12 Things To Do In Perth With Kids

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Perth, located in Western Australia, serves as a bustling entryway to a world of family discovery and adventure. This bustling city, which serves as the capital of Western Australia, has a population of close to 2 million people, making it a popular destination for both locals and tourists. Perth is a centre of fascinating family-friendly activities and cultural experiences, as well as its natural attractiveness. There is something for every member of the family to enjoy, from close encounters with wildlife at nearby zoos and interactive museums to thrilling amusement parks and peaceful beaches.

Perth’s appeal comes from both its magnificent natural beauty and its friendly atmosphere for kids. The city has been carefully planned to accommodate families travelling with kids, making sure that your visit is relaxing and enjoyable. Perth guarantees a wonderful trip for everyone, with a variety of activities catered to all ages. Consider taking your kids to explore expansive gardens and wide-open locations where they can play and run around without restriction. Perth, Australia’s sunniest city, provides year-round opportunities for outdoor activities, encouraging families to enjoy the warmth and the great outdoors.

In this blog, we provide “12 Things to Do Around Perth with Kids,” a carefully chosen list of fun activities and events that guarantee a journey filled with joy, learning, and shared laughter. So be ready to enter Perth’s enchanted realm, where every turn promises to be a brand-new experience for you and your loved ones.

Perth Family Fun: Must-Do Activities with Kids

Discover a world of adventure in Perth with our curated list of 12 must-do activities for families. From wildlife encounters to outdoor adventures, create unforgettable memories with your kids in this vibrant Australian city.

1. Animal Encounters & Educational Exhibits At Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo

The Perth Zoo, which houses an incredible variety of 1,300 animals from various species from all over the world, is a true emblem of Western Australia, offering a luxuriant and realistic Asian Rainforest exhibit to go into the heart of the Asian jungle. The zoo’s grounds are beautifully kept with a variety of lush landscapes, which makes them welcoming and peaceful for both animals and guests. This area of the zoo is a carefully planned setting that mimics the natural habitats of Asian species.

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Explore kid-friendly learning at Perth's top museums, creating enjoyable educational experiences for your children.

The excellent assortment of animals at Perth Zoo comes from a variety of environments and continents. The zoo displays the richness of the animal kingdom with majestic elephants, sun bears, inquisitive orangutans, nimble big cats, and amusing penguins. The housing spaces for the animals are made to look like their natural habitats, giving them room to move about, climb, and engage in behaviours unique to their species.

You and your kids can enjoy the African Savannah exhibit at Perth Zoo and set out on a safari experience. Discover the gorgeous rhinos as they graze and stroll in an area. Watch the king of the jungle at work as you take in their natural behaviours, social interactions, and the strong bonds that exist between pride members. Observe the giraffes’ beautiful movements as they extend their long necks to reach the vegetation. Learn about their social structures, eating patterns, and how crucial it is for them to keep the savannah ecosystem in balance. Like these, there are many more things that your young ones will enjoy doing at this spot.

Name Perth Zoo
Website https://perthzoo.wa.gov.au/
Address 20 Labouchere Rd, South Perth WA 6151, Australia
Distance From CBD 5.2 Kilometres
How to Reach By Car: It will take 17 minutes via Mitchell Fwy/State Route 2 to reach the destination starting from the CBD.
By Bus: Take routes 30 & 31 between Perth Busport (on Wellington St), and Elizabeth Quay Bus Station, which stops in front of the Perth Zoo.
By Train: Take off at Elizabeth Quay Train Station and move to the Elizabeth Quay Bus Station to board Routes 30 or 31 through Joondalup or Mandurah Lines. Quay Train Station
By Ferry: Every day, ferries leave from Elizabeth Quay Jetty in the centre of Perth. The trip takes around 10 minutes.
Opening Hours Monday-Sunday: (9:00 am–5:00 pm)
Tickets https://perthzoo.wa.gov.au/buy-tickets
Social Media Instagram
Directions https://goo.gl/maps/9Fq6B58qdPSHKm2i8
Google Review: “I love the Zoo I take my son at least once a year, he loves the crocodile and snakes, (not my cup of tea, the snakes that is). Family oriented and friendly staff and the animals are lovely, especially the penguins. Great place well done all involved at the PZ.” – Naomi Michael

2. Connect With Adorable Animals At Caversham Wildlife Park

Caversham Wildlife Park

Children will find Caversham Fauna Park to be a magical oasis that provides an engaging and instructive interaction with Australia’s fascinating fauna. This park, which is tucked away amid Whiteman Park’s natural splendour, invites young adventurers to set out on a quest for knowledge. Children have the rare chance to interact closely with a diverse variety of local creatures here, establishing a strong sense of connection to and respect for the natural world. Every moment at Caversham Wildlife Park is an opportunity for kids to learn via active interaction, from kind kangaroos that can be fed by hand to loving koalas who welcome a soft touch. Friendly and experienced park rangers give instructional presentations that reveal the secrets of Australia’s flora while fostering a sense of wonder.

