altona Beach welcomes tourists of all ages and offers a variety of activities, despite its quiet beauty. There is plenty for all ages to enjoy, from making sandcastles and having picnics by the ocean to participating in water sports and beach activities.

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It is possible to have a close relationship with nature at Altona Beach. In a serene environment, visitors may take in the beauty of the bay, see breathtaking sunsets, and watch the ebb and flow of the tides. The journey is certainly worth it, whether you’re a native or a guest in this amazing city. Even though Altona Beach may not receive as much attention as some other Melbourne beaches, it is an accessible site for a day trip full of leisure and exploration because it is close to Melbourne.
Name Altona Beach
Address Altona Beach, 127 Esplanade, Altona VIC 3018
Distance From CBD (17.3 km)
How to Reach By Car: It takes 38 minutes via M1 and Millers Rd/State Route 41
By Train: Altona beach can be reached by taking train from Flinders Street to Altona beach
By Bus: The bus route 232, can be taken from Little Collins St/Queen St to Altona Beach
Famous Eateries Stella Pizza Cafe, Bezirk Altona Cafe, Saigon Sun, Pier 71 Bar E Cucina, Bros Grill and Pizza, Between 2 Buns and Sweet Rice
Ideal For Kite Surfing, Beachfront Cafes, Swimming, Photography, Sunset Watching, Fishing, Beachfront Events and Celebrations
Facilities Beach Wheelchairs, Shops, Dog Friendly, Dog Shower Facilities, Toilets, Picnic Areas, Barbecue, Bike Paths, Playgrounds, Parking, Cafes, Bars and Restaurants, Changing Rooms and Drinking Water Stations
Google Review:“ Absolutely stunning! There’s also some cute restaurants and ice cream shops nearby. Easily accessible public toilet beside the beach. Plenty of carparks.” – Brenda Seow

More Things To Do In Altona

Cherry Lake: Cherry Lake is a picturesque freshwater lake surrounded by parklands and walking trails. It offers picnic spots, birdwatching, and a lake setting for relaxation and outdoor activities. The lake itself is a man-made body of water and has become a recreational hotspot with various amenities.

Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail: Along the bay’s coastline, the Hobsons Bay Coastal Trail connects Altona and Williamstown. The path offers vast views of Hobsons Bay, allowing visitors a unique position to take in the bay’s seas, boats, and coast views. Numerous bird species, like seagulls and pelicans, as well as occasionally marine animals, can be seen by birdwatchers and wildlife lovers.

Truganina Explosives Reserve and Truganina Coastal Parklands:  The Truganina Explosives Reserve is a historically notable location where explosives from World War II were previously kept. At present, it acts as a peaceful parkland that blends historical significance with natural splendour. Nestled along the coast, the Truganina Coastal Parklands are a group of parklands and reserves that provide breathtaking views of Port Phillip Bay as well as a number of recreational activities.

Kooringal Golf Club: Golfers of all skill levels find the 18-hole course at the Kooringal Golf Club to be both difficult and pleasant. Golfers can practise their swings and develop their skills at the club’s practice areas, including a driving range and putting greens. Players can rent or buy equipment, clothing, and other golf-related products in the pro shop.

Altona Tennis Club: Tennis courts are accessible at the club and can be used by members and guests to play singles or doubles matches. The club offers the opportunity to enhance your tennis skills and take advantage of the fellowship of the tennis community, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player. 

Altona Gate Shopping Centre: It offers a variety of shops, services, dining options, and entertainment venues, making it a go-to destination for shopping, socialising, and more.

4. Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach

One of Melbourne’s most famous and well-liked beaches is commonly known as The Brighton Bathing Boxes. Melbourne’s Brighton Beach is renowned for its unique bathing boxes. These bright beach boxes are a well-known sight and a well-liked tourist destination in the region. In addition to serving as places to store beach gear, the bathing boxes have come to represent the beach and are a favourite backdrop for photos.

There is a group of 82 wooden boxes that line Brighton Beach in Melbourne, which are not only useful buildings but also well-known cultural icons and popular tourist destinations. These beach boxes’ vivacious and flamboyant paint jobs are what really make them stand out. Each one is individually painted and decorated, frequently in a variety of bright colours and creative patterns. Each box is unique because of its individual design, which reflects the owners’ choices and personal interests.