Within Whiteman Park, conveniently close to Perth’s downtown, is Caversham Wildlife Park. The park acts as the animals’ unified ecosystem. They have more than 200 different species and more than 2,000 total creatures. Imagine interacting with friendly wombats, fiery Tasmanian devils, and cuddling koalas. Other interesting animals include possums, dingoes, and even flying foxes. Even rare species like emus, owls, and reptiles like cassowaries will be visible.

The ability to take pictures with koalas is one of the nicest features! Additionally, in Caversham Wildlife Park, you can provide food to kangaroos; They are very adorable and like getting gifts from visitors. For kids, Molly’s Farm is like a special place. Various farm animals, including pigs, ponies, and chickens, are available for you to meet and pet. Kids can even get hands-on experience learning about these animals through this wonderful method.

Whiteman Park, an idyllic natural setting, is where the park is located. It looks like bushland, with plenty of trees and open areas. So, along with having fun with the animals, you are also in close touch with nature. Within Whiteman Park, the Bennett Brook Railway runs vintage train rides on vintage locomotives. Both families and train lovers will enjoy it. The Western Australian Motor Museum (Revolution Transport Museum) and the Tractor Museum of Western Australia are both located in Whiteman Park. These museums display a wide range of vintage tractors, cars, and other transportation-related objects. Although some of the park’s attractions could charge extra admission, Whiteman Park is often free to enter. There are parking facilities nearby, and driving there is simple.

Name Caversham Wildlife Park
Website https://www.cavershamwildlife.com.au/
Address Whiteman Park, Whiteman Drive East, Whiteman, WA 6068, Australia
Distance From CBD 21.8 Kilometres
How to Reach By Car: It takes 30 min via Tonkin Hwy/State Route 4 to reach there from the CBD.
By Bus: Every day, route 955 bus travels to Ellenbrook from Morley Station and Bassendean Station; get off at the Drumpellier Drive entry to Whiteman Park.
By Train: There is no direct train; however, you can take a train from Perth CBD to Bassendean Train Station. And from there, catch a bus (Bus 955) to Whiteman Park.
Opening Hours Monday-Sunday: (9:00 am–4:30 pm)
Tickets https://www.cavershamwildlife.com.au/plan-your-visit/
Social Media Instagram
Directions https://goo.gl/maps/3KPnwHr15oQniGMp8
Google Review: ”It honestly does not get any better than this. Well, as a foreign tourist at least. Brought the little ones there and they had a blast. Got to touch koalas and kangaroos. It’s an all day activity that just flies by. Any guest or tourists, bring ‘em here. And last but not least, can’t miss out on this but the staff were exceptional. Super super nice and friendly. Thanks guys!” Falique Pato

3. Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm

The Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm, located in Western Australia’s picturesque Swan Valley, entices children with the promise of endless fun. In this lovely hideaway, kids may have close interactions with a delightful variety of animals while also receiving the ideal balance of education and fun. The farm welcomes young explorers to pet, feed, and immerse themselves in the world of these adorable animals, which include cuddly bunnies and gentle lambs. With educational discussions and demonstrations that provide insights into the animals’ lives and behaviours, the experience is more than simply enjoyable. The farm offers interactive experiences like cow milking and sheep shearing demonstrations in addition to educational animal encounters, making sure that every moment is exciting and educational.

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The Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm is a location where youngsters may create enduring memories in a compassionate and cheerful setting. It offers secure and supervised places, picnic spots for family leisure, and the chance to hold special events.

The farm is charming on a daily basis, but it also serves as a venue for special events. Birthday festivities come to life with the addition of friendly animals, guaranteeing that both children and parents will have a lasting memory of the occasion. Children form a strong link with the environment as they interact with the animals and experience nature, developing a lifetime love of wildlife and the great outdoors.

Name Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm
Website https://www.cuddlyanimalfarm.com.au/
Address 6055/128 John St, Henley Brook WA 6055, Australia
Distance From CBD 30.3 kilometres
How to Reach By Car: Starting from the CBD, it will take 33 min via Tonkin Hwy/State Route 4 to reach this place.
By Bus: Take bus routes 335, 337 and 338 that pass near Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm
Opening Hours Monday-Sunday: (9:30 am–4 pm)
Tickets http://www.cuddlyanimalfarm.com.au/annual-passes/
Social Media Instagram
Directions https://goo.gl/maps/1dtfQH1iuJ5wzGWi6
Google Review: ”Such a nice place to spend the day with little ones. My only advice is they should have more people checking that kids don’t hurt the Guinea pigs or the rabbits, unfortunately some parents don’t supervise their kids. The train ride was awesome, my kid enjoyed so much. I thank them for keeping the place nice as it’s such a mamut job” – Michin

4. Fun & Splash At Cottesloe Beach

Fun & Splash At Cottesloe Beach

Children and families are kindly invited to explore the pure delight of nature’s playground at Cottesloe Beach, a sun-kissed jewel located along Western Australia’s coastline. This beach stands as a refuge for adventure and leisure with its silky golden beaches and crystal-clear seas. For a variety of reasons that promise countless hours of delight, kids should surely visit this location.

Children may play about, create sandcastles, and dip their toes in the ocean at Cottesloe Beach while their parents keep an eye on them thanks to the calm waves and shallow seas. Little explorers might find the fascinating landmark of the Indiana Tea House pylon on the beach while they play along the coastline. A sense of peace and connectedness to the expanse of the sea is created by the beautiful backdrop provided by the Indian Ocean’s panoramic vistas for family strolls.

Kids may enjoy picnics on the sand, sail kites in the ocean wind, or just relax and take in the view while cultivating a feeling of awe and respect for the wonders of nature. The lively environment of the beach frequently holds family-friendly events and festivals, giving youngsters an opportunity to become immersed in the culture and entertainment of the area.

Every activity a youngster does at Cottesloe Beach, from creating sandcastles to gathering seashells, becomes a treasured memory in their minds. The beach provides a place for families to come together, unwind, and enjoy the little things in life, in addition to being a playground of sand and water. Cottesloe Beach is more than simply a place to visit; it’s a haven of happiness, laughter, and shared experiences that will always be woven into the fabric of family memories.

March is a very excellent month if you’re thinking about visiting. In this period, Cottesloe Beach held an extraordinary occasion called “Sculpture By The Sea.” Imagine the beach becoming an art gallery, with beautiful sculptures and works of art covering the sands to create a singular and amazing scene. This beach isn’t simply well-known; it’s also a happy place. Families taking picnics, swimmers in the water, and kids having fun on the sand can all be seen. It’s the ideal setting for relaxation and release.

Name Cottesloe Beach
Website NA
Address 104 Marine Parade, Cottesloe, WA 6011, Australia
Distance From CBD 12.1 kilometres
How to Reach By Car: It takes 20 minutes via State Route 5 to reach this beach from the CBD.
By Bus: Catch bus routes 995 and 102 from Busport CBD and drop off at the beachfront.
By Train: Take the train from Perth Station to Cottesloe, follow Forrest Street, and walk 10 minutes to the beachfront.
Opening Hours Monday-Sunday: 24 Hours
Tickets Free
Social Media Facebook
Directions https://goo.gl/maps/wy7XyosAQAXVNMidA
Google Review: “Beautiful beach when the wind is down. Great spot for kids as the sea is calmer there. Also amazing spot to watch sunset at. Nice child’s play area by the parking”– Levi Shishler

5. Exciting Play Hours At Whale Playground

Exciting Play Hours At Whale Playground

For kids and families, Scarborough Beach’s Whale Playground is a genuine treasure trove of joy. It’s a place where children’s imaginations can rise, families come together, and the simple pleasures of outdoor play come to life.

The wooden fort at the Whale Playground at Scarborough Beach is more than simply a building; it’s an activity centre inside a playground. Children can climb, slide, and engage in various play activities to explore every aspect of the whale’s creation, giving them the feeling that they are on an ocean journey. Children can test themselves there, have a good time, and make memories that will stick with them for a long time.

Furthermore, the playgrounds along Scarborough Beach offer an additional category of charm. The incredible ocean views serve as a lovely backdrop and serve as reminders to visitors of the real-world source of inspiration for the playful marine theme. A sensory experience that is both energetic and calming is produced by the sounds of the waves fragmenting on the shore and the cool sea breeze.