The colourful beach boxes produce an eye-catching and jovial show along the beach. They offer an alluring subject for photographers and tourists because of their vibrant colours set against the backdrop of the water and sky. Families can explore the shoreline together, searching for seashells, interesting rocks, and other treasures washed up by the tide. The soft, sandy shores are perfect for building sandcastles, a classic beach activity that kids of all ages enjoy.

Name Brighton Beach
Address The Bay Trail, Brighton, VIC 3186, Australia
Distance From CBD (13.6 km)
How to Reach By Car: It takes 34 minutes via Princes Hwy/A60 and State Route 33
By Train: Brighton Beach can be reached by taking the train from Flinders Street to Dendy St/Church St
By Bus: The bus routes 600, 603 and 923, pass near Brighton Beach.
Famous Eateries Rocksalt Cafe & Restaurant, White Rabbit Restaurant Brighton, Brighton Schoolhouse Café, Sandbar Café, Bistro La Provence, Sons of Mary and The Pantry
Ideal For Kite Surfing, Beachfront Dining, Swimming, Sunset Watching, Kayaking, Paddleboarding and Boating
Facilities Shops, Restrooms, Picnic Areas, Barbecue, Playgrounds, Parking, Cafes, Bars and Restaurants, Changing Rooms and Drinking Water Stations
Google Review:“ Rainbow colour rainbow theme, people are said a bathing booth here worth for 600k AUD per each , worth to come to taking the photo . A great view beside the sea and it was nearby the Melbourne city, for those rental the car, better visit this place before return the car to rental company. It was taking 20-30 minutes from Melbourne city to reach this destination .” – Lucas

More Things To Do In Brighton

Middle Brighton Baths: The Middle Brighton Baths offer a unique combination of history, wellness, and coastal appeal. The baths offer a lovely experience by the bay in Melbourne, whether you’re seeking a calm swim, spa services, a meal with a view, or a picturesque site to watch the sunset.

Dendy Street Beach: This beach, like its neighbour Brighton Beach, is famous for its beautiful sandy shoreline, serene waves, and colourful bathing boxes. Dendy Street Beach in Brighton gives an enjoyable and charming coastal break in Melbourne, whether you’re interested in getting a relaxing walk on the beach, taking part in a family picnic, or swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the bay

Brighton Theatre Company:  The Brighton Theatre Company contributes greatly to the cultural life of Brighton and the wider Melbourne area by providing entertaining and accessible theatre experiences. Theatre fans of all ages can find an inviting and lively environment at the Brighton Theatre Company, no matter whether they are interested in acting, seeing plays, or supporting regional theatre.

Green Point Brighton: For those looking to escape the rush of city life and take in the quiet beauty of Port Phillip Bay, Green Point in Brighton, Melbourne, presents a serene and picturesque location. Green Point offers a quiet and unspoiled getaway along the bayside if you want to engage in picnics, soak in the waterfront views, or go for leisurely walks.

Brighton Golf Course: The 18-hole Brighton Golf Course layout has effectively trained fairways, greens, and surrounding areas. It offers golfers a range of challenges, including well-suited bunkers, water hazards, and rolling landscapes. For players of all skill levels, including beginners and youngsters, the course could offer golf lessons and courses. Oftentimes, experienced golf instructors are in control of these classes.

5. Half Moon Bay Beach

Half Moon Bay Beach

Half Moon Bay, located in the suburb of Black Rock, is a picturesque bay and neighbourhood situated on the eastern shores of Port Phillip Bay, southeast of Melbourne. This beach offers a variety of activities, from swimming and boating in the busy south to a quieter and more natural environment in the north. It is a well-liked site for those seeking to take in the coastal landscape and activities in Port Phillip Bay due to its unique form, historical shipwreck, and entertainment options. In order to maintain a safe and pleasurable time at the beach, visitors should constantly be aware of safety considerations and observe any written guidelines.  

This beach is well-liked for its protected, tranquil seas that are perfect for swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, and snorkelling. The HMAS Cerberus shipwreck, which is located in the bay, adds to the appeal of the beach and gives snorkelers a chance to investigate the local marine life. With its tranquil seas and scenic surroundings, Half Moon Bay Beach is a great family vacation spot for both kids and adults.