The Whale Playground frequently includes educational signage and materials that offer intriguing information about whales, their habitats, and the significance of ocean conservation in addition to the particular play components. Children may learn while playing by doing this, which promotes an awareness of the environment and a sense of responsibility.

Name Whale Playground
Website NA
Address Scarborough WA 6019, Australia
Distance From CBD 15.1 kilometres
How to Reach By Car: It takes 22 minutes via Mitchell Fwy/State Route 2 from the CBD to reach here.
By Bus: Take bus route 990 from Perth Busport Zone B and travel to Scarborough Beach Rd after Hinderwell St.
Opening Hours Monday: (8 am–9 pm)
Tuesday-Thursday: (10 am–11 pm)
Friday-Saturday: (11  am–12 am)
Sunday: (10:30 am–11 pm)
Tickets Free
Social Media N/A
Directions https://goo.gl/maps/XM3XJHmYwfo8ZVyg9
Google Review: “Whale Playground exceeded all expectations and deserves a five-star rating! The whimsical design, interactive features, and attention to detail make it a perfect spot for families and children to enjoy. The imaginative play areas and well-maintained facilities create a delightful experience. I highly recommend visiting Whale Playground for an unforgettable time!” – Alessandro Borghi

6. Witness Adorable Penguins At Penguin Island

Witness Adorable Penguins At Penguin Island
The appealing Penguin Island, a sanctuary for a trio of distinctive marine animals—dolphins, penguins, and sea lions—is located inside the stunning marine expanse of Western Australia. Take a fast-paced 90-minute journey that expertly combines the excitement of a cruise with an engaging walking tour that gives you a close-up encounter with Western Australia’s amazing aquatic life. A remarkable and captivating experience that gives tourists a rare look into the lives of these charming little creatures is watching penguins feed at Penguin Island. The Penguin Island Discovery Centre, the hub of environmental efforts and a window into the life of the island’s penguin colony is the site of this engaging and instructive movement.

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Visitors gather around a particular spot at specific times for the feeding sessions, which are usually part of a daily ritual. The visit is guided by skilled and passionate instructors who ensure that guests gain an awareness of the penguins’ nutritional needs, social behaviour, and the vital role they play in the ecosystem. On this aquatic journey, dolphins—those enjoyable and intelligent ocean creatures—become your travelling partners. As they beautify the seas with their playful dances and elegant jumps, their presence acts as an example.

A short but deep link between people and the aquatic world is made whenever someone sees a dolphin reaching the surface of the water. The possibility of rare sea lion sightings dominates the air as the boat deals with the surf. Australian sea lions are masters of diving movements due to their beautiful motions. These majestic creatures offer a show that is both humble and inspiring, displaying the beauty of living in the wild.

Name Penguin Island
Website https://www.penguinisland.com.au/
Address Since it's an island nature reserve, it doesn't have a traditional street address.
Distance From CBD 57.9 kilometres
How to Reach By Bus Or Train: From Perth to Penguin Island, there is no direct route. To get to Penguin Rd., however, you may catch the line 552 bus from Rockingham Stn. Platform 2 or walk to Rockingham Stn. Stand 10. Walk to Shoalwater from Watts Rd and then take the ferry to Penguin Island.
By Ferry: Board the ferry at the Mersey Point Jetty. The ferry ride is a short journey that will take you to Penguin Island.
Opening Hours 15 September to early June - Monday-Sunday: (8:30 am to 4:30 pm)
Early June to September 14 - Monday-Sunday: (9 am to 3 pm)
Tickets https://www.penguinisland.com.au/penguin-island-ferry
Social Media Facebook
Directions https://goo.gl/maps/hzCDcpDQvcM419bV6
Google Review: “Good place to take the kids, take a jumper for the cool breeze just in case, take your own food and drinks. The island is quick to see, so definitely go to swim/snorkel, laze out in the sun as well to extend the visit.” – Ashli

7. Dive Into Marine Life At Aqwa - The Aquarium Of Western Australia

AQWA, which is concealed aside in the appealing Hillarys Boat Harbour, is the focal point of a thriving family-friendly complex featuring food, boating, and entertainment, as well as serving as a charming shipping attraction. This unique environment provides an extensive trip that speaks to a variety of interests. Locals and tourists flock to Hillarys Boat Harbour to engage in a wide range of activities. There is a sense of relaxation and togetherness that surrounds the atmosphere, from waterfront eating at a range of restaurants and cafes to strolling along the waterfront walkway and taking in the magnificent harbour vistas.

Experience the diversity and beauty of marine life as you go through Australia’s largest underwater tunnel and stand fin-to-fin with majestic sharks, graceful stingrays, and tranquil turtles. Discover the extraordinary as you come into contact with rare and endangered animals, such as the lovely leafy seadragons that appear to belong in a dream. This aquarium offers children the chance to learn about Western Australia’s aquatic wonders through interactive learning and interesting displays. Awe-inspiring underwater tunnels that are filled with marine life surround visitors, and touch pools where visitors can get up close and personal with animals all help AQWA bring the secrets of the ocean to life.

Kids receive important insights into the significance of preserving the seas thanks to educational programmes, escorted tours, and an emphasis on marine conservation. It’s a location where families may make priceless memories while discovering the aquatic world, a haven on rainy days, and a spark for future interests. Children engage in a voyage of discovery as they become fully immersed in the world of AQWA. Imagine going shark-snorkelling, diving to the bottom to see the marine ecosystems up close, or taking a whale-watching cruise to get down in arms with the majestic sea creatures. Glass-bottom boat trips provide a peek into the undersea environment without getting wet for those who would like a different viewpoint.

Name AQWA - The Aquarium Of Western Australia
Website https://www.aqwa.com.au/
Address 91 Southside Dr, Hillarys WA 6025, Australia
Distance From CBD 23.3 Kilometres
How to Reach By car: You will reach this location from the CBD in 24 min via Mitchell Fwy/State Route 2.
By Bus: You can reach this place by bus routes 423 and 441.
Opening Hours Monday - Sunday: (9 am - 4 pm)
Tickets https://www.aqwa.com.au/buy-tickets/
Social Media Facebook
Directions https://goo.gl/maps/psE3NuDFpQZaANQi8
Google Review: “Superb experience. The snorkel/dive master, Gordon, was very informative and clearly enjoyed showing us the Aquarium. The water was pleasant. The sharks, stingrays and fish were just amazing and to be in the tank with them was just jawdroppingly exciting. So glad I did it and talked my son into coming too. Don’t hesitate, just do it!!!” – Karen

8. Discover Aviation at the Aviation Heritage Museum

An interactive trip through aviation history is provided by the Aviation Heritage Museum, which is located on the grounds of the Air Force retirement complex at Bull Creek. The museum acts as an eyewitness to the evolution of the skies with an amazing collection of over 30 aircraft, covering both the military and civilian sectors and an assortment of thousands of aviation souvenirs. The museum invites visitors to discover the history behind each artefact and aircraft as a living testimony to the growth of flying, highlighting the creativity, daring, and technological achievements that have influenced aviation throughout the years.

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Huey, a Bell UH-1H Iroquois helicopter, is without a doubt one of the South Wing’s finest features. Huey is particularly popular with kids, and part of its appeal is due to its simplicity as well as its historical importance. The opportunity to sit in the pilot’s seat is a fascinating experience that captures the curiosity of visitors, especially the younger ones. It encourages imagination and a sense of adventure.

The interactive displays at the museum go beyond simple observation by allowing children to connect with the concepts of flying via practical exercises. The museum turns learning into an exciting journey with cockpit simulators that give visitors a taste of piloting and interactive displays that explain the complexities of aerodynamics. The experience is further enhanced by guided tours and educational insights, which deepen our awareness of the influence of aviation around the globe. Children develop a fresh respect for the pioneers and inventions that have transformed the world as they explore the museum’s displays. Beyond its historical significance, the Aviation Heritage Museum arouses interest in the wonders of flight, inspires creativity, and nurtures a passion for them that will endure for years to come.

Name Aviation Heritage Museum
Website https://aviationmuseumwa.org.au/
Address Air Force Memorial Estate, 2 Bull Creek Dr, Bull Creek WA 6149, Australia
Distance From CBD 12.8 Kilometres
How to Reach By car: It will take about 15 min to reach this museum via State Route 2
By Bus: You can reach this place by choosing any route number bus (178, 500, 503, 507, and 915).
By Train: Board on the train at Mandurah Line to reach this museum.
Opening Hours Monday - Sunday: (10 am - 4 pm)
Tickets https://aviationmuseumwa.org.au/prices/
Social Media Facebook
Directions https://goo.gl/maps/EHhsTZNu5MnsRN2XA
Google Review: “Amazing place for flight enthusiasts. There is so much knowledge one can gain by visiting this museum, about war planes right from when it was made by wood, all the types of communication devices that were used. Great place for all age types. Place is well maintained and worth spending a whole day reading up about all the things used during World War.” Hey Dom