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Half Moon Bay is known for its boating activities. Kids might enjoy watching the boats launch and return to the bay. It’s an opportunity to teach them about different types of boats and maritime activities. Ensure that your kids are aware of the Half Moon Bay Surf Life Saving Club’s presence. Educate them about the necessity of swimming in designated places and beach safety.

Name Half Moon Bay Beach
Address Beach Road, Black Rock, VIC, Australia, Victoria
Distance From CBD (19.5 km)
How to Reach By Car: It takes 40 minutes via State Route 33 from the CBD to reach this place.
By Train: Half Moon Beach can be reached by taking the train from Flinders Street to Jacksons Rd/Old Mornington Rd
By Bus: Take bus route 907, Swanston St/Lonsdale St to Toorak College/Old Mornington Rd.
Famous Eateries Cerberus Beach House Restaurant, Sam's Chowder House, Barbara's Fishtrap, It's Italia, Cafe Capistrano, Caffe Mezza Luna and Moonside Bakery and Cafe
Ideal For Kite Surfing, Beachfront Dinings, Swimming, Sunset Watching, Jetting, Snorkelling and Surfing
Facilities Shops, Restrooms, Picnic Areas, Barbecue, Playgrounds, Parking, Cafes, Bars and Restaurants, Changing Rooms and Drinking Water, Dog-Friendly
Google Review:“ Beautiful beach for perfect summer day. We can do and enjoy many activities (swimming, volleyball, paddleboard, snorkling etc) or just laying do nothing here. I can spend all day here.” – Willow Tree

More Things To Do In Half Moon Bay

Black Rock Yacht Club: The Black Rock Yacht Club, a well-known sailing club with amenities for sailors, is located in the bay. It sponsors a number of sailing competitions and events, adding to the region’s thriving nautical culture.

Red Bluff Cliffs: The Red Bluff Cliffs, which are undeveloped land formations next to the beach, are accessible by a short stroll. These cliffs, which provide for fantastic photo ops, have appeared in several films and television shows.

HMVS Cerberus: Even if you’re not a surfer, you can visit Mavericks Beach to observe the tremendous waves (especially in winter) and take in the stunning surroundings because of its renowned big-wave surfing.

Jetty and Pier: Take in picturesque bay views while strolling along the jetty and pier and observing neighbourhood fishermen. It’s a nice place for a leisurely stroll as well.

Half Moon Bay Lifesaving Club: Visit the surf lifesaving club to learn more about beach safety and perhaps to observe a training session. The club is essential to maintaining beachgoers’ safety.

6. Elwood Beach

Families enjoying a leisurely day by the water frequently travel to Elwood Beach, in the Melbourne suburb of Elwood. It offers the perfect atmosphere for swimming, especially during the summer when lifeguards are frequently on duty to assure safety, thanks to its clear and generally quiet waters. The wide expanse of sandy beachfront enables kids to take part in seaside activities, such as creating elaborate sandcastles, playing beach games, or simply enjoying the warmth of the sun. This family-friendly beach is also a practical and pleasurable trip for everyone because of its close proximity to cafés, restaurants, and neighbouring parks.

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It is a well-liked location for romantic evenings because of the appealing and peaceful ambience the setting sun generates. Elwood Beach in Melbourne’s bayside region offers a lovely and varied coastal experience, whether you’re interested in water sports, dining by the sea, or just relaxing on the sand. Explore the shoreline and see if you can find interesting seashells, driftwood, or other beach treasures. The Elwood Sailing Club is located nearby and often hosts sailing events. It’s also a great place to watch sailboats and yachts in the marina.

Name Elwood Beach
Address Ormond Esplanade, Elwood, Port Phillip, Victoria 3184 Australia
Distance From CBD (10.1 km)
How to Reach By Car: From the CBD, it will take 28 minutes via State Route 33 to reach this place.
By Train:Elwood Beach would be reached by taking the train from Flinders Street to Elsternwick
By Bus: Take bus route 246, which passes Swan St/Punt Rd to Elwood Canal/Glen Huntly Rd
By Tram: Take line 67 from City Square/Swanston St to 42-Hotham St/Brighton Rd
Famous Eateries Elwood Bathers, Heads & Tails Elwood, Odyssey, Baked In Elwood Pizza and Pasta, Ebisu Kitchen, Mr Tuppy and Riviera Beach Club
Ideal For Kiteboarding, Beachfront Dining, Swimming, Sunset Watching, Paths, Paddleboarding, Outdoor Gym, Art and Cultural Events
Facilities Park and Gardens, Shops, Restrooms, Picnic Area Shaded, Barbecue, Playgrounds, Car Parking, Cafes, Bars and Restaurants, Benches, Dog on-leash, Dog off-leash, Bins and Drinking Water Facilities
Google Review:“…Beaches are relaxing. Most people find these places a quiet and a sure way of enjoying the beauty of nature and if you are nature lover you will be grateful to the creator if you realize how majestic our our God is.” – Melvin Tand0c

More Things To Do In Elwood

Point Ormond: Point Ormond is a popular spot for outdoor activities and relaxation and is famous for its beautiful views of the bay. Ormond Esplanade, a scenic seaside avenue with chances for strolling, running, and cycling, is located in the area of Point Ormond. Furthermore, there are parks and other green areas close by, making it a nice location for both locals and guests.

Elwood Sailing Club: Elwood Sailing Club’s main goals are to encourage and support sailing-related activities. Members receive access to a variety of sailing activities, such as learn-to-sail courses, social sailing, and competitive racing. The club regularly holds sailing competitions for members and the general public.

Bike Ride on the Bay Trail: Elwood offers access to the Bay Trail in both directions. You are able to go south towards Brighton and beyond or north towards St. Kilda and Port Melbourne. Beautiful views of the bay may be seen from either direction. Begin your bike ride at one of Elwood’s many entry locations. Elwood Beach, at the intersection of Ormond Esplanade and Glen Huntly Road, is a popular starting point.

Elwood Canal: The canal is not a natural watercourse but was constructed during the 1850s as a drainage and flood control system. It was designed to manage stormwater runoff and prevent flooding in the low-lying areas of Elwood.

Elwood Village: Shop for boutique clothing, home goods, and unique gifts in Elwood Village, the area’s shopping centre. It’s also a fantastic location for observing others and taking in the surrounding vibe. Visit the Elwood Farmers Market on the second Saturday of each month if you’re in town. It’s a great place to find locally crafted goods, handcrafted goods, and handmade refreshments.

7. Frankston Beach

Frankston Beach

Families with children should visit Frankston Beach, which is on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula. The beach’s shallow, safe waters are its main lure since they allow small children to play and swim with confidence. Parents may unwind and take in the stunning surroundings while keeping a close check on their young children. In addition, Frankston Beach has a considerable length of sandy beachfront, which is great for making sandcastles and enjoying beach activities.

Children have even more recreational alternatives nearby at a pier with a playground. The beach is also renowned for its pristine conditions and well-kept amenities, such as the neighbouring eateries and conveniences. Families seeking sun, sea, and sand in Melbourne will find Frankston Beach to be a wonderful day trip thanks to its welcoming attitude and calm waves.  

In addition to offering a sandy shoreline and safe swimming, the beach offers opportunities for educational activities. At low tide, kids may explore the rock pools and learn about the wonderful marine life there, including crabs, shells, and tiny fish. Due to its Mornington Peninsula location, the beach is also convenient to other family-friendly destinations like the Frankston Waterfront and the George Pentland Botanic Gardens, where families can go on picnics and nature hikes.

Name Frankston Beach
Address Frankston South VIC 3199, Australia
Distance From CBD (56.3 km)
How to Reach By Car: It takes approx. 52 minutes from CBD to reach Frankston Beach via M1 & M3 route
By Bus:Choose line 907 or 901 to reach the beach
By Train: You can reach Frankston Beach by catching a train from Flinders Street
Famous Eateries Waves on the Beach Restaurant, La Cabra Mornington - Modern Mexican, Frankston Waterfront Restaurant, and The Sporting Globe Bar & Grill Mordialloc
Ideal For Swimming, Sunbathing, Picnics, Water Sports, Fishing, Scenic Walks, Events and Festivals
Facilities Toilets, Showers, Picnic Areas, BBQ Facilities, Playgrounds, Cafes and Restaurants, Shade and Shelter, Car Parking, Water Sports Rental, and Bike Racks
Google Review:“ Full of facilities, walking tracks, creek, boardwalks, bridges, lifesaving club, toilets, piers/jetty , sandy clean beach, clean water, native vegetation, playgrounds, sandbanks, places to eat/cafes, picnic tables and parking. All positioned along a beautiful foreshore with disability access and clean well maintained parklands minutes away from the CBD of Frankston.” – Adriano Carrideo

More Things To Do In Frankston

Frankston Waterfront: There are many leisure opportunities in this busy neighbourhood. Families are welcome to take leisurely strolls down the boardwalk, have picnics in the park, or go fishing from the pier. A great adventure playground is also available for children.