9. Enjoy Engaging Activities At Elizabeth Quay

Enjoy Engaging Activities At Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay, also known as Goomup, is a monument to Perth’s profound connection with the Swan River. A vibrant, free playground was established as an outcome of the foreshore’s extraordinary change, encouraging people of all ages to appreciate the city’s lively way of life. They can enjoy the sunshine, take in breathtaking vistas, enjoy outdoor dining, explore packed markets, and take part in a thriving festival scene. The BHP Billiton Water Park, Elizabeth Quay’s greatest success, is a dazzling display that attracts kids as well as adults. Its interesting water features, booming fountains, and interactivity furnish a magical setting for splashing and laughing.

The playgrounds at Elizabeth Quay are a paradise for imaginative play, allowing children to climb, swing, and slide while encouraging both physical exercise and imagination. Young explorers may cool down and have interactive fun in the intriguing water play area, which adds a pleasant depth. Signature activities like gondola rides provide visitors with a distinctive view of the town and the serene Swan River. With its colourful horses and elaborate embellishments, the beautiful Elizabeth Quay Carousel ensures that both children and adults will enjoy a trip down memory lane.

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Between the quay inlet and South Perth, a ferry carries visitors, providing a unique view of the city’s skyline. Personal boats, canoes, and kayaks can make use of the free public moorings available at the quay, while river trips starting from Barrack Street Jetty offer a full-on adventure.

Every trip to Elizabeth Quay has the opportunity to start a cherished tradition. A vital part of the trip for many people is getting ice cream, a delicious treat that improves their enjoyment of this unique location. While Perth’s well-known Bell Tower serves as a symbol of the city’s identity, a river cruise offers a unique angle that will allow you to see Perth from an entirely new viewpoint.

Name Elizabeth Quay
Website https://developmentwa.com.au/projects/redevelopment/elizabeth-quay/overview
Address The Esplanade, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Distance From CBD 850 metres
How to Reach By car: You can reach Elizabeth Quay in approx 4 minutes via Barrack St/State Route 53
By Bus: Choose any bus route number (111, 114, 177, 179, 34, 950, and 995) to arrive at Elizabeth Quay
By Train: There are two options for you to reach the location - from Whitfords Station or from Cockburn Central Station.
Opening Hours Monday - Sunday: 24 Hours
Tickets Free
Social Media Facebook
Directions https://goo.gl/maps/ercTDHuzJj8ofDFq7
Google Review: “My wife and I got to travel around the perimeter of Australia and Perth was one of our favorite cities to visit. Elizabeth Quay is a wonderful place to visit during the day or night. There is an array of things to do and see. The waterfront area is clean and welcoming. Highly recommend this area if in Perth” – T Beshears

10. Family Fun At Adventure World

Family Fun At Adventure World

Perth’s Adventure World is a destination for thrilling activities designed to satisfy the desire for adrenaline-fueled adventure. In Adventure World, the spirit of adventure shines the brightest, leaving routine behind. It’s a place where laughter and shouts of excitement exist together, and where the activity of excitement comes across and causes hearts to beat. The chance to push boundaries, embrace excitement, and enjoy life’s darker side is extended by Adventure World, which features water slides that embrace the laws of physics in the water as well as roller coasters that push the limits of speed and gravity.

For older children, it offers frightening coasters like Abyss and Goliath as well as amusing water slides like Kraken and Kahuna Falls. The magical Dragon’s Kingdom is suitable for young children. This roller coaster, Abyss, takes riders on an unforgettable ride filled with twists, turns, drops, and inverts. The multi-sensory experience leaves an ever-lasting mark. A strong introduction to the park’s list of activities, Goliath is an adrenaline-pumping ride on a 15-metre pendulum swing. Goliath gives an exciting ride that blends the rush of speed with the highs of flying through the air due to its amazing height and motion.

The Kraken water slide beckons for those who are looking for aquatic joy. This water slide holds the distinction of being the world’s longest, tallest, and steepest funnel slide. Kahuna Falls, a water-centric wonderland for young adventurers to splash, slide, and enjoy aquatic fun, on the other hand, is themed after a Hawaiian resort. With activities and experiences catered to their age group, the Dragon’s Kingdom area is a whimsical oasis created to captivate younger tourists. Families can spend quality time together here while appreciating the park and making priceless memories.