George Pentland Botanic Gardens: These gardens are a peaceful haven in the middle of Frankston. Families may have a picnic in the verdant surroundings or take a leisurely stroll around the lake while exploring the wonderfully maintained grounds. It’s a fantastic location for nature lovers and anyone looking for a tranquil getaway.

Frankston Arts Centre: This place offers a range of concerts, exhibits, and activities all year long for families interested in cultural experiences. For family-friendly activities and events, check their schedule. 

Paradise Park Playground: This playground, which is close to the ocean, has a variety of play structures, such as swings, climbing walls, and slides. It’s a great place for youngsters to get some energy out and meet new people.

McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery: It is an outdoor sculpture park with an amazing collection of sculptures surrounded by native bushland. For kids, it’s a special and instructive experience that combines art appreciation and natural discovery.

Frankston Nature Conservation Reserve: This is an excellent destination for your family if you like to walk and view animals. It offers the chance to view local flora and animals and has walking pathways appropriate for people of all ability levels.

8. Chelsea Beach

Families with kids will love Chelsea Beach, which is located in the Melbourne suburb of Chelsea. The beach’s calm and moderate waves provide children the chance to swim and play without worrying about strong waves, making it appealing to families. Kids have plenty of amusement alternatives while they’re not in the water thanks to the availability of well-kept playgrounds with swings and slides. It is a convenient and pleasurable excursion since picnic sites and barbecue amenities enable families to eat directly by the shore. 

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The picturesque promenade at Chelsea Beach, which offers breathtaking views of Port Phillip Bay, is ideal for leisurely strolls or bike rides. Chelsea Beach guarantees a special day of sun, sea, and family fun with surrounding cafés, restaurants, and occasionally community activities. The picturesque promenade at Chelsea Beach, which offers breathtaking views of Port Phillip Bay, is ideal for leisurely strolls or bike rides. Chelsea Beach in Melbourne guarantees a special day of sun, sea, and family fun with its close proximity to cafés, restaurants, and occasionally community activities. Additionally, if you’re feeling daring, you may try water activities like paddle boarding or kayaking, which can fascinate both adults and older children. Everyone in the family can enjoy something at Chelsea Beach.

Name Chelsea Beach
Address The Strand, Chelsea VIC 3196, Australia
Distance From CBD (48.0 km)
How to Reach By Car: You can reach Chelsea Beach in about 53 minutes via the M1 route from the CBD.
By Bus:207 and 902 bus lines will take you to the beach
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Ideal For Swimming, Sunbathing, Picnics, Beach Volleyball, Water Sports, Birdwatching, Photography, Family Outings, Relaxation, Dining
Facilities Beach Access, Playground, Walking and Cycling, Toilet Facilities, BBQ Facilities, Parking, Shops and Cafes, Lifeguards
Google Review:“ Beautiful beach! Clean water, white sand, close to everything, supermarket, restaurant, cafes. Train station, huge parking area if you drive. Great for kids, the playground is pretty big and have everything including toilet and bbq! Very impressed!” – Lily Gorjan

More Things To Do In Chelsea

The Edithvale-Seaford Wetlands: These are a refuge for people who like nature and birding. Families may take a leisurely stroll around the paths and see a variety of natural creatures and birds. For youngsters, it’s a peaceful and instructive experience.

Bicentennial Park: It is a terrific location for family picnics and outdoor activities, and it’s close to Chelsea Beach. It has a sizable playground, BBQ pits, and lots of open space for outdoor entertainment.

Chelsea Heights Hotel: The Chelsea Heights Hotel frequently conducts special family evenings and provides a selection of kid-friendly dishes if you’re searching for a family-friendly dining choice. 

Chelsea Library: The neighbourhood library could provide family-friendly events like storytelling sessions and craft workshops, which can be an enjoyable and instructive way to spend time with children.

Chelsea Historical Museum: It is a tiny museum that highlights the local history of Chelsea and the surrounding region. For older kids, it may be a fascinating and interesting experience.

9. Sandringham Beach

Sandringham Beach

Numerous factors make Sandringham Beach stand out as a family-friendly vacation spot. Young children may enjoy the water safely here because of the shallow waters and gentle sloping towards the bay, which relieves parents’ concerns about strong currents and deep places. Kids may swing, slide, and climb to their hearts’ delight in well-equipped playgrounds located right next to the beach when they need a break from the sand and water, adding an additional layer of amusement.

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Families are also guaranteed access to refreshments and facilities during their visit because of the beach’s close proximity to services like cafés and restaurants. Sandringham Beach ensures that families enjoying Melbourne’s bayside have a great and stress-free day thanks to its combination of calm seas, recreational possibilities, and proximity.

Name Sandringham Beach
Address Jetty Road, Sandringham VIC 3191, Australia
Distance From CBD (17.6 km)
How to Reach By Car: It takes about 36 minutes to reach the beach via State Route 33 from CBD.
By Bus: You can choose bus line 600, 822, 922, and 923 to reach Sandringham Beach
Famous Eateries Burger Bae, Y14 Japanese Seafood Kitchen & Bar, Le Phan Vietnamese Restaurant, and Baia Di Vino
Ideal For Sunbathing, Swimming, Picnicking, Beach Volleyball, Water Sports, Walking, Running, Sunset Views.
Facilities Toilet Facilities, Parking, Beach Access, Playground, Picnic Areas, BBQ Facilities, Cafes, Restaurants, Walking and Cycling Paths.
Google Review:“ It’s a beautiful beach with shallow waters. There are walking trails around to go for a stroll and enjoy the view. The Band Rotunda overlooking the beach is a historical landmark which provides excellent photo opportunities. There are also plenty of parking areas and public toilets nearby.” – Alexandors Karvounis

More Things To Do In Sandringham

Sandringham Village: This is a beautiful retail district with upscale boutiques, eateries, and cafés. Take a stroll through Sandringham Village. It’s an excellent location for dining out or souvenir shopping.

Park Picnic: The Green Point Reserve in Sandringham is a nice park with picnic tables, grills, and a lovely walking path along the seafront. It’s the perfect location for a picnic with the family while taking in views of Port Phillip Bay.

Sandringham Yacht Club: If you’re interested in sailing or if you just want to gaze at the lovely yachts, you can explore this place. It’s a fantastic location to observe the sailboats in the harbour.

Sandringham Coastal Track: The track provides opportunities to take a scenic stroll or bike ride along the shoreline while taking in the scenery.

How To Get Around the Melbourne Beaches From Melbourne CBD

Trains The first step is to decide which beach you'd like to visit. Once you've chosen your destination, you can easily find the nearest train stations, routes, and schedules that connect to your preferred beach using online tools, maps, or transport applications. Melbourne's extensive train network covers many coastal areas.
Buses Many beach areas are accessible by bus as well. To find out if the beach spots you're interested in are accessible by local bus lines, check them out.
Trams There may be tram lines that connect you to the nearby areas, depending on the beach you plan to visit. To choose your route, look at the tram network map.
Car Rentals and Taxis If you want the flexibility of having your own vehicle, renting a car is a good choice. This is especially useful if you want to go outside the city or visit several beaches in one day.
In Melbourne, Taxis and rideshare services like Uber are generally accessible and provide quick door-to-door transportation.
Biking and Walking Melbourne is a bike-friendly city, and there are dedicated bike paths in several beachfront regions. To explore the beautiful paths heading to the beaches, think about hiring a bike. Walking is also an ideal way to take in the city's ambience and beauty if you're ready for an easy walk and the beach is close by.
Tour Buses and Excursions Some companies provide guided trips that take you to many beaches and attractions all in one trip. Trips like these can be a convenient way to discover the coastal areas' values and cultures.
Ferries Depending on the beach you're visiting, there might be ferry services available. For instance, you can take a ferry from the CBD to the beach, providing a scenic waterway journey.

Final Words

Families with children will love the magnificent beaches that Melbourne has to offer. There is something for everyone, whether you enjoy the famous, vibrant bathing boxes at Brighton Beach, the quiet ambience of Williamstown Beach, or the calm seas of Williamstown Beach. These beaches are wonderful for family trips since they have playgrounds, picnic spots, and shallow seas. So grab your beach toys and sunscreen and travel to one of these family-friendly Melbourne beaches for a day of fun in the sun and sand.
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