Name Adventure World
Website https://www.adventureworld.net.au/
Address 351 Progress Dr, Bibra Lake WA 6163
Distance From CBD 19.6 km
How to Reach By car: From CBD, you will reach this destination in 22 min via State Route 2.
By Bus: Near Adventure World, these bus lines stop: 514, 520. So you can catch the nearest one from your distance.
Opening Hours September 24th through to April 25th
Tickets https://tickets.adventureworld.net.au/webstore/shop/viewItems.aspx
Social Media Facebook
Directions https://goo.gl/maps/npJr5sb1UcJn6tR78
Google Review: “We purchased discounted tickets through RAC, not realising they couldn’t be used Good Friday. After a couple of calls, Mia made an exception, making our teens very happy. Cheers Mia! “ – Brett Fairhead

11. Interactive Science Exhibits At Scitech

Children and adults alike are entranced by Western Australia’s SCITECH Discovery Centre, which provides a wide variety of interactive educational experiences. This renowned science centre has attracted youngsters to its fascinating exhibitions, entertaining planetarium, and a wide variety of events that illustrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) for more than 25 years. Scitech’s organising events like “Scitech After Dark,” which offer deep learning for adults trying to satisfy their intellectual curiosity and engage with science in novel and captivating ways, is an example of this idea. While playing with levers, pulleys, and gravity and watching balls flow down tracks and loops in the Kinetic Contraption, kids can engage with kinetic energy.

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The interactive exhibits at the centre are designed to pique children’s curiosity and introduce them to scientific ideas from a variety of fields, including physics, biology, and technology. Children engage in a voyage of learning that goes beyond textbooks with each button pressed, lever pulled, and experiment performed. With fascinating graphics and immersive narratives, the enthralling planetarium programmes take young viewers on cosmic explorations that reveal the wonders of the cosmos. Additionally, Scitech frequently conducts interesting seminars where children may learn more in-depth about particular subjects while being guided by qualified instructors. Children’s curious minds, imaginative selves, and hunger for knowledge are all fostered as they explore the halls of Scitech.

The Puppet and Science theatres offer fun and informative outcomes, whereas the in-house planetarium, called “Horizon,” allows a look at the mysteries of the solar system. With its “Discoverland” category, which is meant for kids under seven, Scitech caters to young children. Children may dress up, observe fish in an aquarium, and engage with fun mirrors and bubbles here. The Puppet and Science theatres offer fun and informative outcomes, whereas the in-house planetarium, called “Horizon,” allows a look at the mysteries of the solar system.

Name SciTech
Website https://www.scitech.org.au/
Address City West Centre Corner Railway Street &, Sutherland St, West Perth WA 6005, Australia
Distance From CBD 1.9 Kilometres
How to Reach By car: It will take about 6 minutes via Roe St to reach Scitech
By Bus: Choose Line 935 to reach the place.
Opening Hours Monday - Sunday: (9.30 am - 4 pm)
Tickets https://scitech.rezdy.com/catalog/473113/tickets-and-reservations
Social Media Facebook
Directions https://goo.gl/maps/oht5hUFkHUtB3MiF9

Google Review: “The kids really enjoyed the 4 hours we spent here. Wide variety of interactive exhibits for kids of all ages, especially between 6-10. Planetarium is the largest one in Australia, and there are many shows that even the adults Will enjoy. Will definitely recommend to all others. Free parking for 2 hours.” Suan Yeo

12. Fruit Picking at S&R Orchard

Fruit Picking at S&R Orchard

Fruit picking in Perth with children can be a fun and informative activity that allows families to take advantage of the great outdoors, learn more about agriculture, and interact over the pleasure of eating fresh produce. Even though there may not be as many options for picking fruit in Perth as there are in other places, families may still enjoy this enjoyable activity. In nearby areas of Perth, certain farms provide “pick your own” possibilities during particular seasons. You might have the chance to choose fruits like strawberries, apples, citrus fruits, and more, depending on the time of year.

Fruit picking at S&R Orchard is a magical experience that invites families and children to enjoy the simple pleasures of gathering nature’s gifts. This orchard, which is tucked away in Western Australia’s picturesque landscapes, provides youngsters with a variety of reasons to appreciate the thrill of choosing fresh fruits right off the trees. Children participate in a sensory experience as they seek out sun-ripened apples, pears, or other seasonal treats, but they also forge a deep connection with the natural world. Picking fruit turns into a useful lesson in learning about the source of our food, cultivating an awareness of the process from orchard to plate.

Selecting fruit is not only entertaining, but it also helps local farmers and their businesses. Pick-your-own events enable you to support the community’s economy while also learning more about the labour-intensive processes involved in food production. Investigating fruit-picking possibilities in and around Perth ahead of time is suggested. Find out which fruits are in season and which farms offer pick-your-own experiences by contacting nearby farms, orchards, and agricultural organisations.

Follow the safety instructions given by the farm workers before visiting. To ensure that children have a fun and safe experience, make sure they are aware of the farm’s guidelines and that they are wearing suitable clothing, sunscreen, and hats. Besides this, there are many other farms and orchards where your kids can enjoy fruit-picking experiences. Some of them are Bullsbrook Strawberry Farm, The Orchard Perth, Perth Mango Farm, The Fruit Corner, Kien’s Strawberry Farm, etc.

Name S&R Orchard Perth
Website https://www.srorchard.com/
Address 36 Halleendale Rd, Walliston WA 6076
Distance From CBD 29.5 Kilometres
How to Reach By car: From the CBD, it will take you 39 min via Tonkin Hwy/State Route 4 to reach your destination.
By Bus: You can catch these bus lines as they stop near S&R Orchard: 275, 282.
Opening Hours Open during two different seasons. The Pick Your Own Summer Fruits from December until March and the spectacular Blossom Season during the September month.
Tickets Adults: $12
Kids: $5
Kids under 3: free
Social Media Facebook
Directions https://goo.gl/maps/guwgtJjarRPrXZBh6
Google Review: “Worth it, kids loved and I got fruit after it. Be brave with the ladder just not that top step… follow the safety instructions on the sticker, it’s there for a reason. If you can carry bulk stuff, carry a picnic rug and beach umbrellas as covered seating areas only clears up around 1:30pm onwards. Strongly recommend this seasonal event.” – Emma Traficante

How To Get Around Perth City

Transperth Perth's public transport system, known as Transperth, includes trains, buses, and ferries. It is an efficient and practical way of getting around the city and its suburbs.
SmartRider Card You require a SmartRider card, which serves as an electronic ticket, to use Transperth services. When using public transport, you can load credit onto the card and tap on and off. At a number of locations, SmartRider cards can be purchased and topped off.
Free Transit Zone There is a Free Transit Zone in Perth's downtown where you can take Transperth buses and select trains for no charge. This makes it simple to visit downtown without worrying about transportation costs.
By Bicycle Perth has established bike lanes and trails and is becoming a more bicycle-friendly city. You are able to utilise the city's bike-sharing programmes or hire bikes from a number of leasing corporations.
Taxis and Rideshare/ Car Rental In Perth, taxis and cab services like Uber are accessible. If you're travelling in a team or have set destinations, they are practical for direct travel. While public transport is well-developed in Perth, if you plan to explore the suburbs or venture outside the city, renting a car can be a good option.

Best Time To Visit Perth

The ideal time to visit Perth will depend on your tastes and the experiences you hope to have while there. Perth has a Mediterranean climate, which means it is warm and sunny for the majority of the year, making it an appealing spot all year round. However, there are several times that provide clear benefits:

  • Spring (September to November): Perth is frequently visited in the spring. With temperatures ranging from roughly 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F), the climate is warm and pleasant. This is a great time to go sightseeing, enjoy the outdoors, and take in the natural beauty of the city and its surroundings.
  • Summer (December to February): Summer highs can range between 30°C and 35°C (86°F and 95°F), making them ideal for outdoor activities like going to the beach. Note that this is also the busiest and hottest time of year, so expect greater crowds and more expensive accommodations.
  • Autumn (March to May): A second excellent season to travel is autumn, when temperatures range from 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F). The warm weather is still there, and the summertime crowds have diminished.
  • Winter (June to August): Perth confronts a moderate winter with average highs of 8°C and 18°C (46°F and 64°F). Even though it’s chilly, this is still a good time to visit the city’s attractions. The rainy season is winter, however, compared to other parts of Australia, the amount of rainfall is often moderate.

Final Words

Perth has a variety of fun things to do with the family that can make memories and appeal to kids’ interests. Families can spend valuable time together in Perth thanks to the city’s numerous attractions, which range from exhilarating excursions to immersive educational experiences. The dynamic city and its surroundings actually provide a great combination of amusement and enrichment for families with children, from wildlife encounters to seashore fun, cultural discoveries to heart-pumping exploits. Perth is a fantastic place that provides amazing experiences and unending delight for families looking to build treasured moments with their children because of its alluring attractions and kind atmosphere.
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